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Tagged with: #MyParachuteHome
couple on their bed with a dog
Parachute Team - September 27, 2023

We’ve seen how you have been transforming your homes for the season, so we’ve pulled picks that can help anyone with any aesthetic welcome in fall.

a happy couple in bed with their dog
Eloise Bennan - May 31, 2023

For a little inspiration on how to bring all the summer vibes into the home check out some of our favorite #MyParachuteHomes and create your summer sanctuary!

Clay linen with plant in corner
PARACHUTE TEAM - January 18, 2023

Experimenting with color is our favorite pastime.

bedroom in a cabin
PARACHUTE TEAM - October 21, 2022

The Parachute community is styling their homes for the season – with bold colors, lofty comforters and cozy textures.

Women sitting in grass with her dog
Life at Parachute
PARACHUTE TEAM - August 22, 2022

This may just be an excuse for us to share some photos of #DogsofParachute...

Woman and girl in a field
Eloise Bennan - July 8, 2022

Whether your summer plans are to vacay or stay-cay, your home should reflect the light, bright, and breezy feel of the summer months.

woman laying on her bed
ELOISE BENNAN - April 29, 2022

Show us how you’re giving your space a refresh by sharing your #MyParachuteHome with us!

Alyssa Franklin
Parachute Team - January 7, 2022

These cold winter months the Parachute community is keeping it twice as cozy.

Surplus linen bedding
PARACHUTE TEAM - October 20, 2021

Our Parachute community is embracing the turn of the season.

PARACHUTE TEAM - August 24, 2021

This year’s top picks for National Dog Day.

Ochre linen bedding
PARACHUTE TEAM - August 13, 2021

The great indoors never looked so good.