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Waffle Weave Fabric Guide: Best Waffle Weave Bath, Bedding, and Clothing Essentials

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If there was an award for the most relaxing material, it would likely be waffle fabric. This cozy material can transform even the most stressful day into a relaxing spa retreat. Softly textured with distinctive three-dimensional squares resembling the breakfast food for which it was named, waffle weave fabric offers the perfect place to sink in and unwind.

Want to learn more about what waffle knit fabric is, what kinds of home products are best for it and how to properly care for the material? Then dig into this guide to the delightful waffle fabric.

What is Waffle Weave Fabric?

Waffle weave fabric, also known as honeycomb fabric, features a distinctive characteristic with its three-dimensional pattern. The texture is created by the weaving process itself — specifically, warp and weft floats of varying lengths create raised ridges that form a grid pattern surrounding the plain weave center.

Although other fibers, like microfiber, can be used, the cotton waffle fabric is the most common. The cotton fiber’s highly absorbent qualities are enhanced by the additional surface area that the waffle weave creates. That extra absorbency makes waffle fabric the ideal material for towels and robes. 

The waffle weave products you’ll find at Parachute are loomed using long-staple Turkish cotton, which offers softness and durability along with the quick-drying benefits of this textile’s long-fiber construction. You can learn more about different materials in our Fabric & Bedding Materials Guide

Waffle weave fabric can be woven loosely or tightly, creating a variety of weights that offer benefits for bath and bedding products. But the weave may not be everyone’s style. Check out these pros and cons before considering a waffle weave fabric. 

Pros of Waffle Weave Fabric

Waffle weave fabric is most popular for products that you’d think of as soft and cozy. Think: robes, towels and blankets. The plush and snuggly honeycomb weave allows for airflow, too, so this highly absorbent waffle material dries quickly.

Depending on the tightness of the weave, waffle fabric can still be lightweight, but the weave’s design helps create a warm layer of air next to the skin, which makes this an ideal fabric for winter clothing and bedding.

Cons of Waffle Weave Fabric 

There’s lots to love about this special honeycomb fabric. But if you prefer a crisp, structured look to your bath linens and bedding, waffle weave may not be the ideal fabric. 

Particularly when it’s used in towels, robes and other bath products, a waffle fabric features a looser weave to maximize its absorbency. That relaxed weave means the fabric will naturally contract and expand a bit to create that sumptuous spa experience, but it won’t create a structured look.

Additionally, because the weave traps and holds body heat, waffle fabric is perfect for staying warm and cozy — but could be a bit too warm in hot summer weather. (To learn about more fabric options, check out these guides:

Linen: Know Your Bedding Like a Designer

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What Home Goods Are Available in Waffle Weave?

If you can’t get enough of waffle weave’s distinctive pattern and cozy softness, you have plenty of options for surrounding yourself with this luxurious fabric.

Waffle Weave Bath

The bathroom really is the ideal place for a waffle weave fabric. It’s both highly absorbent and quick-drying. Plus, it makes your bathroom look like a luxury retreat. Check out these options for styling your bathroom.

Waffle Towels

A high-quality waffle knit towel not only envelops you in a cozy softness, it can transform the look of your bathroom into a five-star spa. A set of Waffle Towels loomed from long-staple Turkish cotton can give the honeycomb fabric a lightweight and quick-drying kick, so you’re not stuck doing laundry all day.

Need help deciding which towel is best for your needs and style? Here’s a guide on the Best Towel Materials & Sizes.

Waffle Shower Curtain

Sure, a waffle knit bath towel adds that touch of luxury, but for full-on indulgence, draping your shower in a waffle weave fabric can truly transform the look of your bathroom. 

A waffle weave shower curtain makes a great addition to your waffle weave towels and robe, but it can also complement your other bath linens. 

For more info about how to choose a shower curtain, see this guide to Shower Curtain Colors, Sizes, Materials: Everything You Need to Know.

Waffle Weave Clothing

Don’t let the opulence end at the bathroom. With their honeycomb fabric properties, waffle clothes like robes and loungewear offer irresistibly cozy luxuries that you can wear. 

Waffle Robe

Sit with that coffee a little longer. At least, that’s what a waffle cotton knit robe is begging you to do (and who are we to argue?). 

