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Winter Home Decor Ideas: Room by Room Inspiration

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As temperatures drop and the seasons make way for winter, now is the perfect time to warm up your home for the colder days ahead. The key to beautiful winter decor is adding cozy textures and materials. Switch up airy summer textiles in your rugs, pillow shams, pillow cases and curtains for heavier ones in deeper, darker hues.

Display seasonal decorations crafted from natural materials, as well as plenty of scented candles and wood accents.

Below, we’ve broken down the best and most stylish winter decor ideas to help you transform your home into a toasty winter wonderland.

Winter Bedroom Ideas

‘Tis the season to be cozy. These winter decor ideas and tips will make you fall in love with your sleeping sanctuary in a cuddly winter way. Switch to winder bedding, add some warmth-inspiring decorations, and layer pillows to stay warm when the frost is on the window pane.

Time to Bring Out the Winter Bedding

Once the weather turns chilly, it’s time to trade your breezy summer bed sheets for some more winter-friendly decorum. Sateen bedding is an excellent choice. It’s a heavier fabric that retains heat. Brushed cotton is another fantastic bed sheet option for those months when we tend to snooze and stay curled up in bed longer. The material is incredibly soft and airy — but still warm — and your bed sheets will feel like they’ve been broken-in for years.

Read more about the different winter bed sheet fabrics in our Guide to Bed Sheets: Choose the Right Fabric & Style for Your Bed and the Sateen and Brushed Cotton guides.

Include Natural Winter Decorations

Creating that cozy winter vibe is all in the details. Incorporate wooden accents such as a side table or a decorative ladder where you can hang a warm alpaca throw. You’ll bring the outdoors in and make your bedroom feel like a mountain lodge. Place a faux-fur runner next to your bed for a plush, warm surface to step on in the morning. Decorate with pinecones, house plants, and garlands to evoke the season’s festive vibe.

Add a Cozy Duvet

Dress your bed in plenty of cozy winter top-of-bedding layers. Knit blankets, quilts, faux-fur throws and a warm duvet are all must-haves. They’ll get your bedroom winter-ready, making it more welcoming. Pay special attention to your presentation. Use different textures and materials to add depth and visual interest. Don’t worry if your bed isn’t perfectly made. In fact, it will look a lot cozier if you style it with that effortlessly-chic and undone look in mind. If you’d like to learn more about how designers layer bedding, check out our guide on How to Layer and Style Your Bed Like a Stylist in 2021.

Layer Pillows

Decorative pillows are a winter room staple. There are lots of ways to layer and stack them for a cozy look. Because variety is so essential, choose pillow shams in different materials. Try faux fur, leather, chunky knits, alpaca and wool, and vary your sizes and shapes. Then play around with the arrangement and see what looks chic and inviting. 

To learn more about which pillow or sham material is right for you, check out our guides on Pillowcases and Shams and How to Choose a Pillow

Winter Living Room Decor

Your living room gets the most traffic during winter, so make sure it’s extra cozy with these easy-to-implement winter decor ideas. Switch out your rugs, add winter living room decorations, and boost the cozy-factor of your sofa with just-for-winter throws and pillows. Add candles and string lights for a bright and fragrant feel.

Add a Winter Rug to Your Living Room

Rugs play an essential role in living room decor. They pull the room’s look together, so if you’d like to bring about a cozy, seasonal vibe, consider a winter rug. High-pile rugs trap heat more effectively and add a sense of warmth. Faux-fur rugs and shags are another classic winter option that looks and feels great during colder months. The thicker the rug, the better, and the more time you (or your pets) will spend enjoying them.

Read on about decorating with rugs in the Parachute Rug Styling guide.

Add Plenty of Seasonal Decorations

Seasons change, and each brings its own special look. If you’re not a fan of keeping your holiday decor around post-Christmas, there are plenty of other ways to sustain a feel of winter cheer. Pinecones, birch logs, pom-pom garlands, candles and silver accents will reflect that magical wintry look. Accent your fireplace as much as possible, too. Decorate the mantel with candles and greenery, and place firewood in jute baskets on the hearth.

Make Your Sofa Extra Cozy

Whether you’re curled up with a cup of coffee or binge-watching your favorite TV show, you’ll spend plenty of time on your sofa in the winter. It’s also your living room’s focal point, so put in the extra effort to make it look welcoming and extra comfy.

Start by draping a warm throw over one of the corners. Then style a few decorative pillows to create a plush, cloud-like look. Just be careful not to go overboard with the winter accessories — after all, you need to leave some space for lounging.

Explore our How to Style Your Couch With Throw Pillows guide for more throw decor inspiration.

Add Some Winter Wall Decor and Candles

Lighting can set the tone and mood in a room. For a cheery winter wall decor idea, hang string lights to transform your living room into a fairytale space of glittering light. Place scented candles on your table and mantel — they’ll fill the house with their fragrant scent and add a whimsical touch. The key to styling candles for a chic look is to group various heights and vessels — tea lights and tapered candles look elegant and add variety.

