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How to Design and Style a Grey Bedroom

Grey Bedroom
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As a neutral color, grey is a true styling powerhouse. It can completely transform a bland bedroom into a sleek and modern sanctuary. It can also instill a calm, zen vibe for a serene, spa-inspired look. That’s why when it comes to grey bedroom ideas, the options are limitless and the results are always chic.

The best thing about decorating a grey bedroom is the creative freedom grey creates. Light grey bedrooms can be incredibly soothing. Darker greys can add a daring touch of drama. Whether you decide on a full-on monochrome look, or just a few grey bedroom furniture accents, grey can be the key to magazine-worthy decor.

So if you’re just learning how to style a grey bedroom, or you’re ready to give your sleeping space a stylish makeover, relax. We’ve rounded up the best grey bedroom ideas that are a breeze to implement.

Go for a Dark Grey Room Aesthetic to Create a Dramatic Effect

Painting the walls of a bedroom in dark grey may seem like a risky decision, but take heart. Dark hues of grey can have the same bold look as brighter shades. 

The switch to grey immediately elevates a bedroom’s décor. Another bonus of painting your bedroom a striking deep shade of grey is that you won’t need many decorative elements to create a sophisticated space. Style your bed with a silky Sateen Sheet Set in a similar hue, and you’ll have a modern grey bedroom worthy of a five-star hotel.

In addition, dark colors are calming and may help promote sleep. Your dark grey room aesthetic will feel more restful, potentially helping you fall asleep faster.

Grey Bedding: The Perfect Grey Bedroom Decor

Your bed is the focal point of the bedroom. So they way you style your bed will lay the groundwork for your grey room décor.

For a boho vibe, opt for a set of light grey linen sheets. Add several decorative pillows in white and a matching coverlet. Style the rest of your bedroom with a few potted plants, a cozy textured wool rug, a couple of jute baskets and furniture with leather accents for a modern take on this trend.

If you’re seeking contemporary grey bedroom ideas, go for crisp bedding set in premium percale. Top it off with a luxury alpaca boucle throw in white, and add a stylish night lamp.

For a soft, feminine feel, pair your grey cotton bedding with a few pillows and a duvet cover in pastel pink. Grey and pink is a classic color combination that’s easy-on-the-eye and creates a welcoming and relaxing ambiance.

Play with Different Shades of Grey for a Stylish Monochrome Look

An all-grey bedroom doesn’t have to be boring or bland. Create depth and contrast with a monochromatic grey color palette. The result is a single, cohesive and harmonious look where all elements are connected. Designing with a mix of grey tones also lends a chic, minimal vibe to any sleeping space. Read more tips about the minimalist look in our Minimalist Bedroom Guide.

Grey sometimes gets a bad rap for being cold and dull, but the stigma isn’t deserved. Warmer greys with tints of red and brown add a cozy, organic feel.

The easiest way to pull off a grey monochromatic palette is to layer your bed with bedding, then add grey bedroom furniture in a small variety of shades. A few linen pillows and a cozy quilt are a simple way to achieve the look. And for a glamorous touch, work in a few silver-hued metallic accents.

Use Furniture to Tie in Your Grey Room Aesthetic

Because grey is such a robust multitasker, adding grey furniture to  your bedroom will tie all the elements together in a neat, comfortable package. A charcoal-hued headboard, for example, is the perfect addition for a sleek, sophisticated look. A comfy sofa or an oversized ottoman in light pearl grey creates a casual, airy feel that pairs well with plants for an organic atmosphere.

Want to bring a rustic countryside vibe to your bedroom? Add a couple of vintage grey bedroom furniture pieces, such as a dresser or a nightstand. As a finishing touch, include a grey bed skirt and linen curtains.

The great thing about investing in grey bedroom furniture is its versatility. With the help of the right decor accessories and accents, you can effortlessly switch to a whole new look down the line.

The Potential for Grey Color Combinations are Endless

Interior designers love working with grey for the abundance of color combinations this neutral shade provides.

Grey makes a versatile backdrop for pops of bright pinks, fuchsia, lime, emerald and orange. Or drum up a serene grey bedroom by blending your base color with other muted hues or neutrals such as cream, beige, brown and navy.

Grey pairs well with blue, too. You can find dozens of beautiful grey bedroom ideas for your beach house on Pinterest that start with grey and add splashes of blue. Some favorite palette add-ons are teal, baby blue, aquamarine, turquoise and sky blue.

And since grey is the intermediate color between black and white, you really can’t go wrong with a grey and white or a grey and black palette for your bedroom. The former adds freshness and airiness while the latter makes a more dramatic statement. Read more about styling white bedrooms in our post How to Design and Style a White Bedroom.

Grey Small Bedrooms: Make Your Room Look Bigger

For smaller spaces, the general rule of thumb is that lighter hues make tiny bedrooms look more expansive. That’s because the closer the shade is to white, the more light it reflects. So consider painting your bedroom walls heather or pearl gray. Darker grey shades work miracles as accent walls. They visually extend the wall in all directions, making the bedroom feel larger.

Another trick to brightening up an undersized bedroom is to use bedding in powdery grey tones. Complement it with white decor elements like a rug and a chair. Add a large wall mirror too, but stay away from bulky nightstands or drawers.

Grey and Wood are a Match Made in Home-decor Heaven

When it comes to the best bedroom furniture for a grey color palette, unpainted wood is a perpetual winner. The material’s naturally rustic and organic features stand out beautifully when paired with grey bedding or other grey bedroom accents. The end result is both timelessly beautiful and effortlessly chic. 

Paint the wall against your headboard concrete grey, and add a couple of wooden mid-century-modern nightstands. Complement the look with a set of linen sheets a shade or two lighter than the wall. Dark wood finishes work exceptionally well and create an elegant vibe. Lighter wood shades are great for beach houses and spaces that get plenty of sunlight. 

Need More Inspiration for Grey Bedroom Ideas?

Designing an entire bedroom may seem like an arduous task, but that’s why a grey color palette can be so freeing. The color’s versatility matches dozens of decor styles, so you really can’t go wrong with it. 

The easiest way to create a beautiful grey bedroom is to start with the bedding. You’ll find plenty of grey bedsheet options at Parachute in a variety of fabrics to match any style. Linen is the epitome of casual cool and boho-chic. Percale and sateen are also perfect for a modern grey bedroom you’ll delight in falling into. Check out Parachute’s decorative accessories such as pillows and throws that make for excellent grey decor accents. 

If you’d like to see more grey bedroom ideas, try one of Parachute’s complimentary styling consultations. An expert decorator will help you narrow down your choices, and suggest the best way to design a grey bedroom you’ll adore. To schedule a one-on-one video or phone consultation, visit the Parachute home stylists page.

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