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Experts Share How to Style Blush Linen

Blush Bedding with pops of Terra.
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Linen has always been a fan favorite when it comes to bedding. The quality, breathability and relaxed look of linen makes your nightly sleeping ritual that much sweeter. In these warm, lazy summer months we've been craving our happiest hue – Blush! We asked Parachute's virtual stylists to share their favorite ways to incorporate the lovely look of Blush Linen into the bedroom. Get ready to be inspired! 

Blush and Navy bedding.

Lynn, Stylist

Blush really is one of my favorite colors to style. It brings unexpected whimsy and a sense of “freshness” wherever you use it. I love to pair it with a darker, bold color like Indigo, Surplus, or Coal. They balance out the more muted, antique look of Blush and bring both colors to life. Blush on its own is very lofty and light and can brighten a whole room. We used to rely heavily on White to do this, but Blush accomplishes this just as well and with a sense of humor. Blush looks particularly great in the evening, from the golden hour on. So if you have a shaded room that doesn’t get a lot of natural light, a basement room, or north-south facing windows, you have to try this shade to transform your space!

Monochromatic blush bedding

Lelde, Stylist

Monochrome is still very much on trend! Monochrome color palettes, especially in lighter tones like Blush, add softness and prepare you for relaxation. When it comes to styling Blush, I usually try to narrow down if the client would prefer a more toned down look or more contrast. For lighter pastel tones, we can pair Blush with colors like White, Shore or Grey to keep it airy and fresh. Darker colors like Terra or Coal will create a more dramatic look and set the mood for the night time.

Blush and Terra Bedding.

Mindy, Stylist

I love Blush as an unexpected complement to Terra or Sienna. For example, Blush bedding with a Vintage Linen Body Pillow in Sienna or Blush Duvet with Euro Shams in Terra is very chic! The other thing I would say, is that Blush is subtle enough to be considered a neutral that you can use in place of Ivory or Bone sheets. It's incredibly versatile!