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How to Create a Tasteful Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

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You don't have to live on a ranch to embrace farmhouse-inspired interior design. This rustic, back-to-basics style celebrates the simplicity of country living with a warm, easy-going vibe. And if you live in an urban or suburban area, the aesthetic won't look out of place — as long as you include a few contemporary touches.

Want to incorporate this welcoming ambiance into your sleeping decor? You've come to the right place. Read on for modern farmhouse bedroom ideas and guidance, including tips on colors, materials, decorative accents and furnishings.

Tips and Ideas for a Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

How do you design a farmhouse bedroom that's tasteful and not too rugged or kitschy? It's all about balancing old-fashioned pieces with contemporary accents. This balance will create a sophisticated appeal without overpowering the country spirit. Scroll down to find ideas and inspiration for perfecting this casually elegant aesthetic.

1. Repurposed Touches

Accenting your bedroom with repurposed materials (or at least materials that look repurposed) can help you achieve a down-home vibe. You can use upcycled wood or metal for a headboard, wall decor, doorknobs or dresser drawer pulls.

2. Antique Accents

Instead of decorating with items that bring actual farming to mind (like straw hats or a tractor wheel), go for more glamorous antique accents. You might consider a vintage mirror, a restored chandelier or a glass trinket tray to place on your dresser or nightstand.

3. Minimalist Finishes

The key to achieving a modern farmhouse bedroom is leading with a "less is more" mindset. Opt for minimalist finishes like a solid bedspread, understated window coverings and a plain rug. Additionally, use decorative accents sparingly to avoid an overly busy look.

4. Pared-Down Patterns

If you do include patterns in your bedroom decor scheme, try to keep them simple. Instead of bold buffalo check or eye-catching chevron, opt for traditional stripes, muted florals or even a simple textured rug to break up the minimalism without going over the top.

5. Metal Touches

Industrial design is also often paired with modern decor. Though you'll want to avoid mixing too many styles, including some metal touches can add interest and make your bedroom look a little more current while breaking up the softer, flowier finishes.

6. Gauzy Curtains

Speaking of flowy finishes, gauzy window treatments are an excellent way to create a fresh, airy atmosphere that balances the traditional with the contemporary. Check out the whimsy yet classic white curtains from Parachute, and consider pairing them with black metal curtain rods and hooks.

7. Sconce Lighting

Another idea is to hang sconces on either side of the bed. Industrial, modern or antique-style lights will complement your farmhouse bedroom while minimizing visible cords and opening up space on your nightstands.

8. Shiplap

A white shiplap wall is a great way to play around with patterns and textures without adding pops of colors or hanging additional decor. Horizontal shiplap is never a bad idea, though you might want to install it vertically, diagonally or in a herringbone pattern for a more modern look.

9. Baskets

Another way to add texture to a contemporary farmhouse bedroom is with baskets. The natural handwoven jute baskets from Parachute offer a casual, organic appeal with a subtle bohemian vibe. They're functional too. You can fill them with blankets, extra pillows, slippers or anything else you want accessible but out of the way.

10. Rolling Wood Door

If there's one thing that signifies a farmhouse bedroom, it's a rolling door. Whether you use a repurposed barn door or fashion one from reclaimed wood, these classic doors add a rustic yet practical aesthetic. And since they don’t need to open at an angle, sliding doors save space.

11. Quilts and Coverlets

Quilts and coverlets are must-haves for cozy farmhouse bedrooms. You can use them in place of a duvet or layer them over your bedspread to create a welcoming space that's just as comfy and restful as it looks. Take a peek at the quilts and bed covers from Parachute. You'll find contemporary takes on traditional bedspreads that walk the line between modern and laidback with ease.

12. Decorative Pillows

To make your room even more comfortable, toss a few decorative pillows onto your bed. Not only will your space be more cozy and plush, but it'll also have more dimension, which is what farmhouse-style beds are all about. The classic, versatile cushions you’ll find at Parachute can add a finishing touch when making your bed or placed on an accent chair.

What Colors to Use for a Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

To ensure your farmhouse bedroom style is classy and not dated, you'll want to be mindful when selecting colors. In the world of interior design, vibrant hues go in and out of fashion, but neutrals are forever.

