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Best Dog Bed Materials for Comfort, Durability and Style

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Our dogs are important members of our family. Their affection, personality and seemingly limitless supply of love can brighten any home.

While most of us enjoy snuggle time with our pups, you shouldn’t feel guilty about wanting to keep your cozy bed to yourself. Getting restful sleep is important to your health and happiness. Dogs toss and turn, awaken easily, snore, drool and introduce dog hair and allergens into your bedding.

Choosing the right dog bed materials is a key consideration. Instead of sharing your bed with a well-intentioned yet unpredictable pup, consider investing in a high quality dog bed so everyone in the whole family can enjoy a good night’s sleep — and you can enjoy an easy cleaning process!

If bad experiences with your previous choices in dog beds have you feeling overwhelmed about sourcing the perfect indestructible bed (and best dog bed material) for your pup, don’t worry! With a few key considerations it's easy to find the perfect bed for your best friend.

The Best Dog Bed Fabrics for Durability

As sweet and adorable as our pups tend to be, it’s important to remember that they have animal instincts! The desire to chew, bite, dig, shred and tear is a real concern. That’s why it’s so important to choose a dog bed that’s durable enough to stand up to long term wear and tear. 

Polyester, Vinyl and Faux Leather Dog Beds

There are a few common durable materials for dog beds that you can choose from. Many pet beds on the market feature wipeable materials like vinyl, faux leather or polyester. These textiles are water resistant and durable but create potential problems that you would be wise to consider. 

Vinyl and faux leather fabrics don't breathe effectively, so on warmer days your pup may overheat more easily. Polyester is rugged enough but often looks cheap and detracts from your other home decor. 

Choose a Canvas Dog Bed for Durability and Easy Cleaning

Dogs should sleep in beds that provide multiple benefits for them and for you! Canvas offers the perfect balance of lasting durability and simplicity. 

Cotton canvas is among the best dog bed fabrics for snuggling, but thick and strong enough to withstand scratching, chewing and general puppyhood shenanigans. Plus, cotton canvas is machine washable, so when your dog drools, tracks mud into their bed or makes some other kind of mess, you can handle it with ease.

Other Good Fabrics for Dog Beds

If a durable material for dog beds isn’t your top concern, you may be interested in other popular fabrics like faux fur, Sherpa or suede. Each of these fabrics offers their own benefits but it's important to consider cleanability, comfort and overall style.

Choosing the Best Dog Bed Materials for Your Pup’s Comfort

Comfort is key for dogs of any age. The best material for a dog bed should offer cushioning and softness while also providing plenty of support. Memory foam beds are helpful for older dogs with joint pain, but the best puppy bedding materials are more snuggly so they can recreate the comfort of cuddling with their mom and litter mates.

Cotton Is Comfortable for Dogs Too

Cotton is among the most popular materials for sheets, comforters and other bedding. As humans, we know that cotton means comfort thanks to a crisp weave, a soft feel and superior breathability. Those benefits are also what make cotton such a good fabric for dog beds! Cotton is hands-down one of the best dog bed fabrics on the market.

The Importance of Cushioning

Dogs of all ages benefit from a bed that they can snuggle into. Most dogs perform a circling ritual before lying down. Not only are they surveying their sleep spot, but they’re preparing their nest to provide comfort and support.

If your dog walks in circles before lying down, they’ll love an overstuffed, pillow-style bed so they can carve out their perfect spot and drift off to a restful sleep. The right cushioning is a vital part of choosing the best dog bed material.

Choosing the Right Size Bed for Your Dog

If you’re shopping for a puppy, you might be tempted to buy a small puppy bed that fits them perfectly now. Puppies always grow faster than you’d expect, so instead of selecting a small dog bed that they’ll quickly outgrow, consider investing in a larger dog bed that will be the perfect size for them in the future.

Dog Bed Sizes by Weight

Selecting a dog bed size by your dog’s weight is a great place to start. Dog beds come in different sizes to better suit your pup’s build. The Canvas Dog Beds you’ll find at Parachute come in two different sizes to accommodate a large range of dogs from the most petite toy poodle to the lankiest greyhound. 

Dogs under 35 pounds can usually nestle comfortably in a size-small dog bed, while dogs from 35 to 75 pounds are more at home in a size-large dog bed.

Dog Bed Sizes by Sleeping Position

Just like humans can be side sleepers, back sleepers or tummy sleepers, dogs usually sleep in a variety of positions. They might curl in a tiny ball at night and flop on their back for afternoon sun naps. The best dog beds will suit your pup in a range of comfortable positions.

If you have a smaller pup but they love to stretch out when they sleep, it’s a good idea to get a large dog bed. The goal is comfort, so you want to give your dog the ability to stretch, roll over, reposition and fall right back to sleep! Make sure you have enough of the best dog bed material for your small pup.

Compliment Your Home Decor With a High Quality Dog Bed

Shopping for dog beds at pet stores can be frustrating. Cutesy patterns, odd shapes and loud, attention-grabbing colors are the most common options out there. If you’re looking for a dog bed that won't annoy you everytime you set eyes on it, consider one that suits your design preferences.

Canvas Dog Beds by Parachute feature the same clean, simplistic style and soothing natural tones as our other home linens. A simple, understated, pillow-shaped dog bed provides comfort for your canine best friend while also complimenting just about any home’s style. And canvas is among the best dog bed fabrics for cleaning and durability.

Where Should a Dog Bed Be Placed?

Dogs want to be with the pack. If you’ve noticed that your dog turns into your shadow as you travel from room to room, you might wonder where a dog bed should be placed to keep your dog happy. Choose a dozy, quiet location equidistant from your family members’ bedrooms for best comfort.

Dog bed placement is usually based on a few important factors: temperature and drafts, noise and distractions, sense of safety and proximity to the rest of the pack.

Climate Considerations

Is your home drafty at night? Try to position your pet’s bed far away from chilly drafts that can interfere with their body temperature. A comfortable dog sleeps more soundly, so choose a spot that’s well distanced from door drafts, air conditioning vents or chilly tile floors. And even the best dog bed material can grow mold if it’s in a damp spot.

Noisy Environments

It’s hard for anyone to sleep in loud environments and dogs are even more attuned to noises than we are. If you know your radiators are noisy or your downstairs neighbors party late into the night, find an area that offers more consistent quiet so your dog can relax.

Guard Dog Instincts

Dogs are innate protectors. Selecting a spot that’s equidistant from your family’s bedrooms will give your dog a sense of security. They’ll sleep more soundly, feeling like they’ve got an eye on everyone in the pack. In smaller households, many dogs are happy to sleep in the corner of your bedroom.

The Best Cozy Dog Bed Materials for Dogs — In Conclusion

Selecting a luxurious dog bed (and the best dog bed fabric) doesn’t have to mean spending exorbitant sums on easily damaged, hard-to-clean materials. 

For the perfect balance of durability, simplicity, comfort for your dog and harmony with your interior design elements, choose a stylish dog bed by Parachute. Between the soft yet rugged, machine washable canvas exterior, the plush pillow cushioning and the understated, goes-with-anything style, you’ll want to put one of these affordable, luxury dog beds in every room in your home!

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