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The Most Popular #MyParachuteHomes of Winter 2020

Cream Percale bedding with cup of coffee
Written By
Parachute Team
Photographs By
Abigail Johnson-Ruscansky
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Welcome to winter. A time when we get to revel in retreating into our homes as the temperatures cool and the snow falls just outside our window. This year, we may have retreated into our homes far earlier than expected and for a far different reason, but with the change of season and the holiday cheer brought with it, we were given the gift of renewing our gratitude for all we have and all we love. Here are the top #MyParachuteHome picks from this winter. They’re here to remind us to sleep in, light a candle, take a bath and repeat. 


This is giving us that Saturday feeling -- where you have nothing to do but make your bed and get right back in it. We think they call it “bliss.”

Featured Product: Bone Linen Duvet Cover, Bone Linen Sham Set


Cold winter mornings, warm buttery winter whites, hot cuppa joe. Three of this season’s top reminders to take it slow.

Featured Product: Cream Percale Venice Set


The warm and inviting room everyone deserves. Pair with a candle for deep breaths and daydreams.

Featured Product: Natural/Ivory Cloud Cotton Quilt, Suede Slippers


Wrapping ourselves in those (and the things) that make us feel loved, beautiful, cared for, safe and warm. 

Featured Product: Amber Cloud Cotton Robe, White Waffle Towels


Taken just prior to being wrapped in the softest things ever and drifting peacefully off to sleep in mom’s arms.

Featured Product: Fouta Stripe Towels, Suede Slippers


This ivory monochrome bedroom is inviting us right back to bed morning, noon and night.

Featured Product: Ivory Brushed Cotton Venice Set


We treated everyone else over the holidays, now it’s back to treating ourselves. 

Featured Product: Ivory Speckled Waffle Robe


We love the way the crisp winter light pierces every corner of this Parachute home. 

Featured Product: Natural/Ivory Cloud Cotton Quilt, Ochre Linen Pillow Cover


Finding the perfect rituals that will keep us moving right on through to springtime.

Featured Product: Amber Cloud Cotton Robe, Ivory Speckled Towels


This seasonal bed refresh pairs weather, light and mood with style, fabric and new energy. 

Featured Product: Bone Linen Duvet Cover, White Linen Euro Shams