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Comfy Accent Chair Ideas: 31 Best Stylish & Functional Living Room Seating

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Do you feel like something's missing when you look at your seating arrangement? One or two comfortable accent chairs might be just the thing. As the name suggests, this type of seat acts as a finishing touch while emphasizing the rest of your decor scheme. The right living room chair can make other colors pop, create balance, add contrast, call back textures or work as a standalone statement.

With endless styles to choose from, it can be hard to find the perfect accent chair for your home. But this roundup of comfy, tasteful accent chairs will provide the inspiration you need to start your search.

31 Design-Forward Living Room Chair Ideas to Consider

Living room seating should be not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and comfy. Believe it or not, there are tons of options that check all the boxes, including comfortable accent chairs, loungers, rockers, occasional chairs, chaises, swivels and armchairs — to name just a few.

So, which living room chair should you choose? It's ultimately a matter of personal preference, but these design-forward accent chair ideas can help get your wheels spinning.

Cozy Textures

You can't go wrong with cozy textures. This living room chair features a wood and metal frame and plush cushioning with tweed-inspired fabric upholstery. To make things even more welcoming, there's a decorative pillow and knitted wool throw within reach.

What's a throw blanket? Our Guide to Quilts, Blankets and Coverlets has the breakdown.

Balance Sharp Corners With Rounded Edges

Rounded accent seating can help balance out the square edges and clean lines of your other furnishings. See how the curvature of the modish bucket chairs and circular light fixtures of this space soften the sharp corners of the angular coffee table, traditional fireplace and wainscot walls. Despite the juxtaposition of styles, the room still looks cohesive.

Lamps can also make a big impact in enhancing indoor ambiance. Explore some of the Best Living Room Lighting Ideas in our blog.

Legless Lounger

Furniture legs — who needs them? This legless, low-profile seat is laid-back, comfy and definitely not too juvenile for a grown-up gathering space. What's more, the blue velvet upholstery makes a statement without overpowering the room.

A legless lounger like this one might tempt your pet to hop on and curl up. Should Dogs Be Allowed on the Furniture? Read our article to learn why we think they need their own dog beds.

Down-to-Earth Mid-Century Aesthetic

Some of the most comfortable accent chairs are inspired by mid-century interior design. (You can even find vintage ones in pretty good condition if you know where to look.) This living room enhances the pared-down furniture style with plants, a simple flat-woven rug, wooden accents and natural basket weaves for a harmonic, down-to-earth vibe.

Could your space use more greenery? These are the Top Indoor Plants For Clean Air in Your Home.

Rattan Rockers

If you're looking for a living room chair that plays well with a neutral color scheme, rattan can add tonal warmth and textural interest. This living room features a pair of side-by-side matching wicker rockers to call back the basket-style planter and ash flooring. It adds minimalist-modern furnishings throughout the rest of the space.

Do the words ‘minimalist’ and ‘neutral colors’ appeal to you? Give your bedroom a makeover too!

Mismatched Upholstery, Complementing Styles

In this rustic living room, the accent chairs and loveseat each have different upholstery. However, they all feature mid-century wooden legs and armrests.

Mixing and matching furniture styles can work with the right materials and colors. Here's How to Design an Apartment You and Your Roommate Love.

Super-Chill Chair-and-a-Half


The most comfortable living room chair might actually be a chair-and-a-half. Featuring plush cushions and buttery leather upholstery, this oversized armchair can easily fit two people. It's also perfect for reading the newspaper, enjoying a cup of tea or watching a movie.

You'll definitely want a cozy throw blanket on hand while streaming a flick at home. Here are other Movie Watching Essentials to consider.

Modern Statement

Flaunting skinny metal frames, thick seat cushions and floating backrests with rounded corners, these white chairs make a modish statement. While they don't add any more color to the space, they play up the black and white scheme and glamorous design style.

Don't leave your coffee table bare. Check out these 27 Ideas for Decorating a Coffee Table in Your Living Room.

Simple Sling Chair

Sling chairs are chic, versatile and suitable for small spaces. They're also some of the most comfortable accent chairs you can get. This one features soft yet sturdy fabric for the seat and backrest and a clean-lined contrasting black metal frame.

This simple seat is perfect for pared-down decor schemes. Learn How to Design a Minimalist Bedroom in our article.

