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Life at Parachute

Bring Your Pups to Parachute This National Dog Day!

Women sitting in grass with her dog
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Jessica Schramm for Parachute
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You may not know this but there's one thing we Paratroopers love more than Parachute products and that's dogs. That's why National Dog Day is our favorite holiday of the year and our annual store dog pawties are the best way to celebrate. This Saturday, each of our stores will be hosting your pups (last year there was even a pig!) from 1-4pm local time. Stop by for good sniffs, tasty treats and get a professional portrait of your dog! In the meantime, enjoy these photos of some of the Parachute team's best friends. See you Saturday!

Cassie, Pittie

  • Mom: Angela, Store Manager, SoHo

  • Favorite activity: Sleeping

  • Favorite treat: Cheese...of any kind!

Teddy, Yorkshire Terrier

  • Mom: Mary Kate, Furniture Concierge Manager

  • Favorite activity: Sleeping

  • Favorite treat: Peanut butter

Lia, Pittie

  • Mom: Whitney, Senior Brand Manager

  • Favorite activity: Sniffing other dogs

  • Favorite treat: Chicken AKA chimkin!

Westin, Pittie-Chihuahua mix

  • Dad: Pete, Full-time Key Holder, Pasadena

  • Favorite activity: Walking and sniffing

  • Favorite treat: Broccoli stems

Shrek, Rottweiler-Golden mix

  • Dad: Zach, Senior Automation Engineer

  • Favorite activity: Playing with all his other dog friends!

  • Favorite treat: Popcorn

Noodle the cat!

Around here, we never forget a friendly feline... and Noodle, well, he's one of our favorites.

  • Mom: Nico, Customer Service Manager

  • Favorite activity: Bird watching

  • Favorite treats: Anything fish flavored!