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17+ Rug Styling Ideas You Should Consider for Your Home

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Bedroom rugs can set the tone in a room. They keep your feet warm, protect your flooring and are dependable interior multitaskers. A stylish area rug can be the missing piece that ties all your furniture together into a cohesive look. It can also separate a large space into different areas, creating a visual frame around your furniture.

But choosing bedroom rugs that match your home aesthetic and style preferences can be overwhelming. Navigating between options such as rug size, materials and designs is not always an easy task. For a bedroom rug to truly transform your home — or enhance its style — consider several factors, including room size, flooring and foot traffic.

We put together this handy guide with bedroom rug ideas and styling tips to make rug shopping a breeze.  

How to Choose the Right Rug Material?

Focusing on rug materials and fiber types may seem like a dull and uninspiring task, but it’s a home essential. From cleaning to the likelihood of fading, bedroom area rug quality is all about the material.

Here are the best bedroom rug materials on the market.

Wool Rugs

It’s no wonder wool rugs are bestsellers in interior design stores. The material’s natural durability and color-retention make wool bedroom rugs the perfect choice for high-traffic areas like the living room. If maintained well, a good quality wool rug can last for decades. And because of the fiber’s resistance to crushing, it won’t look like you’ve had it that long. 

A wool area rug can make your home cozier in fall and winter. Keep in mind though that wool absorbs up to 30 percent of its weight in moisture. So if you live in a humid place, you’ll want to regularly check your wool bedroom rug for suspicious odors and signs of mildew or mold.

Natural Fibers Rugs

Designers love rugs made from natural fibers such as sisal, jute and seagrass for their effortlessly chic aesthetic and warm, organic feel. So when it comes to summer bedroom carpet ideas, a natural fiber rug is a must-have.

Sisal and seagrass are incredibly durable, making them a favorite for high-traffic areas. Jute plants are soaked and stripped before spinning, so the material — while not as tough — is just as soft as wool. A jute rug makes the perfect guest bedroom or master bedroom rug, lending a beautiful earthy vibe to any space.

Synthetic Fabric Rugs

If durability is at the top of your list, or if you’re looking for bedroom area rugs you can use both indoors and out, then consider designs made from nylon and polypropylene. These synthetic materials resist fading and are stain resistant, making them a preferred option for people with small kids and pets. In addition, both nylon and polypropylene resist mildew and moisture. This is great news for anyone adding a beautiful area rug to a bathroom or other high-humidity room.

What Style of Rug is Best for My Room?

When shopping for cute rugs for your bedroom, consider the style of the space and look into options that fit the aesthetic.

Monochromatic Rugs

Apartments with minimalist interiors and spaces decorated in a pared-down style do best with monochromatic area rugs. But make no mistake, monochrome doesn’t have to mean boring. On the contrary, textured patterns lend depth and interest to spaces while going easy on the colors.

And speaking of color, a monochromatic rug in a bold shade is the best way to add a pop of color in a modern room and make a design statement.

Persian-style Rug

Persian rugs originated in Iran several thousand years ago. The incredibly elaborate and vivid designs showcase the art of carpet making from that region. So you’ll often find Persian rugs displayed on the wall as a work of art.

And while their origins may be rooted in the past, the style is timeless and works with various interior tastes, thanks to the sheer number of available prints and shades. Classic red Persian rugs add a treasure trove of character. Place one in a boho-style bedroom to complement wood furniture, or opt for a Persian carpet in a neutral shade to style your modern living room.

Graphic Rug

Graphic prints are a creative way to add color, or to accent furniture in a living room. There’s a fun, artistic element to this style of living room and bedroom rugs. Modern graphic area rugs instantly elevate a space, lending it a gallery-like feel. Living rooms, dining rooms and other entertaining spaces are where a graphic rug would fit right in.

Their unique aesthetic pairs well with midcentury-modern and contemporary interiors. Some of the most popular graphic rug patterns are chevron, diamond and abstract designs. 

Moroccan Rug

Moroccan (or “Berber”) rugs stun with their magnificent geometric patterns and vivid colors. Authentic Moroccan rugs are always hand-woven and can take up to a year to complete. So if you’re looking to add some beautiful art and character to your walls, consider hanging one as tapestry.

Many Moroccan-style rugs don asymmetrical designs in bold shades in sync with contemporary and industrial interiors. But most often, Berber area rugs are used in bohemian-style interiors with plenty of plants and linen textiles.

Shag Rug

A staple in winter and fall bedroom decor, shag rugs can make any space feel warmer, cozier and more comfortable. That’s why they work in every room — from the office to the bathroom. Their versatility makes them staunch decor multitaskers. For example, place one under a statement chair to create a beautiful sitting area or reading nook in your bedroom or living room.