With that said, your best bet is to include a decent amount of white, which will create a look of openness that's both traditional and modern. Other go-tos include off-white, tan, taupe, beige or light grey. Black and charcoal are great for adding contrast in a primarily white space.

Want to add a little more color? Rust and terracotta can offer warmth, while versatile olive green and sage provide peaceful, cool-toned saturation without distracting from the overall look of the room.

Modern Farmhouse Bedding Fabrics

When using pared-down colors for your farmhouse bedroom design, implementing the right fabrics can create dimension and texture in an otherwise neutral space. Look for linen, brushed cotton, sateen, percale or cloud cotton bedding.

1. Linen

Known for its casual elegance, linen encompasses the primary traits of modern farmhouse decor. The linen bedding you’ll discover at Parachute is loomed in Portugal from fine European flax. The super-strong, breathable fabric has a distinct texture that starts out soft and only gets cozier with time. You can't go wrong with linen sheets, but you might also consider getting a linen duvet cover or quilt.

2. Brushed Cotton

Do you prefer warm, slightly insulating fabrics? If so, brushed cotton has your name on it. Woven from 100% cotton fibers, then brushed with a metal-toothed comb and garment washed, the bedding material is known for its buttery-soft finish and exceedingly cozy appearance. When you browse brushed cotton bedding from Parachute, you'll find laidback pieces in neutral hues, each as soft as your favorite lived-in tee.

3. Sateen

Boasting a subtle luster and a high-end aesthetic, sateen can help make a farmhouse bedroom look more polished and sophisticated. The cozy sateen bedding from Parachute is crafted in Portugal from 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton and woven with a complex satin weave to achieve a supremely drapey, lustrous effect.

4. Percale

With percale, you'll get an upscale feel reminiscent of hotel linens, which can work well when modernizing a farmhouse-inspired space. This fabric is crisp and cool to the touch with a clean, matte appearance. Made of premium long-staple Egyptian cotton, the percale bedding you’ll find at Parachute is the perfect balance of minimal and chic.

5. Cloud Cotton

Cloud cotton bedding is lightweight and lofty with a distinctly gauzy, slightly puckered texture. Made of long-staple Turkish cotton, cloud cotton pieces from Parachute are soft and fluffy with a welcoming, cozy appearance. Whether you go for a quilt, shams or a full duvet set, cloud cotton bedding is just the thing for curating a modern farmhouse bed.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

Beyond fabrics and colors, the right furnishings will set the tone for your contemporary-rustic bedroom design. While there are many routes you can take, a wood or metal bed frame, a reclaimed headboard, repurposed nightstands and potentially a rocking chair can help complete your look.

1. Wood or Metal Bed Frame

A galvanized or painted metal bed frame will offer a somewhat industrial look without veering from the country vibe. However, you might want to get a traditional wood frame, like the Ojai Bed from Parachute. Featuring a white oak finish and linen upholstery, it provides just the right amount of softness and natural elegance.

2. Reclaimed Wood Headboard

Reclaimed wood can be used to create a headboard, though you can also find new pieces that embrace the repurposed look. Either choice will add the rustic effect of farmhouse design while drawing attention to your bed as the centerpiece of the room.

3. Repurposed Nightstands

There are lots of things you can use for nightstands to pull off a repurposed, old-timey effect. Vintage trunks, antique dining chairs or potentially old wine barrels can be placed on either side of the bed. And since they're functional, you won't run the risk of going overboard with unnecessary decor accents.

4. Rocking Chair

A rocking chair is a timeless and undeniably country-chic piece of furniture, plus it's ideal for accenting a small farmhouse bedroom. You can find rockers in a wide range of styles, including rustic, glam, modern and industrial.

Where to Buy Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Decor and Bedding

Now that you've brushed up on this design style, you're ready to make it your own. Parachute carries an impressive selection of textiles, furnishings and decor pieces that complement a contemporary farmhouse aesthetic. From bedding, decorative pillows and throw blankets to rugs, curtains and baskets, you'll find everything you need to achieve the perfect look.

Need more farmhouse bedroom inspiration and guidance before getting started? Book a complimentary consultation with a Parachute stylist. Either over the phone or via video call, an experienced design specialist will work with you on reimagining your space from top to bottom, down to the last detail.

Schedule your meeting today or email with questions.