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Nightstand Decor Ideas: How to Style Your Room with Nightstands

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When styling your bedroom, nightstand decor is where you can really let your creativity shine to create a focal point within your room. But a bedroom nightstand is so much more than a decorative element. Your nightstand is also a place where style meets functionality, so you’ll want to choose one that works with your bedroom’s aesthetic while leaving plenty of space and adding storage.

Although there are endless ways to decorate your bedside, we’ve gathered nightstand ideas that ensure your bedroom reflects your style as well as your needs.

How to Choose Nightstand Decor

There’s a lot to consider when selecting nightstand decor, depending on your space, style and needs. To help spark inspiration, keep size, material, and location in mind when browsing bedroom side table ideas.

How to Select a Nightstand

Before you can start to decorate the top of a nightstand, you need to find the right bedside table for your space. For more ideas to outfit your home, see our handy new home checklist.


The size of the nightstand should depend on the space you have available within the bedroom, but also on the general aesthetics of the room.

In a larger room, a bedroom nightstand on each side of the bed can provide additional storage space as well as a balanced look. Decorate the top of a nightstand with plants or an elegant vase to ensure a clean, simple aesthetic.

If the rest of the room has a minimalist, natural feel, a statement nightstand table can help create a focal point without overwhelming a room. A curved piece can add an architectural element that creates a commanding presence — and offers the space to add both decorative and functional accessories.

Working with a smaller space? You don’t have to sacrifice your bedroom’s style. An attached nightstand can take care of the essentials while the lighting moves to sconces attached to the wall. When adding decorative elements, look up. Artwork or mirrors above nightstands allow you to add decorative style if there isn’t room on the table. 


If you’ve invested in high-quality bedding, the material and color scheme can also help you decide what type of bedside table and nightstand decor is best suited for your room.

The luxurious, modern look of sateen bedding in rich colors pairs nicely with a simple bedside table that doesn’t overwhelm a room. A solid-wood table that uses clean lines within its design offers a simple, organic contrast to the sumptuous fabric.

The casual elegance of linen bedding can carry over into your bedside table. Consider the textural details that recall the natural weave of the fabric, so the two look like they were designed to be together. 

Crisp percale bedding deserves a nightstand design that’s just as much of a classic — think solid wood in a light color that matches the room’s light and airy aesthetic.

Where to Place a Nightstand

Although it may seem obvious where a bedside table should go — next to the bed, of course — placement can also help you choose your nightstand design.

Placing simple wood nightstands on either side of a bed provides a symmetrical, balanced style that complements a minimalist look. Consider open shelves with the nightstand to maintain a  light and breezy aesthetic. Decorate the top of a nightstand with earthy accessories and simple lighting to complete the mood.

Multiple nightstands in different styles and materials can create a casual, cozy appearance. Consider placing one table at the foot of your bed to use as a dressing area.

Nightstand Decor Outside the Bedroom

Don’t limit your bedside tables to the bedroom — a decorative nightstand can fit into any space. The elegant curves that add interest to a bedroom can work well in another room to soften the look of your home decor.

A small nightstand paired with a luxurious hand-knit bath rug creates a spa experience and the perfect place to display towels and bathroom accessories like bath salts. For more bathroom styling ideas, see our guide to bath mats and rugs.

Bedside Table Decor

When deciding what to place on your nightstand, consider how to incorporate the following essentials into your  nightstand decor.


A lamp not only sheds light on your bedside table. It can add a decorative element. Use a lamp that continues the design aesthetic to add height to your nightstand decor. Need more space? Consider hanging lighting from the wall or ceiling. 


Stacking a few favorite books horizontally provides extra reading options and can create extra shelf space to elevate a small trinket or artfully placed flower.

Natural Element

A plant or flower is an easy way to bring the outdoors into your bedroom. Lacking a green thumb? High-quality artificial plants look almost real (we won’t tell). Or consider a different inspiration from nature. A solid wood bowl or a granite candle holder can add a pop of color and visual interest to your nightstand decor.

