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Guest Bathroom Essentials: 10 Decor Ideas & Tips

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A thoughtfully-designed guest bathroom is key to making your visitors feel at home. But decorating a space that someone else will use has its challenges. That’s especially true when you consider that guest bathrooms are usually much smaller than master-bedroom bathrooms. Your challenge is to create a space that works not only decor-wise, but also functionally. Plus, it has to help your guests relax.

To get you started, we rounded up the best tips and tricks on what to put in a guest bathroom, how to decorate it and plenty of easy and affordable guest-house bathroom ideas. Read on for tips to design a space that wows your visitors.

1. Invest in High-Quality Towels

Creating a relaxing sanctuary starts with premium towels for your guests. There’s nothing more soothing than cocooning in a plush, cozy towel after a refreshing shower. The best towels for a guest bathroom are made from 100% high-quality cotton, and should balance absorbency and softness.

The Classic Turkish Cotton Starter Bathroom Bundle you’ll find at Parachute is the easiest way to stock up on high-quality towels for your guest bathroom. It includes four of each type of towel: four bath towels, four hand towels, four washcloths — plus one tub mat. Strategically fold your towels to evoke a luxury feeling in your guest bathroom.

If you will be having a lot of guests with young children, it wouldn’t hurt to also stock up with a few hooded toddler towels as well (learn more about why in our What is a Hooded Baby Towel guide.) 

To learn more about how to choose the right towels for you and your guests in our Best Towel Materials and Sizes guide.

2. Add Plants

Plants aren’t just for your living room or bedroom. They also look incredibly chic in a bathroom and add a relaxing, organic vibe to the space. The key to choosing the right plants is to have a good idea about the humidity level in the guest bathroom, as well as the amount of sunlight. Cast iron plants, begonias, ferns and Chinese evergreens are incredibly hardy plants that thrive in changing conditions. If your guest bathroom doesn’t get too cold at night, you can also opt for Orchids. These charming plants add a pop of color and unexpected elegance.

3. Decorate with Baskets

Baskets are some of the hardest (decor) workers in your house. Plus, if you’re looking for creative storage ideas for your guest restroom, don’t hesitate to use them. You can stack them underneath the vanity and use them to store extra towels and toiletries. Or place a couple of baskets on a floating shelf or in the cabinets to organize smaller guest bathroom essentials.

Select handwoven jute baskets in different sizes to create a cozy, artisanal vibe and add a hit of character.

4. Add Storage Space

Baskets aren’t the only guest bathroom storage ideas on the block. One excellent guest restroom idea is to add a freestanding bathroom cabinet. A solo cabinet will immediately boost the storage capacity of the bathroom as it adds a touch of elegance. It also provides your guests with space to keep their belongings and lay out toiletries. Ladders are another popular and chic way to add a little impromptu shelf space to a bathroom.

People usually ignore the space above the toilet seat, but you can install a couple of floating shelves there to store toilet rolls, towels or plants.

Don’t forget about the linen closet! For insights on how to organize your linen closet (for yourself and your guests), check out our Linen Closet Organization guide.

5. Add a Bathroom Rug

When it comes to designing a comfortable space, details matter. Consider switching to a plush bathroom rug. A luxurious rug will provide your guests with a soft and cozy surface to step on. At the same time, it’ll protect your floors from water damage and mildew. Rugs are also a great way to freshen up the decor and add a specific vibe or style to your guest bathroom.

If you’d like to read more about the differences between bath rugs and bath mats, check out our Bath Mats vs. Bath Rugs guide.

6. Add Some Bathroom Wall Decor

Wall decorations are a welcome addition to any bathroom. Hanging works of art like photographs or printed canvases is a great guest bathroom wall decor idea. It adds personality and makes the space more homey. Create an accent wall behind the vanity with bold wallpaper in a geometric or nature-inspired pattern. Or opt for a collage of different tiles on the wall behind the bathtub.

You can also hang a macrame piece (here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to DIY a wall hanging) or a favorite fun photograph. Metal prints can withstand high humidity levels, so they’re the perfect bathroom wall art option. And of course, a stylish wall mirror is a must.

7. Provide Your Guests with a Robe and Slippers

Go the extra mile and welcome your visitors with a guest bathroom set of a robe-and-slippers. Homey touches like this show you’ve put in the extra thought to create the ultimate relaxation sanctuary.

At Parachute, you’ll discover a variety of unisex bathrobe styles, crafted from the softest long-staple cotton, as well as other entries turned out in crisp linen. Slippers and cozy booties in classic designs and earthy shades will perfectly complement the cozy look.

Check out our Robe and Loungewear guide for more insights on these cozy lounge items for your guests. 

8. Stock Up on Shower Necessities

Pamper your guests with a complete set of shower toiletries for the ultimate spa-like experience. Hand soap, hand cream, hydrating shower gel, shampoo and conditioner are absolute must-haves. If there’s a soaking bathtub in the guest bathroom, place a jar of sleep time bath salts next to it, together with a bottle of fragrant lavender oil. Your visitors will be grateful for this relaxing addition to their bedtime routine.

9. Add Thoughtful Decor Accents

Great design is very often all about the small details. You don’t have to spend a fortune to pull off a magazine-worthy guest bathroom look. Incorporate wood accents for a contemporary take on the traditional rustic style. One way is to add a wooden stool that can serve as a plant stand or additional surface area to keep small essentials. 

Another easy and modern guest bathroom idea that will give your space a 5-star touch is to switch to a more attractive shower curtain. For one final tip, scented candles and diffusers can transform your guest bathroom into a luxury spa.

10. Go for a Light Color Palette

The easiest and most stylish way to add universal appeal to your guest bathroom is to decorate it in a classic hue. Colors such as white, cream, lighter shades of grey or beige are timeless and match various decor styles. Light shades also work miracles for smaller bathrooms since they create a roomy vibe. You can always add pops of color later with towels, wall art or a backsplash.

Looking for Small Bathroom Storage Ideas? See our article for expert tips, product recommendations and guidance.

Check out Parachute’s Instagram and Pinterest pages for plenty of gorgeous guest bathroom inspiration.

Need More Guest Bathroom Ideas?

One size doesn’t fit all, so if you still need advice on what to have in your guest bathroom (or what type of furniture to invest in) book a complimentary consultation with one of Parachute’s stylists. This is a one-on-one virtual appointment with an expert decorator who can answer all your decor questions, and help you create an Insta-worthy guest bathroom.

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