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29 Home Office/Guest Bedroom Ideas: Stylish & Functional Decor

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More and more people are working from home at least part time, and as such, need a designated place to take care of business. If you've got a spare room you'd like to have ready for the occasional overnight visitor, you might consider combining the two.

There's no shortage of office/guest room ideas on the Internet. But if you're interested in curated inspiration that's just as tasteful as it is functional, you've come to the right place. Read on for a roundup of the best guest bedroom/office ideas, along with tips and insight for mastering this multi-purpose space. 

Guest Bedroom/Office Ideas for Every Home

Here's what to consider for your combined home office and guest room, including a place to sleep, the best bed linens, a work surface, storage ideas, layout tips and decor ideas.

Simple, Sturdy Bed Frame

If you're thinking about getting a proper bed, look for a simple silhouette that doesn't take up much more square footage than the dimensions of the mattress. For instance, the Dune Bed Frame flaunts a clean, split-back design and a sloped headboard for lumbar support. Made of kiln-dried hardwood with mortise-and-tenon joinery, it's notably sturdy too.

Want to make your visitors feel right at home? Find more office/guest room ideas in our Bedroom Furniture Essentials checklist.

Comfy Mattress

A comfortable mattress is also crucial. Featuring soft layers of New Zealand wool, organic cotton, and pocketed steel coils, the Eco Mattress was expertly designed to offer support and plushness in all the right places for every type of sleeper.

Take a look at our Mattress Size and Dimensions Guide before ordering one for your guest room.

Corner Bed Placement

corner bed placement

Though beds are typically centered in a room to allow for walking clearance and nightstands on either side, you can save space by placing your bed in the corner.

For more office and guest room layout tips, check out our guide to Rearranging the Layout of Your Bedroom.

Murphy Bed

murphy bed

One of the best space-saving guest bedroom/office ideas is to get a Murphy bed. Also known as a pull-down bed or a wall bed, the entire frame and mattress of this clever sleeper are stored vertically, either inside the wall, within a closet or in a freestanding cabinet.

Space-Saving Sleeper Sofa

sleeper couch

A sleeper sofa is another excellent choice. Full-sized couch by day and comfy bed by night, this multi-functional furniture piece is just the thing for a guest room/home office combo. Look for something with not only a comfortable mattress but also supportive seat and back cushions.

Dreamy Daybed


A daybed can work well for those looking to save space. Similar to a pull-out sofa, you can use this multi-use piece for sleeping or sitting. You can also use it as a chaise lounge if you ever want to work off your laptop while laying back and stretching out your legs.

Decorative Pillows

Whether you choose a proper bed, a sleeper sofa or a daybed for your office space, a few decorative pillows can go a long way in enhancing the decor and making things all-around comfier.

Check out our guide on How to Style Throw Pillows Like a Designer for expert tips.

Hotel-Level Bedding

What about bedding? When it comes to guest bedroom/office ideas that create a chic feel, you can't go wrong with percale bed linens. The hotel-like material is notably crisp and cool to the touch with a versatile matte finish.

Learn more about the fabric in our blog, Percale: Know Your Bedding Like a Designer.

Universally Loved Linen

Linen is another fan favorite that's sure to be a hit with your overnight guests. Sourced from the fibers of European flax plants, the textile is laid back yet luxurious, exceptionally breathable and even naturally moisture wicking.

Find out why people love sleeping with the fabric year-round in our article, Linen: Know Your Bedding Like a Designer.

Classic Coverlet

You might also consider placing a coverlet or quilt at the foot of the bed. This will give your guests the option of an extra layer of warmth on chillier nights while adding a decorative touch.

Want to create a welcoming, stylized setup for your visitors? See our guide on How to Layer Your Bed.

Pillow Options

High-end hotels often supply multiple bed pillow options to accommodate guests who prefer plush, firm and feathery-light loft. You might consider doing the same.

What's the best choice for side, back and stomach sleepers? Here's How to Choose the Right Pillow for various sleeping styles.

A Compact Nightstand (or Two)

Consider sourcing a nightstand — or two, depending on where you're placing the bed. This office/guest room idea can add functionality and personal storage space to the room, and make them feel more at home in the process. To save space, choose a compact design, like the Bluff Oval Nightstand.

Take a look at these Nightstand Decor Ideas for tips on what to put on a nightstand.

White Noise Machine

A white noise machine like the Restore Sleep Assistant can add a nice touch. If you have kids, live in a busy urban area, or are hosting out-of-town guests who may be adjusting to a time change, this spare bedroom/office idea can help them get the rest they need.

To make things as relaxing as possible, consider incorporating a few of these Bedroom Essentials for an At-Home Oasis.