And don’t limit yourself with styling them on your floors only. Smaller shag rugs can look incredibly chic layered on sofas and beds, too.

What Size Rugs Should I Buy?

The right rug size for your room depends on a variety of factors: your bedroom furniture, the room shape and layout and your styling goals. The most popular living room rug sizes are 8’x10′ and 9’x12′. To visualize what the rug would look like on your floor, use painter’s tape to measure it out.

For bedrooms, the general rule of thumb is to purchase an area rug that extends about three feet from all sides of the bed. Large bedroom rugs like this look proportional, and every time you step out of bed, you have a soft, cozy surface under your feet. (That’s a big reason to choose a soft rug for a bedroom.) Small bedroom rugs don’t have to comply with this rule. Just make sure the bed rug extends at least a few inches from the bed. In this case, you’d want to avoid a situation where your area rug covers the entire floor of your bedroom. That would make it look like wall-to-wall carpet.

High-pile Rugs vs. Low-pile Rugs

Rug pile refers to the density and height of fabric loops. Low-pile rugs have tighter, shorter and denser textures, while long-pile rugs have taller and looser loops. So why is rug pile important? Low-pile rugs are easier to vacuum and clean. That’s because the longer fibers of high-pile carpet often get caught in the rotating brush of the vacuum cleaner. Shorter and denser rugs are also more durable, so it’s best to place them in high-traffic areas such as the kitchen or the mudroom.

Style-wise, high-pile rugs do best in bedrooms for their warm and cozy look. However, some people also prefer switching up their low-pile rugs for high-pile ones in the fall. High-pile makes a cozy match for the season’s moodier vibe.

One other important rug styling tip is that a rug’s pile doesn’t affect its quality.

Rug Placement Tips

Living room rug placement gives you a refreshing level of flexibility. If you’d like to accent the rug, then place it in front of the sofa. Always purchase an area rug according to your room’s proportions and not how much of your furniture you’d like to fit on it.

If you live in an open-concept space such as a loft, go for a large rug that will define the sitting area and visually separate it from the kitchen or dining room.

In large master bedrooms, place the rug under your bed and nightstand. Otherwise, it may look too small for the room.

In dining rooms, your area rug should be big enough to fit your table and chairs. And if you own an extendable table, account for that extra length when selecting the rug size.

Small Bedrooms Rugs and Dorm Rugs

With limited floor space, it’s important to choose a rug that doesn’t overpower the room, making it look even smaller. For offices, opt for an area rug that fits only under your desk and chair. An undersized living room would look very stylish with a small shag rug. An area rug under just the front legs of your sofa and chairs can create a tidy look. One excellent option for small bedrooms is to place runners on both sides of the bed.

Do I Need a Rug Pad in My Bedroom?

For safety, you should place a rug pad under every area rug in your house. Rug pads are most often made from rubber-like synthetic material. It prevents you from slipping and keeps your area rug in place. If you have little ones running around the house playing “the floor is lava,” place rug pads under all your area rugs regardless of how small or large they are.

Rug pads can also extend the lifespan of your flooring by providing extra cushioning. Heavier furniture can easily leave dents on hardwood floors, especially if your rugs are on the thinner side.

Rug pads can usually be trimmed to fit a hall or bedroom area rug. The rule of thumb is to subtract two inches from the rug’s dimensions. Then cut your rug pad according to the new measurements. The rug pad should remain completely hidden under your carpet.

How to Layer Rugs?

Layering rugs is an art form, but it’s not difficult to master. You’ll be rewarded with a magazine-worthy look that will wow your guests. Layering is also a great way to add some extra texture or color to a room.

To accent a beautiful area rug, place it over a bigger one that’s similar in color to your flooring. In this case, you don’t have to worry if the top rug’s size is too small for the room. The bigger rug will compensate.

If you’re trying for a modern aesthetic, choose rugs in neutral shades that complement each other but have different textures. That way, you’re not adding bold colors to your space. Instead, you’re introducing depth while keeping with your room’s contemporary look.

Experiment with angles and rug placement, too. No rule says two rectangular rugs should be layered with one perfectly within the other.

And last, make sure the top rug is significantly smaller than the bottom one for maximum effect.

Need More Bedroom Carpet Ideas?

Parachute offers complimentary style consultations with expert decorators. If you need help narrowing down your bedroom rug choices or want to display a vintage Persian rug like a pro, schedule a one-on-one video call with one of the company’s interior designers. This is the best way to get customized advice, tips and find the best rug designs for your home.

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