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Fall Home Decor Ideas: Room by Room Inspiration

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Fall brings an entirely new decor aesthetic. With temperatures slowly tumbling and leaves turning all shades of moody red, it’s the perfect time to give our homes a mini-makeover in sync with the season.

Let’s start you off with one of the best fall decor ideas: take your style and color-scheme cues from nature. You can make your home cozier by swapping out breezy, lightweight home textiles for heavier fabrics in deeper, darker hues.

Layer patterns and use natural fall decorations, like unfinished wood and seasonal flowers throughout your home. Fall marks the beginning of indoor entertainment season, too. So, it’s a timely excuse to update your kitchen and living room with new, season-friendly elements. 

Need some inspiring fall decor ideas? Read on for plenty of easy tips and beautiful cues on updating your home for fall like a professional.

How to Decorate a House for Fall?

Before we share our tips for your fall-inspired home makeover, room-by-room, let’s skim some decor tricks that work in any area. For instance? Plaid is an autumnal print that will never steer you wrong. Use it in blankets, pillow shams, upholstery or even curtains.

Fabrics such as luxury velvet, corduroy, tweed and flannel also conjure cozy moments spent indoors. A faux fur shag can work in every room, while throw pillows will make each chair, sofa and bed more inviting and comfortable to lounge in.

And while most people are quick to stock up on pumpkins come September, there’s no need to fill your house with gourds. Fall flowers like Chrysanthemums, Goldenrod, Asters, Violas and the ethereal Pampas grass will add a touch of whimsy without overdoing the aesthetic. You can usually find sunflowers at farmer’s markets until early fall. Their yellow-hued petals make for spectacular fall accents.

Fall Bedroom Ideas

Give your sleeping sanctuary a cozy update with these simple fall bedroom decor ideas.

Switch up the Color Scheme of Your Bedding

If pumpkins in the bedroom aren’t your cup of fall-spice tea, don’t worry. You can still evoke the season’s homier vibe with a few smart fall color choices. Updating the color palette of your bedding can completely change your bedroom’s look.

Opt for a duvet cover in terracotta orange, deep green or dusty rose. These beautiful earthy shades call forth images of autumn forest landscapes. Complement the look with shams and pillowcases in a matching hue. Or create some contrast by dressing up your linen pillowcases in concrete grey.

Go for Percale

When temperatures dip, percale steps in to save the day (and night). This luxury fabric is made from long-staple egyptian cotton. Its tight weave gives it a special, signature matte finish. Percale sheets are breathable and lightweight, but their look is cozier and crisper, with more intense hues that smack of luxury. All these features make percale an excellent choice for a fall bedroom decor update. Another bonus? Percale bedding has that high-end 5-star hotel feel that no other fabric can attain.

If you’d like to know more about how percale is made, see our post, Percale: Know Your Bedding Like a Designer.

Use Fall Textures

Summer is a time to keep your sleeping sanctuary simple and airy. But fall demands more complex texture. The easiest way to create it is to layer a variety of materials and fabrics.

Drape a vintage linen bed cover or cotton quilt over your bed to make it cozier. A Persian-style rug in warm red and orange hues will add a dose of visual interest. If you consider yourself an expert decorator, you can also layer two rugs for a unique look. 

Next up is wall art. A beautiful oversized macrame wall hanging or one crafted from jute will bring out fall boho feels. Finally, switch up your summer candles for fall varieties. The scent of sandalwood, burning firewood, apple cider and cinnamon bark will help to usher in a cozy vibe.

Fall Bathroom Ideas

Here’s how to create a soothing, fall-inspired feeling in your bathroom every time.

Swap out Your Towels

Nothing says fall quite like a set of fluffy, ultra-soft towels. Well, maybe except a cozy long-sleeved robe to wrap yourself in after a hot bath.

Classic Turkish cotton towels crafted from long-staple Egyptian cotton look and feel extra luxurious. These easy fall decor ideas are ultra-absorbent and have just the right amount of thickness to create a visually cozy bathroom mood. Go for a deeper hue like brown, Spanish grey or charcoal for the perfect autumn match.

For the ultimate spa-like look, treat yourself to a plush cotton robe in an earthy clay shade. Not only will it complement your fall bathroom decor, but it will also come in handy on those cool fall evenings.

Add a Bath Rug

Bath mats protect your bathroom floors from water damage, but bath rugs are more about decor. They come in a variety of shades, materials, sizes, prints and textures. Adding one can instantly elevate any bathroom.

Opt for a rug in burgundy, burnt orange, or deep saffron for a fall-inspired bathroom makeover. If your bathroom has good ventilation, consider a high-piled rug or even a shag to add an extra-cozy look.

