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31 Bedroom Color Trends & Inspiration

The Right Bedroom Color for You
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A comfy mattress and breathable bed linens are pillars of a good night's rest. How you feel when you're tucked under the covers with the lights out is certainly a big part of the equation, but what you see when you walk through the door is crucial too. To take your restorative slumber up a notch, consider the colors of your bedroom.

Does color really impact sleep? If so, what bedroom color schemes are best for achieving quality shut-eye? And how should you go about choosing a hue for your space? Read on for answers to these questions, along with a roundup of bedroom color ideas and tips for implementing each aesthetic.

How Bedroom Color Impacts Sleep

If you're seeking to turn your space into an oasis that emanates calm and relaxation, the solution could be just a few paint strokes away. The link between color and its influence on mood has been studied for years.

While the concept is a bit abstract, research suggests color plays a significant role in how we feel and behave. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the color of illumination (from your fixtures and electronics) also has an effect on your ability to doze off. It makes sense that the different hues and tones of your walls, bedding and decor could impact your sleep as well.

With that said, transforming your sleeping quarters into a tranquil sanctuary that coddles you into a dream state is about more than textiles and lighting — though these factors are positively important. To create an uber-chill zone that helps you unwind after a long day, you may want to explore different bedroom color ideas.

What Are the Best Colors for a Bedroom?

There are a number of potential reasons someone may have trouble falling asleep. Though it's not the only piece of the puzzle, incorporating a new bedroom color scheme might help.

It's all about choosing calming hues, but what does that mean, exactly? "When people say they want a soothing color for the bedroom, they often think of blues and greys," says Donna Frasca, a color expert and holistic designer in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Indeed, the National Sleep Foundation suggests neutrals with cool undertones, like blue, grey, charcoal, silver and seafoam. Being in the presence of these comforting colors may even lower blood pressure.

Frasca adds that while these "coastal colors" are great choices for the bedroom — and people associate them with peacefulness — they're a bit saturated in the marketplace. She recommends considering the research and trends but not necessarily relying on them entirely. Since colors affect everyone differently, it's important to evaluate how certain hues and palettes make you feel.

For instance, warmer tones like blush, ochre, sand and clay can offer a cozy, inviting appeal. Then there are shades in the middle, such as olive, surplus green and taupe, which are generally considered neutral and non-stimulating. White and white-adjacent colors, like beige, ivory, and cream, can foster a peaceful, pacifying ambiance.

So what's the magic bedroom paint color for decompressing and catching those Zs? There isn't one. When browsing designs, take note of the schemes that stand out to you, for better or worse. Cozy colors and cool tones might be a safe bet, but if you're drawn to a particular hue or repelled by another, don't be afraid to follow your instincts.

Bedroom Color Ideas and Inspiration

In addition to the current trends, your individual response to various shades and tones is likely influenced by things like memory association and your personal history. If you're not sure which route to take when designing your sleeping chamber, it might help to look at some examples.

Of course, poring over Pinterest and scouring relevant Instagram hashtags for inspiration is a good starting point. Yet if you want curated ideas and actionable guidance, you've come to the right place.

Find a breakdown of popular paint colors for bedrooms below, along with lulling linen hues and dreamy decorative accents.

1. Taupe and Grey: The Muted Duo

Soft, muted neutrals are undoubtedly calming. Grey bedroom colors are never a bad choice, but you might consider mixing it up with its slightly warmer-toned counterpart, taupe. 

When layering your bed, consider grey bed sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases.

2. Desert-Inspired Hues

If you appreciate Southwestern home design but don't want to use too many warm, saturated shades, accent the room with a few desert-inspired hues. Think terra cotta, burnt sienna and sandy basket weaves.

3. Beige But Never Basic

Beige? Boring? Not when you incorporate the proper contrast. One of the best bedroom color ideas in the book is to paint a half-paneled wall with a cool tone, like seafoam green or dove grey.

