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How to Design a Black Bedroom Beyond Monochrome

black bedroom
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An all-black bedroom packs an arresting visual punch, and styling with black is a bold way to add interest and sophistication to any space. Some of the most eye-catching black bedroom ideas blend in other colors like grey, terra, clay or white. The best part is, you don’t need Emily Henderson-level design skills. You just need a few tips and the right accessories.

There are multiple ways to achieve a stylish black room aesthetic. Walls painted in moody black and dark greys create a chic background, highlighting the craftsmanship of unique furniture pieces. 

If you’re not quite ready for the commitment of a full paint change, look to black bedroom furniture which makes a bold statement worthy of a magazine spread.  

Even small spaces can benefit from the right black bedroom decor. Noir accents such as lamps, headboards, chandeliers or bedlinen can add drama and instantly elevate an undersized bedroom. Whether you’re a fan of contemporary design or prefer a more classic approach to decorating, black can help you get there. And for a timeless color scheme that sets a chic tone, look no further than black and white.

Need more ideas for how to decorate a black bedroom? Read on for some easy-to-do monochrome room decor tips that will wow your guests and add a refined look to your home. 

The Basics: How to Incorporate Bedding Into a Black Bedroom

Transforming a bedroom into a stylish sleeping sanctuary is easier than you might think. Swap out your bedding with a set of linen sheets in charcoal grey for a cozy take on a modern black bedroom. Add texture and depth with a quilt or a linen duvet cover in a dark shade of olive green. This is a simple yet effective way to channel a black room aesthetic — without costly renovations or a complete furniture overhaul.

The bed is the focal point of any bedroom. So — black or dark grey bed sheets will instantly update your color scheme, giving it a moodier vibe. Complete the look by adding decorative pillows in matching dark shades. An oversized throw in black draped over a nearby chair will beautifully tie in the decor. Or create the same stylish result with a couple of black-and-white photographs above the bed. Check out Parachute’s stylish decorative pillows and throws for a stylish black bedroom look.

And speaking of black and white, don’t be afraid to juxtapose dark bedding with white accents such as pillows, blankets or nearby nightstands. The pops of white will draw attention to the bed, making it the star of the show.

Black Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Furniture plays a major role in styling a black bedroom. From larger pieces such as a bed frame to smaller-sized accessories like bedside lamps, photo frames or plant stands, furniture can make or break your black room aesthetic.

The secret to making a monochromatic palette feel dynamic and elegant is playing with texture and accent colors. Furniture offers an exciting and creative texture palette thanks to a plethora of materials and finishes.

Opt for a Black Bed Frame

The easiest and fastest way to master black bedroom decor is to invest in an oversized black bed frame. You can also choose one in a very dark wood finish or ebony. Wood and black go hand in hand, especially when it comes to your decor. The warmth and coziness of the material pair perfectly with the moodiness of the shade.

If a full-on canopy bed is not your cup of tea, opt for an oversized headboard instead. For a comfy, posh look, choose one upholstered in leather or velvet. Wood is always a safe bet if your style leans toward the more traditional or cozy/rustic. Metal headboards are a great way to achieve a picture-perfect contemporary or industrial look if you’re a fan of modern bedrooms.

How to Style Black Bedroom Furniture

Every piece of bedroom furniture creates an opportunity to achieve that chic black room aesthetic. Bookshelves, nightstands, tables, ottomans and benches in charcoal or black all play well together, adding a sophisticated vibe.

Be careful not to go too far. You can achieve a balanced look by pairing black furniture with lightly-hued bedlinen. The result is incredibly stylish, cozy and inviting.

If you decide to go all black, use a selection of complementary textures, prints and furniture materials. Quilted throws, luxurious full-grain leather, and dark-stained wood make ideal starting points. Upholstered fabric chairs, metal and decor pieces crafted from lava stone or onyx can add exciting accents. Smokey glass surfaces have their allure too, and all these options will add depth and variety to a monochromatic room.

Play With Furniture Accents

If you’re not all-in for all-black bedroom decor, ease into the feel with just a few dark-hued furniture pieces. A small coffee book table placed in the center of the room, a tall floor lamp, a linen bedcover or even just a couple of pillows can bring about that sophisticated, cozy vibe.

Smaller items such as books, candles and tech accessories are often available in dark finishes. They’re easy to style too, and don’t require a long-term commitment to that color palette.

How to Style Black In a Smaller Bedroom?

The general rule of thumb for designing small bedrooms is to opt for white or lighter-hued decor. But undersized spaces can benefit from a few dark touches. Case in point: a black bathtub, black tiled flooring, a towel rack or a dark-hued vanity will elevate the style of a small bathroom.

The same is true for bedrooms. The sparing use of dark colors creates a perception of depth and shade that help a room feel more expansive.

An accent wall in black or charcoal can serve as a de facto piece of art. It is a bold statement and a total decor stunner. It also requires nothing else decoration-wise. If you own a particularly beautiful piece of furniture, place it against a black wall to make it stand out. In mountain homes, dark walls and floors ooze comfort and warmth when styled with faux-fur throws and shag rugs. 

Make good use of accent pieces such as chairs, oversized mirror frames and rugs to evoke a sense of drama and add class. And don’t worry, none of them will affect how big the room feels.

How to Decorate a Black Bedroom With Other Colors

There are so many ways to decorate a black bedroom, thanks to the versatility of the color. It’s timeless, and you can combine it with plenty of other hues.

Black pairs exceptionally well with navy blue and every tone of grey imaginable. The result is a modern, effortlessly chic look perfect for a bedroom.

Touches of gold and silver add a glamorous vibe to an all-black bedroom. A black and red combo is all about high drama.

Love color? Black makes any bold shade like orange, yellow, turquoise or hot pink pop even more.

But no other color scheme is more iconic than black and white. It’s chic, minimal and can be used in a variety of styles. To minimize the high contrast between the shades, try mixing different tones of black and grey with white.

A few white silk pillowcases will instantly stand out and brighten up a pitch-black bed or sleeper sofa. Black trim lends art deco vibes on a white wall for a Roaring 20s take. A black-and-white marble backsplash in a bathroom or a kitchen spells luxury. And who can deny the timeless appeal of black-and-white checkered tiling? Intricate patterns and prints in black and white add an ultra modern touch to any space.

Consider These Bedding & Decor Essentials

Initiating a design overhaul is easiest when you start with the basics. Check out Parachute’s chic bedding options for a selection of bedsheets and top-of-bed products in a variety of dark shades. They’re all crafted from the highest quality long-staple Egyptian cotton that looks and feels luxurious.

Parachute also offers many decorative items and furniture pieces such as cozy pillows and throws, bed frames and sidetables and rugs in neutral hues. Each piece makes the perfect styling partner for bold black bedroom decor.

Need More Inspiration?

The ins and outs of decorating with an arresting color such as black can seem overwhelming. If you’re unsure how to take your bedroom to the dark side, book a complimentary online consultation with Parachute. Our expert stylists and decorators will help you make the right design decisions, to make your black bedroom project a complete success.

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