Functional Lighting

functional lighting

Don’t forget to consider your lighting. Sconces and table lamps can offer bedside illumination for your guests while they’re reading or chatting in bed. You might also want to include an overhead fixture and a floor lamp so you have plenty of light during work hours.

Need more inspiration? Here are some of the Best Living Room Lighting Ideas on the web.

Fresh Towels

Consider placing folded bath towels, along with a washcloth and hand towel, at the foot of the bed. This guest bedroom/office idea can really wow your visitors by making the space feel like a welcoming five-star hotel.

Explore these Guest Bathroom Essentials for more insight.

Pared-Down Desk

office desk

What about your workstation? Look for a pared-down desk design. It should be neutral and versatile enough to go with the rest of the decor. It should also offer enough surface space for your computer, keyboard and any office supplies you need, keeping them within reach.

Closet Conversion

converted closet

Another choice for an office and spare bedroom combined is to convert an existing closet into a workstation. See how this room saved space by removing the folding or sliding doors from its built-in wardrobe, then turning the open nook into a designated desk area.

Double Desks

double desks

If you need office/guest room ideas to accommodate multiple people working from home, consider adding double desks. To save space, this home installed one long surface against an entire wall, then incorporated bookshelves on either side and drawers underneath to maximize vertical storage without taking up additional square footage.

Minimalist Desk Mat

A desk mat can help safeguard your workstation from stains, dents and scratches while offering a sophisticated touch. Crafted from 100% wool with a genuine leather trim, the Felt Desk Mat is soft yet smooth with a dapper aesthetic. It also rolls up effortlessly when you want to stash it away.

Cord Keeper

What home office accessories should you have in your spare room? It's best to keep it simple, as you don't want to overwhelm your guests with clutter, and it'll be easier to transition the space into a bedroom at a moment's notice. The Leather Cord Keeper is perfect for organizing your cables and chargers, and it looks undeniably sleek on any surface.

Laptop Sleeve

If you work from a laptop, you'll want to have a way to store it or carry it around when your visitors are using your home office. Made of natural wool with handsome leather accents, the Felt Laptop Sleeve is an excellent choice — and it pairs well with the desk mat and cord keeper for a cohesive look.

Catch-All Desk Tray

When it comes to desk essentials for your home office, you really can't go wrong with the Felt Catch-All Tray. Use it for paperclips, pens or computer glasses. When your guests visit, they can use it for their keys, wallet and other on-the-go items.

For more tips, read our blog, Create Your Ideal Space to Work From Home.

Neutral Rug

On the hunt for guest bedroom/office ideas that can make a space look more cohesive? A neutral rug will provide a grounding effect while adding subtle texture, warmth and softness underfoot. 

Want more tips? Here are 17 Rug Styling Ideas You Should Consider for Your Home.

Creative Storage

creative under the bed storage

Making the most of your available space is all about getting creative with storage while ensuring the room serves all its purposes. For example, this spare room features under-the-bed baskets, plus a desk with drawers and a decorative ladder that doubles as a spot to hang hats, scarves or extra blankets. These small guest bedroom/office combo ideas create a cozy, fun room that makes your guests feel free and easy during their stay.

Small Furnishings

small furnishing

If you're working with a particularly small office and guest room, you'll want to focus on scaled-down furnishings. While you might be tempted to cram in a full-sized desk and queen or king bed, it's best to include pieces that fit. As mentioned above, a Murphy bed or sleeper sofa can help you save space when you don't have visitors.

Think: Hotel Suite

guest bedroom like a hotel room

When guests are staying for an extended period, consider what they might need on a daily basis. For instance, a hotel suite often includes a small desk, a chair or sofa, a mini-fridge and a coffee maker. Of course, your visitors will likely have access to your kitchen and other shared living spaces, but these touches can go a long way toward creating a cozy and functional vibe.

Book Decor

books as decor

How should you decorate the space? Some of the best office/guest room ideas feature bookcases as decor. In addition to having somewhere to keep your home library, it'll make the room look more like a study while giving your visitors something to read during their stay.

Check out these 37 Bedroom Decorating Ideas for more tips.

Furniture Tetris

multiple pieces of furniture in a room

When figuring out where to put everything in your extra bedroom/home office, you might have to play around with the furniture layout a bit. Take time to imagine how the bed looks in the center versus in a corner. Next, consider where the desk makes the most sense, then add in storage components, and so on.

For additional insight, see our guide on How to Style a Guest Bedroom Your Visitors Will Love.

Essential Oil Diffuser

The Essential Oil Diffuser is a perfect finishing touch to this multi-use zone. Whether you place it on the desk, the nightstand, a bookcase, a floating shelf or another surface, you and your guests will enjoy the aromatherapy and all-around relaxing ambiance.

Read our guides on How to Make Your Home Smell Good and How Oil Diffusers Help You Sleep for more tips.