Change Up Your Shower Curtain

Shower curtains take up a lot of visual space. That gives them a deep impact on your bathroom decor. Make a bold statement with a monochrome shower curtain in honey or butterscotch yellow. Or go for a beautiful fall print or motif.

Complement the look with hand towels or a bath mat in a matching hue. And speaking of fall room ideas from bathroom accessories, invoke the season’s cozy organic feeling with a few rusty-hued accents. Choose homey, hand-woven baskets or a raw wood stool.

Fall Kitchen Ideas

With Thanksgiving around the corner, your kitchen will take center stage. Here are a few culinary fall decor ideas to transform it into a modern autumn wonderland.

Update Your Tabletop

Fall table decorations will help sync your tabletop and kitchen with the season. First, swap out your summer table linens with fall-inspired choices. The change can be as simple as a standout runner in rich olive green, purple or charcoal.

Next up, create a beautiful floral centerpiece with seasonal blooms like mums, carnations and ranunculus without forgetting to add plenty of greenery. You can also opt for a forest-inspired wreath with fall leaves and pinecones.

Finally, set a fall mood with a couple of candles or candlesticks. It’s important to use objects of different heights and textures to avoid making your tabletop look monotonous.

Create a Modern Rustic Vibe

Fall is all about cooking hearty meals in your kitchen and spending time indoors with loved ones. That’s where a rustic hearth aesthetic shines. 

So how do you decorate a kitchen for fall? The short answer is that it’s all in the details. Start by adding a few unfinished wood accents. This could be a beautiful cutting board, coasters, a hand-carved fruit bowl or a set of bamboo utensils in a vintage holder. Linens can help bring out that chic rustic style too. Drape hand and tea towels in earthy shades above your countertop, and hang them near the sink. Install a floating shelf for coffee mugs and plates, or create fall wall decorations out of reclaimed wood or branches.

Use mason jars, metal jugs, ceramic vases and copperware as fall decorations too. Style them on the kitchen countertop, the dining table or the breakfast bar.

Display Seasonal Food and Produce

Your produce usually lives in the refrigerator, but during fall, try showing some off on your kitchen countertop or island for a farmhouse vibe. Seasonal root veggies, apples, cranberries, persimmons and grapes can help create a homey fall feeling in your kitchen. They also add a beautiful pop of vivid color.

And of course, since fall marks the beginning of baking season, it only makes sense to display your spices, oils and pastries prominently. Avoid a messy, cluttered look by grouping items on a tray, cutting board or cake stand.

Fall Living Room Decor

As evenings get frosty, we all love to cozy up indoors. Here’s how to turn your living room into a chic, relaxing space with a touch of seasonal cheer.

Bring the Outdoors in

Nature changes up her style in the fall. But you can easily bring that natural explosion of colors indoors to channel autumn’s native style. Seasonal potted plants are, of course, the perfect fall decor ideas. But if you’re after a more modern feeling, keep the color to a minimum. The leaves of snake plants, for example, have that beautiful yellow-edged streak that elegantly evokes fall. Croton plants and Aglaonemas convey a similar fall mood.

Try to curate a variety of heights and plant types for a natural, earthy look. Don’t forget to create a beautiful fall centerpiece for your coffee table. Dried corn, fall leaves or more greenery can breathe new autumn life into your living room.

Accent Your Fireplace

It’s time to make your fireplace the focal point of your living room again. Nothing says “fall is here” like dressing up the mantel in seasonal decorations and candles. Go the classic route and collect some leaves and twigs from outside and make a garland out of them. Or add a modern twist by using metallics and Pampas grass. Don’t forget to layer a couple of plaid blankets on a ladder near the fireplace. That’s not only an accent piece of fall decor, but a functional idea, too.

And finally, even if yours is a gas fireplace, arrange some firewood in a jute basket for an authentic mountain lodge impression.

Layer Fall Fabrics and Materials

Just as you start wearing multiple layers in the fall, your living room can layer up, too. Invest in a good quality high-pile rug. It will feel oh-so-comfy under your feet and give your lounge space an instant fall update.

Leather upholstery is a fall staple too, so consider adding a leather ottoman or bench to your sitting area. Speaking of must-haves, drape a wool blanket over a chair or arrange a couple of throws in a basket. And finally, a few throw pillows added to your sofa will make it extra cushiony and cozy.

Need More Fall Décor Ideas and Inspiration?

Parachute’s expert stylists can help you transform your house for the fall season. You can take advantage of complimentary one-on-one video consultations with a professional interior decorator. So whether you need advice on updating your bedding, or you’d just like some help with styling a few fall-inspired throw pillows on your sofa, your personalized advice is only a click away.

Your stylist will also send you a customized lookbook with more fall decor ideas and inspiration to help you create a cozier home.