4. The Richness of Wood

Contrast your cool tones with rich, natural wood. Whether it's your bedroom floors, bed frame, headboard, nightstand or dresser, the deep, warm color will add a cozy yet classy effect.

For more tips on incorporating warm, rich tones, check out our blog, Fall Home Decor Ideas 2021: Room by Room Inspiration.

5. Talk About Taupe

When it comes to light bedroom colors, taupe is often overlooked. The somewhat muted greyish-beige (greige, if you will) is endlessly versatile and ultra-calming. Learn more about the decorating your room with grey in Parachute’s Grey Bedroom Decor Guide

6. Complement with Contrast

When placed together, complementing colors present a strong contrast — but they also balance each other out. For instance, light master bedroom paint colors can be accented with dark frames, fixtures and furnishings.

7. Olive and Ivory

Olive is not only neutral but arguably timeless. This earthy, mid-tone green offers a laid-back, organic appeal, especially with the enhancement of ivory and natural wood finishes.

8. Wood and Blush

When paired with a medium-toned wood finish, blush exudes an air of tenderness and tranquility. If you're looking for contemporary guest bedroom decor ideas, don't sleep on this colorful duo.

9. The Beachiness of White and Wood

It can be fun to mix it up with different bedroom paint ideas, and yet classic white bedroom walls are always a solid option. Light wood furniture and tropical houseplants break up the monotony while lending to an easy-breezy vibe.

For more warm-weather interior design ideas, read our blog, Summer Home Decor Ideas 2021: Room by Room Inspiration.

10. Taupe Loves Mahogany

The best bedroom color ideas are sometimes the most simple. Dark wood tones, such as walnut and mahogany, offer a subtle contrast to pale neutrals like taupe and cream.

11. Pop of Black

There's no denying the light and airy ambiance of an all-white bed. Add interest to an otherwise minimal space with a pop of black or another deeply saturated hue. 

Learn more about nailing a pared-down aesthetic with our guide on How to Design a Minimalist Bedroom.

12. Accent White With Greenery

When you've browsed tons of bedroom color ideas and keep coming back to white, go ahead and humor yourself. You can always accent a scaled-back scheme with greenery.

Need some tips on some plants for the bedroom? Check out our Top Indoor Plants For Clean Air guide.

13. Organic, Rosy Textures

Rosy tones like blush and clay radiate a cheerful coziness, especially when combined with organic textures, such as rattan and natural rug weaves. These are excellent teen room colors, but they're also plenty sophisticated for an adult.

Parachute offers high-end clay and blush colored bedding items, such as clay pillowcases, bed sheets and duvet covers.

14. Off-White and Ivory

Off-white is often considered the best color for bedroom walls because it's versatile but not as stringent as stark white. Mixing in other white-adjacent colors like ivory, beige and cream can add dimension while maintaining a simple look.

Find more tips and insight in our guide on How to Design and Style a White Bedroom and be sure to check out our white bedding sets.

15. Warm It Up with Terra Cotta

Terra cotta isn't just for planters. Inspired by the reddish-brown earthenware, clay-colored bed linens add a warming touch to off-white walls.

16. Pop of Color, But Make It Earth-Tones

Bedrooms don't necessarily need to be accented with bold hues, but it doesn't hurt to add a pop of color here and there. Consider using earthy tones, like clay, green and brown.

17. Accent with Texture, Not Color

Instead of incorporating pops of color, accent your master suite with varying textures. This could include a paneled wall, a faux-fur throw pillow, an upholstered headboard or a tufted rug.

18. Go Bold on the Bed Frame

If you're looking for slightly more masculine bedroom color ideas, opt for a few black or oil-rubbed finishes for your bed frame. Olive and surplus green bedding elevate this handsome aesthetic without making the space feel too dark.

19. White and Sand, Hand in Hand

A warm, sandy hue is the perfect complement to a primarily white bedroom. While it evokes a summertime lifestyle, this simple combo works year-round in any climate.

