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Fabric Swatches

$3 Each. Free Shipping.
  • Percale Fabric Swatch

    Most easily compared to the perfect white shirt, our Percale linens are cool and crisp to the touch, completed with a matte finish. Soft and lightweight, our Percale is stonewashed for the ultimate lived-in feel.

    How is it produced? Percale is a plain weave cotton, constructed by weaving one thread over, then one thread under. An especially breathable fabric, Percale is well-suited for warm summer months. It's a bedroom classic with a casual appeal.

  • Sateen Fabric Swatch

    Ultra soft and smooth to the touch, Sateen is best known for being finished with a luminous sheen. Elegant without being overstated, our Sateen linens are accented with a subtle double stitch tipping. A timeless look, perfect for every bedroom.

    How is it produced? Sateen is woven with four threads over, one thread under. This construction gives Sateen its signature shine, drape and lustrous feel.

  • Linen Fabric Swatch

    Our light and airy Linen is classic simplicity. Garment dyed and washed to relax the fibers, the fabric has a softened feel and casual look that only gets better with time.

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