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Bed Sheet Color Trends: Which Bed Sheet Colors Are Popular Right Now?

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A supportive mattress and soft, breathable bed linens are paramount to a good night's sleep. The physical sensations of being tucked beneath the covers with the lights out are undoubtedly a big part of the equation — but the way your bedroom looks is crucial too.

Some researchers believe color plays an essential role in how we feel. According to the National Sleep Foundation, neutral tones like grey, blue, charcoal and white are ideal for your sleeping quarters, as they lend to a soothing, tranquil ambiance. Spending time among these calming hues might even help lower your blood pressure.

Psychology and heart rate aside, there's no denying the sheer pleasure of a tasteful bedroom aesthetic. What does this entail, exactly? The latest home design trends can offer some clues.

If you're thinking about switching up the color scheme of your space, bedding is a great place to start. Your bed is the centerpiece of the room, after all. Read on for a roundup of the best colors for sheets, along with bed sheet ideas, expert styling advice and other useful insights.

What Color Sheets Should I Get?

You want your bedroom to look cool and curated while also reflecting your individuality. Luckily, neutrals are in right now, and you can tweak their versatility to align with your unique personality. Neutral hues are economical, too, because they're unlikely to go out of style anytime soon.

So, what are the most popular bedding colors, what's the best color for sheets, and most importantly, which hue is right for your space? Find a breakdown of standout shades for every season below, along with bed sheet color combinations and tips for layering textures and tones.

White Sheets

White is arguably the best color for sheets. It's classic, timeless and endlessly versatile, offering year-round lightness and a casual vibe. You can opt for a white linen sheet set in the summer and pair it with a white or off-white duvet cover.

When the weather cools, you might consider contrasting your winter whites with grey, green or charcoal. All that said, there's nothing wrong with an all-white bedroom, no matter the season. Whether you like the traditional appeal of a top sheet or prefer sleeping with only a fitted sheet, you can add dimension and interest with different textures, fabrics and finishes.

For more specific tips, see our guides on How to Design and Style a White Bedroom and How to Keep White Sheets White.

Grey Sheets

Grey is modern, versatile and gender-neutral. It also happens to be one of Pantone's Colors of the Year for 2021. Even though the shade is trending, you don't have to worry about grey bedding fading out of style.

Grey sateen sheets, in particular, have a silky-smooth, almost silvery sheen and present a cool, contemporary vibe. Light or medium grey sheets and a white comforter are great for summer, and in the winter, you might go with a black duvet for a moodier feel.

Check out our blog on How to Design and Style a Grey Bedroom for more guidance.

Sand Sheets

Sand-colored bedding is perfectly neutral, and depending on your styling approach, it can offer a luxurious or laid-back aesthetic. Of course, the color of sand varies depending on who you ask — or rather, where the beach is located.

It can be almost white, yellowish, grey, brown or even black. But generally speaking, it's a warmish-beige hue. Consider a sand percale sheet set and complement it with a warm duvet color, like clay or sienna.

Learn how to balance rich hues with beige textiles in our article, Feng Shui Interior Design Ideas You'll Love.

Off-White Sheets

For those who like light sheets but want something other than pure white, off-white is the best color for sheets. The cool beige hue can lean upscale with silky sateen bedding or laid-back with a bone linen sheet set.

Best of all, off-white pairs effortlessly with other shades of white, like stark white and ivory, as well as black, grey, brown, green, navy and other dark colors. Off-white bedding also looks lovely with nearly any wood tone, giving you lots of options for your bed frame, headboard and nightstands.

The right bed covers can add dimension and texture to off-white sheets. Find out more in our Guide to Quilts, Blankets and Coverlets: A Modern Take on Traditional Covers.

Dove Grey Sheets

Dove grey (sometimes called fog) is a light, cool-toned hue that works well year-round in bedrooms. For a comfy-casual effect, opt for a linen sheet set in fog and get a complementing duvet. What color comforter goes with grey sheets? Charcoal, off-black, white and blue are all excellent options.

Learn why lightweight linen is a top choice year-round with our article, Linen: Know Your Bedding Like a Designer.

Taupe Sheets

Darker shades of taupe are greyish-brown, and lighter versions of the color are more of a greyish-beige (aka greige). Whether you go with easy-breezy fawn linen sheets or a putty percale sheet set, this paired-down hue is the perfect balance of minimalist and sophisticated. It's also one of the best colors for sheets in terms of versatility.

