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Create Your Ideal Space to Work From Home

Felt Catchall Trays + Leather Cord Keeper in Tan and Grey
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Since home and office have become synonymous, so too has a routine of checking emails and answering calls from bed – even if it’s not the best WFH habit. While working blissfully under a warm Percale Duvet may sound like the coziest option, it may actually lead to some adverse health effects and is known to decrease productivity and quality of sleep. In addition, the lack of back support provided by sitting in bed tends to worsen posture and increase back pain. As much as we all love turning off the camera and sprawling under the covers, working from bed isn’t doing us any favors. If you find yourself longing to be cozy while in your home office, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to tell you that you don’t need to sacrifice your health and wellness for comfort while working from home. 

Let’s Get Cozy

Getting out of a plush, warm bed can be tough in the morning, especially when you don’t feel that same sense of comfort anywhere else – the Cloud Cotton didn’t get its name by coincidence. However, entering a more productive space does not mean that your comfort must suffer. Here are our tips on how to create a personalized space outside of the bedroom, emulating that comfortable feeling of working from bed. 

Plush Pillows 

A supportive pillow for your back can transform your office chair from stiff to luxurious. A Feather Euro Pillow can offer your back the perfect amount of support, and coupled with the Shearling Pillow Cover you’ll be supported in the fuzziest way possible. The only downside? You may want to keep working just to use this pillow.

Soft Knit Throw

No one wants to be cold while they’re working. If you find yourself sitting at a computer all day with little movement, your blood circulation may begin to slow and cool you down even more. We suggest grabbing a Handwoven Wool Throw to keep warm all day! No one on your Zoom calls would ever know – or they’ll want one themselves.

Snug Slippers 

Speaking of things none of your coworkers can see anymore, your feet! If you’re home all day, there’s no point in putting on real shoes. Cozy up your feet with some Classic Turkish Cotton Slippers in the morning to treat yourself to that extra level of comfort.  

Knit Socks

Can you ever truly complain when you’re in comfy socks? Before you put on your slippers, we suggest adding our Cotton Slouch Socks. These socks are the softest way to add another layer of warmth, especially when sitting at a desk all day.  

Linen Top and Pants

With our Linen Loungewear, getting dressed has never been easier. Mix and match to dress up or down whether at home or work – they seamlessly transition from the bed to the couch to your home office. Just add jewelry or a blazer and you’ve instantly transformed your outfit from cozy to chic.  

Establishing Boundaries

If your bedroom is the only place you can work – we get it! However, it’s particularly important for your mind to establish boundaries between where you’re working and where you’re sleeping. Here are some tips on how to establish those boundaries in a small space.  

Connect With Your Senses 

A person’s sense of smell is an incredibly powerful tool that can be harnessed to seamlessly shift between the workday and your evening and morning routines. Essential Oil Diffusers are not only a great addition to any room, but getting into the routine of using different scents can help alert your brain to what it should be focused on. We suggest the Uplift Kit to energize you during the workday, followed by the Unwind Kit to wind down in the evening.  

Keep Your Space Organized

Organization is a helpful tool when it comes to setting boundaries. Try using one of our Felt Catchall Trays to neatly store all of the loose items on your desk. This matching Felt Laptop Sleeve is a wonderful place to store your laptop and you can organize all of your cords with this Leather Cord Keeper to help you relax, free from clutter. It’s important to have a space to put everything away in order to easily shift from work to relaxation.

Ways to Make Working From Bed Better for You

If working from bed is necessary for you, here are a few tips to help keep your body and mind comfortable during the workday.  

 A long pillow can be used as lower back support when working on a laptop in bed, keeping you upright to avoid slouching. The 14x36 Down Alternative Decorative Pillow is the perfect pillow to keep your posture up while working in bed. 

Sidenote: Would you like it if there were no more daylight savings time? You may get your wish soon. See our article: Daylight Savings Ending: Will It End for Good?

This Catch:3 Tray is another ideal accessory for working from bed. It is a wireless charging tray so you don’t need to worry about getting up to plug in your phone, and you can place your laptop on the tray to make sure it doesn’t overheat.  

A firm mattress is a must when working from your bed to make sure your back is properly supported. Try the Eco Mattress from Parachute designed to be firm in the middle, for back support, and softer at the head and feet, for pressure point relief and spinal alignment.