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All You Need to Know About Pet Friendly Fabrics

Dog in coal linen
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Parachute Team
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Jessica Schramm for Parachute
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Who doesn't love to cuddle with their pup? A dog makes the ultimate companion – cute, loyal and funny – they instantly bring a smile to our faces. We love dogs so much we throw dog pawties and even have a hashtag #dogsofparachute! While dogs bring a lot of happiness, they also come with a lot of hair and mess. And we know that you enjoy your home just as much as your pooch. So let's dive deeper into pet friendly fabrics keep everyone in the household feeling good while they snuggle. 

Down Alternative Duvet Insert

A good foundation is essential for both you and you pup. A Down Alternative Duvet Insert is hypoallergenic making it a pet friendly option! It's filled with microfiber that mimics the fullness of down and will definitely keep everyone warm. Down Alternative doesn't hold onto dander, is free of animal products and is easier to wash than down, because we know accidents happen.

Learn more in about this pet-friendly bedding material in the Down vs. Down Alternative guide.

Linen Sheet Set

Linen is incredibly durable making it an ideal fabric when mixed with pets. It's strong, breezy and looks amazing. Your dog is going to want to jump right back into bed. Linen is also antimicrobial keeping your sheets free of bacteria, viruses and fungi. We recommend a Linen Sheet Set in White as you can easily wash and bleach if fido gets dirty paws on the bed.

Learn more about why linen is great for pups (and humans!) in these resources:

Jute Rugs

When you want to get out of bed and play on the floor with you puppy, think about investing in a Chunky Jute Rug. Jute combines softness and strength – just how you describe Rover. A well-made Jute Rug doesn't shed, cleans easily, is scratch resistant and stands-up to stains.

What is a Jute Rug? Get styling tips and more in this guide.

Dog Bed

When you need some space, give your fur baby their own bed! Our stylish and neutral Canvas Dog Bed and Canvas Bolster Dog Bed go with any home decor. The stonewashed cotton canvas shell is soft and durable for your pup. It is machine washable with an easy zipper to remove the plush water-repellent shell. Available in two sizes, this is a must-have for your home and your dog!

Learn more about what to look for in a dog bed in the Best Dog Bed Fabrics for Safety, Durability, and Style.