Read more about decorating with plants in our Best Indoor Plant and Best Bedroom Plant guides. 

Decorative Elements 

Nightstand accessories add personality to your bedside table. They can be as dramatic or whimsical as you want them to be. A simple Scented Candle or Essential Oil Diffuser offers a warm, welcoming touch and refreshing scent to a room. A stylish trinket bowl can add a stylish flair and function as a catch-all for jewelry and watches at the end of the day.

Don’t stop at the surface — hanging mirrors above nightstands help creates the illusion of space, allowing a room to feel more airy and open. 

Bedroom Side Table Ideas

A high-quality nightstand can become the focal point of your bedroom, around which you build the rest of your decor. Get inspired by these nightstand styling standouts.

Carry a Nightstand Design Element Throughout the Room

Pick a single design element to create a unified feel for a room. Consider incorporating classic curves into a nightstand, headboard and even into the lighting to create a soothing environment. 

Go All Natural

The natural look can still be dramatic. By keeping the rest of your room’s aesthetic simple and minimalist, you can add a display of plants on and around your bedside table for a mother-nature-inspired work of art.

Make Your Nightstand Design Work for You

Need your nightstand to do more than look pretty? Nightstands with drawers and shelf space can hide nightly necessities, and tucking a basket underneath provides additional storage for odds and ends. Place a slender lamp on top to keep the style simple and clean.

Think in Color

The same warm, rich colors that make bedding so inviting also applies to a nightstand — choose one in a warm walnut finish to add to a cozy aesthetic. Clean, elegant curves can further soften the feel of your home’s decor.

Maximize the Minimum

Carry a light and breezy aesthetic throughout a room with small touches. A simple light wood nightstand can be further softened by replacing the hardware on the drawer with a leather drawer pull. Keep the minimal look functional by adding a hook on the wall and hanging a breezy Linen House Dress — it adds another textural element to the room while also keeping your favorite loungewear close at hand.

Get Into the Classics

The angles of a rectangular nightstand offer a classic design that creates a timeless feel for the room. A plant and trinket holder add charm and character.

Round Off the Edges

Keep the flow moving in your bedroom by using curved lines to create a modern, soft look to match the soft textures within a linen duvet cover. Adding a tall plant to the side creates a colorful focal point. 

Embrace Boho Chic

Create a boho-inspired bedroom by mixing styles and textures to convey a lived-in, comfortable mood. A linen quilt mixes well with a solid wood table and fringe rug.

Become a Throwback Minimalist

Got a nightstand that is a real standout? Let it speak for itself — and do all the talking — by using the nightstands as the only furniture in your bedroom. Keep the vibe going with the curved lines of a capsule nightstand that recalls a modern but comfy throwback aesthetic. (Bonus: Your four-legged friends will have an easier time joining you for a Sunday morning snuggle.)

Learn more about making a minimalist bedroom with our Minimalist Bedroom Decor guide.

Think Upward

Your nightstand doesn’t have to do all the heavy lifting in a room. Adding another simple element like a decorative ladder creates additional height and storage options.

Design for What You Love

Your bedside table is an intimate space, so why not decorate the top of a nightstand to reflect your personality? If you love curling up with a good book, add task lighting and arrange books on and around your nightstand to make it a welcoming spot to relax and unwind.

Change With the Seasons

There’s no need to limit your nightstand decor to just one style. You can add zest by changing up the textiles and textures depending on the season. To learn more about styling your each room of your home by season, check out these guides:

Where to Find Help for Nightstand Styling

We get it: Deciding how to create a gram-worthy bedside table can be a bit overwhelming — and endlessly scrolling through other people’s designs doesn’t necessarily make the choice easier. That’s why Parachute has a team of stylists ready to help you style unique nightstands that fit your taste and life. Learn about how you can take advantage of a free styling consultation at

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