Long-Lasting Leather

You can expect to pay a bit of a premium for leather-upholstered furniture, but it lasts much longer than fabric with heavy everyday use in homes with pets and kids. If you're not ready to invest in a leather sofa, a leather accent chair might be a more affordable option. This one is somewhat compact with a 1960s-esque wood frame and understated square cushions.

Compare a leather sofa with other stylish couches in our guide, How to Choose a Living Room Couch

Velvet Statement

Velvet is perfect for making a statement, but the exceptionally soft, cut-pile upholstery material is more versatile than you'd think. Check out this super-comfy accent chair, with its ultra-plush cushions, continuous back and armrests, tufted detailing and shiny metal legs. The decorative pillows and circular brass side table help tie everything together.

For more inspiration, see our Guide to Design and Decor Ideas for Your Home.

A Polished Pair

Accent seating doesn't necessarily mean one standalone piece. This pair of living room chairs is positioned side-by-side to square off the matching couches and fireplace, making the furniture arrangement look more orderly. A sheepskin chair pad and throw pillows of different sizes and colors help avoid an overly symmetrical effect.

Speaking of furniture arrangements, we rounded up some Easy Tips for Rearranging The Layout of Your Bedroom.

Oversized Corner Lounger

corner lounger

The most comfortable accent chairs are often on the larger side. In addition to the classic armchair and extra-wide chair-and-a-half, there's the oversized lounger. If you have a corner to fill and square footage to spare, consider getting something similar to this one. The square shape fits effortlessly into a corner, and the exaggerated dimensions offer plenty of room to stretch out or curl up.

Like empty corners, blank walls can be tricky to fill. Here are 37 Ideas for Decorating a Blank Wall in Your Home.

Eclectic Medley

You can have more than one accent chair in your living room — and they definitely don't have to match. This eclectic furniture arrangement features a medley of seating options, including a velvet bucket chair, a modern rocker and a tufted couch. As you can see, blending styles isn't an automatic recipe for clashing. The warm woods and blue and yellow accent colors make everything look cohesive.

Playfully bright and refreshingly energetic, eclectic design schemes are a fun choice for spring. Explore these Spring Home Decor Ideas for more inspiration.

Hypermodern Marvel

Sometimes less is more. This hypermodern armchair subtly demands attention without the need for bold colors or dramatic features. With a deep seat, supportive cushioning and generous armrests, it doesn't compromise on comfort either. 

If you're drawn to minimalist-modern design, read our article about How to Create a Modern and Inviting Entryway to Your Home.

Bouclé Plushness

Bouclé upholstery is made with a combination of looping and weaving techniques to create a somewhat curly, nubbly texture. It's a great choice for living rooms, whether in the form of comfortable accent chairs, a sofa or a few decorative pillows.

This space features soft textures and natural finishes, which are integral to feng shui. Read our blog to explore more Feng Shui Interior Design Ideas.

Playful Swings

The best living room chair may not be a chair at all. Case in point: the indoor swings featured in this airy, high-vaulted space. When paired with a traditional leather sofa, a large round coffee table and stylish area rugs, the playful touch doesn't compromise sophistication.

This down-to-earth look is reminiscent of easy-breezy summer days. For more inspiration, see our article, Summer Home Decor Ideas.

Retro Corduroy

Whether you purchase it from a vintage shop or buy it brand-new, corduroy upholstery has an undeniably retro appeal. Still, it can work well in the form of an accent chair, even if the rest of your furniture is more modern. You can always tie the theme together with a complementing area rug, curtains, decorative pillows and throws.

Corduroy is also reminiscent of autumn. If you like to switch things up seasonally, check out our Fall Home Decor Ideas.

Have Fun With Faux Fur

faux fur

Faux fur can be a fun way to add texture and visual interest to a living room. Some accent chairs may come with the material pre-attached. Otherwise, consider a sheepskin chair pad or a faux fur blanket. High-pile shag rugs can offer a similar effect.

This cozy look is perfect for the chilly season. Explore more Winter Home Decor Ideas in our blog.

Vintage Chaise

Vintage Chaise

If you like to put your feet up while reading, watching TV or relaxing after a long day, look into getting a chaise lounge. This vintage piece features a tufted backrest and scroll arms for a glamorous look that won't distract from the rest of the space.

This chaise style is also an excellent choice for bedrooms and even oversized walk-in closets. We compiled all the Bedroom Furniture Essentials you'll need to create the sleeping quarters of your dreams.

