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Meet the Team

Ariel Kaye
Founder and CEO

Amy Hoban
Creative Director

Meghan McGrady
Product Development Manager

Rebecca Prusinowski
Director of Content

Mason Liffmann
Managing Editor + Writer

Hilary Sherman
Art Director

Luke Droulez
Head of Digital

Lu Chen
Director of Product

Bryan Duckworth

Joe Reza
Junior Developer

Linh Tchang
Senior UI Designer

Gabriel Law
SEM & SEO Director

Foujan Volk
Director of Brand Marketing

Devin McGaughey

Trelawny Davis
Brand Marketing + Social Media Manager

Jessy Whitehead
Director of Planning

Nicole Neu
Experiential Project Manager

Devyn Grenner
Production Coordinator

Amber Warren
Showroom Store Assistant Manager

Chelsea DeNoya
Customer Experience Manager

Lana Huckabee
Customer Experience Associate

Alicia Rietzel
Hospitality Partnerships Manager

Natasha Lipson
Business Development Coordinator

Jessica D'Agostino
Showroom Store Manager

Lindsey McMahon
Brand Copywriter

Laura Schmidt
Junior Designer

Meg Marsh
Lead UX Designer

Izzy Chafkin
Director of Merchandising

Skyler Tulchin
Visual Designer

Annie Clark
Content Coordinator

Sarah Hyun
Staff Accountant

Melissa Smith
Email Marketing Manager