An intricately woven Waffle Robe or Speckled Waffle Robe loomed with 100% Turkish cotton can offer an ideal addition to your indoor wardrobe.

A waffle weave’s absorbent qualities will ensure this robe is your first choice when you step out of the shower, but its soft, light feel will make you want to wear it all day.

Waffle Loungewear

While you may adore the stretch and give of loosely woven robes and towels, when it comes to loungewear — including items you might wear outside the house — it’s best to choose a weave that’s tighter and thus less likely to stretch. Waffle fabric shirts and pants give you that tight yet cozy feel that’s perfect for indoor or outdoor use. 

A luxurious waffle lounge set with a tightly woven mini waffle weave can create a perfectly spa-like his-and-hers experience. Both are cozy and versatile enough to wear around the house or out for errands. 

When you’re ready to get serious about relaxation, check out this guide on the Best Bathrobes & Loungewear.

Waffle Slippers or Booties

Relaxation should extend from your head to your toes, so sinking into some waffle weave footwear ensures the spa experience is complete.

The waffle knit cradles your foot, keeping it warm and cozy after a bath or while you’re padding about the house. Consider slipping into waffle slippers or a pull-on Waffle Bootie with thick cushioning and a slip-resistant rubber sole, just right for all-day lounging.

Waffle Weave Bedding

Waffle weave fabric’s design offers more than a luxurious snuggle — it can add texture and depth to the look of your bedding. Use the distinctive three-dimensional waffle pattern to create a point of interest for your bedroom. Here are some options to consider.

Waffle Duvet Covers

A light duvet cover featuring a waffle weave’s honeycomb design ensures you’ll stay cozy at night, but without the added weight of a heavy comforter. Learn more about bedding in this guide to Duvets & Duvet Covers: Everything You Need to Know 

Imagine your bedroom brightened by a waffle duvet cover set that pairs the soft, lightweight waffle texture with a crisp finish of percale on the back. The Honeycomb Duvet Cover Set features a linen/cotton blend, weaving dark and light yarns for a waffle texture with a heathered minimalist look for your bedroom.

Waffle Blanket

Whether you want a blanket to curl up with on the couch or one to add extra texture to your bed, you can select a waffle fabric based on the weave to get the right weight blanket for your needs. Read our guide to learn more about choosing quilts, blankets and coverlets.

And don’t forget the tiniest snugglers. For the perfect stroller blanket, wrap your little one in a super-cozy Waffle Baby Blanket in pure Turkish cotton blanket for just the right balance of comfort and breathability. See our baby pillow and blanket guide for more information about when your child can start sleeping with a pillow and blanket.

How to Wash and Care for Waffle Weave Towels and Bedding

To help your high-quality waffle weave fabric bedding and bath linens maintain their cozy, sumptuous feel, it’s important to properly care for them. 

For towels, robes and bedding, machine-wash your items using a mild, natural laundry detergent. Do not bleach the fabric, as it can damage the fibers. To remove a stain, try OxiClean instead. 

And just as waffle weave towels are highly efficient at absorbing water, they can also absorb dye from other items. So be sure to separate loads by color. For more info, see our guide on Washing & Caring For Bedding.

Tumble dry your waffle weave bath linens and bedding on low, using Wool Dryer Balls to help reduce drying time and keep the fabric soft and cozy. Avoid using dryer sheets, which can coat the fabric’s fibers and reduce the longevity of the piece. Learn more about why you need dryer balls, check out this guide, Do Wool Dryer Balls Really Work?

If you’re washing a waffle weave shower curtain, protect it by placing the curtain in a mesh laundry bag and washing on the delicate cycle, then line dry.

For more laundry advice, explore the Laundry Room Essentials You Need for Clean Living guide. 

Where Can You FInd High Quality Waffle Fabric?

When selecting waffle fabric pieces for bath, bedding, and home, choose a high-quality weave and fiber to ensure their longevity and continued softness. Waffle fabric should be durable to hold its shape in the wash, and it should use the highest-quality fibers to create that cozy, spa-like experience.

You’ll find a full line of waffle weave products at Parachute, including towels, robes, loungewear and bedding. Let the delicious waffle knit fabric envelope you in relaxation.

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