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How to Design and Style a White Bedroom

White bedding in the desert
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White gets some unfair flack. For decades, renters hoping to express their eclectic design flair have been tethered to the stark shade, but that’s actually a good thing. An all-white bedroom is a blank canvas filled with rich opportunity. You can go rustic, minimal, modern — let your imagination play. No matter the time of year, white always works, but the benefits go far further afield.

White room decor is the magic touch that opens up a small space. Even the simplest white bedroom ideas can transform a cramped guest room by maximizing light and making it feel a lot more spacious. So, how can you best bring this trend to life?

When it comes to all white bedrooms, the difference between brilliant and boring is depth. Don’t think of white as a single shade. There are hundreds of variations from high gloss bright hues to warmer milkier tones. With this aesthetic, textures reign supreme and accent colors pop. If you’re wondering how to decorate a white bedroom, here are a few tips to get you started.

The best white bedroom ideas use texture to add interest

The white room aesthetic has an unfair stereotype of feeling sterile or boring, but that’s far from the case. Some of the best white bedroom ideas are a celebration of texture, blending crisp linens with pillowy cotton throws, fluffy shag carpeting or rich leather furniture. Mix as many textures as you like. 

For a high-impact look that’s still put-together, try contrasting textures like a white metal bed frame with a soft, plush duvet. If you’ve got a small space, try bedding in a satin finish or use velvet accent pillows to help reflect light and make your room feel more spacious.

Layer different shades of off-white

Just because you’re looking for clean, monochrome, white bedroom ideas doesn’t mean that you’re bound to a single shade as you redecorate. White comes in a veritable (washed-out) rainbow of tints, from milky creams and neutral beiges to cool-toned grays. Remember: beiges and creams will bring chic minimalism, but you can opt for more radical shades (think: barely-there blue) if you’re feeling particularly adventurous.

A well-placed houseplant injects a fresh pop of green

Nothing makes a room feel fresher than a well-placed houseplant, especially in a bright, all white bedroom where it provides a major pop of color. Research has shown that houseplants are actually natural mood-boosters. They literally make you happier while regulating humidity and purifying the air

If you don’t exactly have a green thumb, faux greenery has come a long way since the cheap plastic imitations most of us remember from the ‘80s. You can also check out our list of the best plants for bedrooms, some of which need very little care. To make your all white room extra serene, pair your plants with a Scented Candle.

Black and White Bedroom Ideas: Opposites Attract

It’s basic math: White plus black equals crisp, clean and classic. To really accent a two-tone palette, look for pieces that offer a high textural contrast. A framed black and white photograph over the headboard, a glossy lacquered lamp or a geometric flatweave underfoot are all excellent options for unfussy, high-impact accents. A black bed frame or bedside table really pops in the middle of an all white bedroom

The perfect ratio for a pop of color

Never underestimate a good pop of color. Some of the chicest all white bedroom ideas are rich with bold accents, but it’s important to remember the 60-30-10 rule. Per this classic design virtue, 60% of your room’s decor should be the dominant color, white. Choose a secondary color for 30% of the room and a third accent color that takes up no more than 10% of the room.

A great way to do this is by opting against all white bedroom furniture. Warm rusts and orangey browns really contrast against crisp white walls and bedding. You can enhance that effect by adding a green in the form of a houseplant or throw pillow, since green sits on the other side of the color wheel.

A floor mirror can open up a small white bedroom

A white room aesthetic already widens small spaces. To make a tiny room look even larger, add a floor mirror. This draws the eye upward, instantly making low ceilings look higher. Plus, it’ll make your room brighter by reflecting more light. Since a mirror reflects whatever is in front of it, this idea works particularly well with crisp white decor that isn’t at risk of feeling cluttered.

Don’t be afraid to go glam with your white bedroom furniture

Just because you’re sticking to a single color does not mean you have to adopt a minimalist sensibility. Keeping your interior elements in a white-on-white palette avoids a cluttered feel and allows luxe materials to really make a statement. So go ahead and get bold on your blank canvas. Think mirrored nightstands, a tufted headboard and a few marble or Lucite accents for decadent, Old Hollywood vibes. 

In short: all white furniture can be ultra-elegant and bold. You may even want to make a statement bed frame the centerpiece of your room.

Channel Nordic cool (without the freezing weather)

The Scandinavian approach to interiors is heavily influenced by making the most of natural light (not surprising, considering the gloomy winters and lengthy daylight hours of midsummer). Although the quintessential Nordic whitewashed floors are a big commitment, there are plenty of other ways to emulate stripped-down Scandi style. Embrace negative space and accent sparingly with blonde wood, mid century modern lighting and a meaningful piece of folk art.

Add blush or brown for a boho look

Though the clean, bright look of an all white bedroom is often synonymous with Nordic minimalist sensibilities, you can still show some boho flair by using splashes of washed-out romantic colors like blush and earthy, statement shades of brown. The key here is choosing accent colors with warm undertones and layering cozy, textured fabrics. Think: popping a sheepskin throw over a pillowy quilt or linen duvet or allowing a rich walnut side table to contrast against cream-colored sheets.

Keep your white bedroom bright and beautiful

Perhaps more frightening than the prospect of committing to monochrome is the stain anxiety that all-white anything induces. Keep your bedding bright by adding a scoop of oxygenated bleach to your laundry with regular detergent (unlike regular bleach, it can be used on non-whites). For an eco-friendly stain remover, apply white vinegar or lemon juice directly to stains (a dab of hydrogen peroxide will also do the trick). And if you must have a glass of wine while you watch Netflix in bed, make it a sauvignon blanc.

Curious How to Keep White Bedding White? Read our guide to find out.

Still don’t know where to start?

We get it: designing an all white bedroom can be stressful, even if you’ve scoured Pinterest for the chicest all white bedroom ideas. Don’t worry — Parachute can help. We offer free 1-on-1 video or phone consultations with our expert home stylists, who can give you personalized recommendations for your space.Your dream all white bedroom is just a Zoom call away.

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