20. Drift Off in Off-Black

The notion that dark bedroom wall colors make a space look smaller is a common misconception. If you're drawn to moody home decor, consider painting an off-black accent wall.

21. Simply Surplus

Believe it or not, white, grey and beige aren't the only seasonless bedroom color ideas. The effortless earthiness of surplus transcends winter, spring, summer and fall.

22. A Marriage of Marigold and Cream

Marigold and cream are among the best bedroom color schemes for teens and tweens. The combo is bright and cheery but also sophisticated enough that your young ones won't outgrow the aesthetic any time soon.

23. The Undeniable Romance of Burgundy

Burgundy is almost the opposite of calming sea green and pale blue bedroom colors, but that doesn't mean it's off the table for design. The romantic, vintage-inspired hue looks lovely on bedspreads and accent furniture.

24. The Choicest Charcoal

As for modern bedroom colors, charcoal is a top pick. It's moody, it's versatile, it's undeniably dapper — what's not to love? For charcoal colored bed sheets, consider Parachute’s luxury monochrome bedding sets and duvet covers, pillowcases, and sheets

Check out our guide on How to Create a Modern Industrial Style Look for Your Home for more ideas.

25. Ochre to Ogle Over

Ochre walks the line between neutral versatility and statement-making design with finesse. The golden, earthy pigment stuns as a duvet set, but it also works as an accent wall color.

Parachute’s new ochre bedding sets will pair nicely with your golden bedroom paint color. 

26. Seeing Green in Seagreen

Not quite green but not quite blue, seagreen is high on the list for peaceful, muted hues. White walls and wood furniture can create beautiful contrast when using this color in a bedroom.

27. Honeycomb and Honey Tones

What's neutral and warm but not too rich? Honey. The luxurious golden hue offers a welcoming appeal in guest rooms and a tasteful elegance in a master suite.

28. Go for the Green

As mentioned before, green is seasonless. For those interested in bold bedroom color ideas, forest green is a fearless choice.

29. Rainbow Remix

Babies and toddlers are drawn to bright tones, but that doesn't mean you have to decorate their room with primary colors. If the rest of your home is neutral, you can appease both of your tastes with toned-down rainbow hues, like terra cotta, ochre, blush and teal.

30. Soft Hues for the Littles

Boys' room colors aren't restricted to shades of blue, nor are girls' to pink. There are lots of excellent gender-neutral kids' room paint ideas, like grey, sand and marigold. Mix in some simple prints for a playful effect.

Check out Parachute’s white crib sheets, grey toddler quilt, and other neutral baby bedding items for a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing feel for your child’s bedroom.

31. Neutral Nursery

Whether you've yet to learn the sex of your baby-to-be or are thinking about redesigning your tiny tot's bedroom, you can't go wrong with neutrals. The right decor pieces and soft textures can make a pared-down nursery feel cozy, with a whimsical appeal.

How to Tie In Bedroom Items With Your Color of Choice

"No color will keep you up at night because your eyes are closed," Frasca tells Parachute. In other words, if a vibrant hue is speaking to you, go ahead and work it into your bedroom design. 

Having said that, you can always use bold colors to accent a space. For instance, you might reach for wine-colored decorative pillows and throws, then balance them out with ivory walls and off-white bedding.

Or let's say you're drawn to black decor. In that case, you might paint the wall behind your bed black and then call it back with a black curtain rod and dresser drawer pulls. The rest of your bedroom could be a complementing neutral, like white or dove grey.

Get Free Design Advice and Bedroom Color Ideas from a Parachute Stylist

In the end, there are no real rules for which colors to paint your room, which color bed sheets to choose, or how to decorate your space. It's all about leaning into styles you like and curating a relaxing ambiance.

If you're stuck on what shades to use and want expert guidance, a Parachute design consultant is here to assist. During a free video or phone consultation, they'll take a look at your space, ask questions about your preferences and make personalized suggestions.

Schedule your one-on-one consultation with a Parachute stylist today!

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