Tasteful Tweed

Tweed might make you think of bookish blazers or stuffy suits. But when the woolen, cheviot fabric is used for furniture upholstery, it has an entirely different energy. This tasteful wingback accent chair has subtle texture and a dapper, sophisticated appeal.

The living room chair style here would also look great in a study. If you need to combine yours with a guest room, these 29 Home Office/Guest Bedroom Ideas can help you make the most of this multi-use space.

Refined Reading Nook

Refined Reading Nook

Lots of folks love the idea of a reading nook. But to create a space you actually use rather than snap photos of for Instagram alone, you'll want to choose a comfortable chair, find good lighting and keep a cozy blanket within reach.

The weathered leather of this chair pairs well with the unfinished walls and concrete tile flooring. If you like this design style, learn How to Create a Modern-Industrial Style Look for Your Home in our blog.

Enhanced Plushness With Pillows

While your sofa might get most of the action, you should expect people to sit in your accent chairs. With this in mind, comfort should be a top priority. If your chair isn't super supportive or has relatively thin cushions, you can amp up the plushness with decorative pillows.

Want to learn How to Style Throw Pillows Like a Designer? Our guide has all the tips and tricks.

Contrasting Colors

contrasting colors

Black and white is a truly timeless color combo. The contrasting hues make a space look balanced and entertain the eye without the need for bright, vibrant tones. This simple living room chair features black leather upholstery to contrast the white rug, sofa and wall, while its wooden frame calls back the medium wood grain of the console table.

If you like moody hues, learn How to Design a Black Bedroom Beyond Monochrome.

Living Room Chair and Footrest Set

chair with footrest

A matching chair and footrest set can make the accent look more complete and intentional. Of course, it also enhances the comfort and functionality of the seat by allowing you to stretch out and relax with your feet up. Featuring a wood frame and simple off-white upholstery, this minimalist-modern rocker boasts a welcoming charm and endless versatility.

Decorate With Throws

When it comes to living room chair decor, you can't go wrong with a throw. Featuring an oversized tufted armchair with scroll arms and a soft cable-knit blanket, this incredibly cozy living room beckons curling up with a book.

How Should Your Style Throws on Your Couch and Chairs? Here’s some design inspo. 

Sophisticated Swivel 

swivel chair

Swivel chairs offer functional sophistication and decorative appeal. These stylish seats help square off this living room's furniture layout, and they can rotate to face the other direction when guests want to enjoy the outdoor views.

Benches also make great accent seating. Learn How to Style Your Home with an Indoor Bench.

Traditional Touches

traditional home decor

If you like traditional home decor but don't want to go all out with a coastal grandmother theme, consider placing a 19th-century European-inspired chair in an otherwise modern space. You can opt for a rocking chair, something with carved wooden legs or even just a slip-covered armchair.

Want to hone in on your personal decor style? Our guide explains How to Create an Interior Design Mood Board.

Modish Glam

Modish Glam

If your design taste leans more glam or art deco, think about getting some rounded bucket seats with mermaid-style backrests and skinny metal legs. This pair of stylish chairs brings out the green of the houseplants and velvet pillows here, and the brass legs are called back by the metal tables.

Wall Placement for Small Spaces

chair placed below a picture

If your family room or living room is on the smaller side, placing comfortable accent chairs against the wall can help you save space without cutting down on available seating, like this living room chair setup does.

By reflecting outdoor light and creating the illusion of more space, mirrors make a small room feel bigger. Read our blog to learn How to Decorate With Mirrors Across Your Home.

Matching Set With Played-Up Accents

An accent chair is typically slightly different from the room’s sofa in color, style or material. However, there's nothing wrong with getting a matching set. It takes the guesswork out of furniture selection, and you can always mix things up with pillows, poufs, ottomans, throws and light fixtures.

Our New Home Checklist covers all the essentials and then some for relocating to a new space.

Decor and Housewares and Free Design Consultations From Parachute

By now, you should have the inspiration you need to curate a comfy, stylish gathering space for your family and guests. Once your living room seating is picked out, you can start exploring the home accents and eco-friendly housewares from Parachute. From stylish furniture to decorative pillows and throws to area rugs to baskets and bins, you're sure to find something that catches your eye.

If you still can't decide what furniture to choose or need pointers on a living room decor scheme, an experienced Parachute stylist is here to help. Schedule your free one-on-one design consultation today!

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