Winter Bathroom Decor Tips

You shouldn’t overlook your bathroom when decorating your home for winter. Bring the holiday cheer in it with a few winter bathroom decor ideas. Treat yourself (or your guests) to slippers and a warm robe, update your towels with a plush, thick version, and add a cozy bath rug to feel pampered and cherished.

Invest in a Warm Robe, Slippers, and Sleep Attire

Hang a robe in your bathroom to stay warm post-shower. You’ll find a variety of unisex robes and loungewear crafted from ultra-plush cloud cotton, waffle weave, and crisp linen at Parachute. 

The Soft Rib Robe is a toasty choice for colder months. It reaches to about mid-calf and comes with seam pockets and a belt. Complement the look with a pair of cotton slippers or even better, cozy booties.  If you’re looking for something to keep you comfy and warm to wear while you sleep, consider a soft linen sleep shirt

Bring Out the Winter Towels

Add a set of ultra-soft towels to your bathroom. The best winter towel materials are plush, thick and absorb water quickly. To create a cozy spa-like look, spend some time styling your towels, too. You can roll a few and place them in a basket or fold them and display them on a shelf.

Add a Neutral Bath Rug

A plush bath rug together with an absorbent bath mat will add a whole lot of warmth and character to your bathroom. Bath mats not only protect your flooring from water damage, but also keep your feet warm after a hot shower. Parachute offers several mat and rug designs in neutral shades perfect for winter.

If you’d like to read more about the benefits of adding a tub mat and bath rug to your bathroom decor, read our post Bath Mats vs. Bath Rugs: Here’s What You Should Know.

Winter Kitchen Decorations

With temperatures dropping, there’s nothing more fun than staying inside and cooking a hearty meal. Bring your dining room and kitchen into sync with the season by updating your table linens with winter colors and textures, changing out your dinnerware for artisanal versions, and adding some centerpiece flair.

See the details of these winter kitchen decor ideas below.

Update Your Table Linens

Table linens are a simple way to infuse your dining area with festive, wintry vibes. Keep texture front and center, and layer a cool grey or beige linen runner over a crisp white tablecloth for a beautiful wintry tabletop look. Or go to the dark side with a black or dark-purple tablecloth. Plaid in all its variations is, of course, a winter classic, even if you only use it as an accent.

Switch Up Your Dinnerware

It’s time to put your floral and lemon-printed glasses and plates in storage and replace them with dinnerware in a moodier palette. Parachute partnered up with ceramics artist Jono Pandolfi on a minimalist collection perfect for your winter season. It adds a luxe, artisanal look that will elevate each meal. Be sure to check out our Minimalist Decor guide for more inspiration too.

Winter Table Decoration Ideas

Put your artist hat on and create some beautiful table centerpieces with materials from the nearest craft store (or the park!). You can go as simple as placing a few white blooms in silver or golden vases for an elegant wintry look. Or try spray-painting a couple of tree branches white and displaying them in a vase. If you’re up for a challenge, create a stylish winter wreath and put a scented white candle in it. You can find tons of great DIY winter wreath videos on YouTube to match every style and skill level.

A Few More Winter Decor Ideas and Tips

Here are a few additional winter decor ideas to help you decorate each room in your house. Switch to cozier materials and colors, and add a few winter-themed furniture pieces like a comfy armchair with a side table or a plug-in fireplace in a cold room.

Winter Materials

Winter decor is all about that sense of home, coziness and comfort. Fabrics such as velvet, bouclé, leather, wool knits, suede, shearlings and hair-on hides all add a chic homey vibe. Incorporate them into rugs, upholstery, home textiles and decorations.

When it comes to furniture materials and accents, wood in all its finishes and shades lends an organic feel and warmth to any space.

Winter Colors

When it comes to choosing the perfect color palette for your wintry home transformation, you can never go wrong with taking your cues from Mother Nature. White, of course, is a no-brainer. It’s classic and incredibly chic. Check out our post: How to Design and Style a White Bedroom for plenty of valuable tips.

Other shades that work decor miracles are charcoal grey in combination with navy or emerald green. Rusty and earthy shades are also a great choice, since they invoke a sense of coziness and evoke a cabin feel.

Winter Furniture Ideas

Need a few more winter room ideas? You can enhance your home’s cozy vibes by adding a few furniture pieces. Create a lounging or reading corner by investing in an armchair and a side table by the window. If your apartment doesn’t have a fireplace, you can purchase a freestanding electric one that will infinitely up the coziness factor. A wooden stool does double-duty as extra seating and a plant stand.  

Need More Winter Decor Ideas?

Parachute stylists can help you decorate your entire home this winter. Whether you’re planning a complete makeover or would like to simply enhance the current decor aesthetic, you can consult with one of our expert interior designers free of charge. Book your complimentary phone or video consultation online to receive personalized advice and a customized look book.

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