Discover how percale is made in our blog, What Is Long-Staple Egyptian Cotton?

Clay Sheets

Clay is an earth-sourced material that gets its warm, reddish hue when mixed with iron oxide to create tiles and stoneware. If you want something a little warmer than the neutrals mentioned above, you should definitely consider clay.

This earthy color is lively enough for spring, casual enough for summer, warm enough for fall and rich enough for winter. With that said, a clay linen sheet set is ideal for year-round use, as it's naturally breathable, moisture-wicking and cozy.

What wall colors go with clay and other earth tones? Check out these 31 Bedroom Color Trends and Inspiration for ideas.

Ochre Sheets

Looking for something even brighter? Say hello to ochre. Sometimes called saffron, marigold or mustard, this yellowish-orange hue is typically on the warmer side with subtle hints of green.

Many view ochre as the best color for sheets, pillowcases and shams in the spring, summer and potentially into the fall. If you like the idea of seasonal bedding, consider a set of ochre linen sheets for the warmer months or a buttery brushed cotton duvet set for the fall.

Find out why people love velvety-soft brushed cotton bed linens in our article, Brushed Cotton: Know Your Bedding Like a Designer.

Ivory Sheets

Ivory (sometimes called cream) is a slightly yellowish, pale hue that resembles the tusks of elephants and walruses. This version of off-white is exceedingly versatile, undeniably classy and among the best colors for sheets.

You can get a cream percale sheet set with a white duvet for the spring and summer, then contrast it with a darker comforter for the fall and winter. Ivory also pairs notably well with black, charcoal or otherwise dark bedroom walls.

For a deeper dive into cool-to-the-touch percale, check out our blog, Percale: Know Your Bedding Like a Designer.

Blush Sheets

Blush (aka millennial pink) is a surprisingly neutral hue that's perfect for minimalist adult bedrooms and contemporary guest rooms, as well as kids' and teens' rooms. The crisp, matte finish of percale sheets works well with this rosy pale tone. You can cool it off with contrasting pieces in shades of grey or warm it up with clay or sienna.

Get expert tips and insight with our blog on How to Style Blush.

Charcoal Sheets

If you like the look of dark sheets, charcoal is one of the best options. Sometimes called slate, this greyish-black hue presents a decidedly dapper appeal in bedrooms. Opt for cool and crisp percale sheets in slate or sateen bedding for more of a metallic, gunmetal effect.

Learn more about sumptuously smooth sateen in our guide, Sateen: Know Your Bedding Like a Designer.

Olive Green Sheets

What are the best sheet colors for fall? Olive green (aka surplus) is high up on the list. The casual yet sophisticated color is somewhat muted with a brownish tint. You can play up its pared-down appeal with a surplus linen sheet set and add striking contrast with a stark white duvet, bed frame or wall paint.

Confused about duvets, covers and comforters? See our Guide to Duvets and Duvet Covers: Everything You Need to Know.

Seafoam Sheets

Seafoam (shore) is a super-soft bluish-green hue with hints of grey. It's earthy yet fresh with year-round versatility, making it a prime choice for guest rooms.

Shore-colored linen sheets look lovely against white in the spring and summer. When you shift your decor scheme to winter, add in a few dark wood furnishings or swap out the duvet for a deeper color, like charcoal or navy.

To wow your next overnight guests, check out our guide on How to Style a Guest Bedroom Your Visitors Will Love.

Dark Blue Sheets

Dark blue (aka dusk) is a prime bed sheet color for any season, though the deep cool tone has undeniable wintertime vibes. Dusk-colored linen sheets and shams are also a go-to for a farmhouse design scheme, offering a down-home appeal without sacrificing sophistication.

Check out these blogs for more insight into farmhouse-inspired design and decorating with shades of blue:

How to Create a Tasteful Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

Getting to Know Navy: A History of Artistic Blues

Black Sheets

Whether you call it coal, ebony, sable, off-black or simply black, the darkest color is sometimes the best color for sheets. If you gravitate toward industrial-inspired home design, dark linen sheets in a coal color are a perfect complement to tarnished metal fixtures and exposed brick walls.

An all-black bedroom can be stately and handsome, though you can also create contrast with white, ivory, blush or light wood finishes.

