Meet The Team

  • Ariel Kaye
    Ariel Kaye
    Founder and CEO
  • Amy Hoban
    Amy Hoban
    Creative Director
  • Meghan McGrady
    Meghan McGrady
    Product Development Manager
  • Rebecca Prusinowski
    Rebecca Prusinowski
    Director of Content
  • Christine Diaz
    Christine Diaz
    Content Writer
  • Gina Nastasi
    Gina Nastasi
    Art Director
  • Skyler Tulchin
    Skyler Tulchin
    Visual Designer
  • Luke Droulez
    Luke Droulez
    Head of Digital
  • Lu Chen
    Lu Chen
    Director of Product
  • Bryan Duckworth
    Bryan Duckworth
  • Gabriel Law
    Gabriel Law
    SEM/SEO Director
  • Dustin Stollberg
    Dustin Stollberg
    Director of Paid Acquisition
  • Foujan Volk
    Foujan Volk
    Director of Brand Marketing
  • Trelawny Davis
    Trelawny Davis
    Social Media Manager
  • Devin McGaughey
    Devin McGaughey
  • Jessy Whitehead
    Jessy Whitehead
    Director of Planning
  • Devyn Grenner
    Devyn Grenner
    Production Coordinator
  • Isabelle Blye
    Isabelle Blye
    Director of Business Development
  • Jessica D'Agostino
    Jessica D'Agostino
    Showroom Store Manager
  • Amber Warren
    Amber Warren
    Showroom Store Assistant Manager
  • Chelsea DeNoya
    Chelsea DeNoya
    Community Experience Manager
  • Nicole Neu
    Nicole Neu
    Community Experience Manager
  • Cara McShane
    Cara McShane
    Community Experience Associate


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