These articles offer more tips on styling a black, industrial-themed bedroom:

How to Design a Black Bedroom Beyond Monochrome

How to Create a Modern Industrial Style Look for Your Home

Sienna Sheets

Sienna might be the best color for sheets in the fall. Often called terra cotta, the word comes from the Italian terra di Siena, which refers to its rich, warm earthy pigment. Raw sienna is more of a yellowish-brown, but when baked for stoneware or tile, the reddish-brown is known as burnt sienna.

Cozy up with a set of terra cotta linen sheets this autumn. Blush or clay-colored accents will soften the look and add dimension while adhering to a monochrome palette. Sand, bone and white also pair well with sienna if you want a little contrast.

For more tips and design advice for autumn, see our article, Fall Home Decor Ideas: Room-by-Room Inspiration.

Printed Sheets

When you can't decide what color sheets to buy, a printed set might be the way to go. Shopping for new sheets is a perfect opportunity to add a pattern to your bedroom scheme. They'll create interest and lend to a playful vibe without looking overly busy since the material will mostly be covered by your duvet.

A geometric printed sheet set in a neutral hue like sand, beige or grey is a great choice. When both the pattern and colors are seasonless, it's easier to style your bedroom, plus you won't have to worry about getting a new set in the near future.

For more inspiration for sprucing up your sleeping quarters, check out these 37 Bedroom Decorating Ideas.

Solid Sheets, Printed Duvet

If you like light-colored comforters but feel like you need a little something extra, consider a textured duvet. This could be anything from beige honeycomb (aka waffle-weave) to cream-colored jacquard with a modernist block print to white cloud cotton to taupe diamond quilting with contrasting black stitches.

Lost on what type of sheets you need or which fabric to get? These articles offer helpful insight:

Guide to Bed Sheets: Choose the Right Fabric and Style for Your Bed

How to Pick Bed Sheets Based on How You Sleep 

What Is a Top Sheet and Do You Actually Need One?

Pillowcase and Sham Guide: How to Choose the Best Options for Your Bedroom

Solid Crib Sheet

Until at least 12 months of age, the only sheet your tiny tot will need is a crib sheet — but that doesn't mean their bed needs to be boring. So, what's the best color for sheets in a nursery?

To brighten up the space, consider a brushed cotton crib sheet in ochre. Ultra-soft brushed cotton is gentle against the skin, making it ideal for babies and children with eczema.

Alternatively, you can get a neutral hue like ivory, white or bone. A blushed-colored crib sheet can also look really sweet in a nursery if you want something that's not quite neutral but also not too vibrant.

Check out our interview with Kelli Murray, founder of Rylee + Cru, to learn how calming colors and neutral hues impact your child's bedtime routine.

Printed Crib Sheet

During that first year, the absence of other bedding pieces can make the crib look somewhat bare. For a little more nursery pizazz, opt for a printed sheet.

For instance, a confetti crib sheet is a playful take on crisp, matte percale. Not only that, but the long-staple cotton textile is gentle against babies' delicate skin and gets softer with every wash.

To find out what went into the color selection and print curation for Parachute's baby line, see our article, The Baby Collection: Behind the Design.

Solid Crib Sheet, Textured Quilt

As with adult bedding, another option is to pair a solid crib sheet with a textured bed cover. Go with a cloud cotton toddler quilt in ivory, sand or another neutral shade. You could also do a medium-weight linen quilt for the fall and winter in bold ochre or soft blush.

Just bear in mind that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends waiting until your child is at least one year old before introducing any blanket for sleeping.

For a breakdown of when your little one can safely doze with various types of bedding, see our Baby Pillow and Blanket Guide: When Can Newborns Sleep With a Pillow and Blanket?

Where to Buy the Best Sheets and Bedding Essentials

While there's no single best color for bed sheets, certain hues lend a more tranquil vibe, while others align with contemporary home design trends. Whether you're partial to ivory, beige, bone and other white-adjacent colors, prefer moodier tones like charcoal and black, or like bolder hues such as ochre and clay, Parachute has sheets with your name on them.

In addition to sheet sets and individual sheets, you can choose from a range of visually pleasing duvet covers and top-of-bed options. Parachute is proud to offer a range of naturally sourced textiles at reasonable price points, including linen, percale, sateen and brushed cotton bed linens.

If you're feeling overwhelmed with choices, are on the fence between color options or want to learn how to style your bed like a pro, a Parachute stylist is here to help. Schedule your complimentary one-on-one video or phone consultation today!

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