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10 Must-Have Items for Design-Minded Cat Owners

10 Must-Have Items for Design-Minded Cat Owners
Written By
Stephanie Lysaght
Photographs By
Nicole LaMotte for Parachute
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When you have cats, it’s easy to love them so much that your home soon resembles a Petco. But it doesn’t have to be that way! There are tons of cute, unobtrusive pet products on the market now. So toss that crusty cat bed and read on – this is an intervention!


A Minimalist Cat House

Pretty much everyone has IKEA cubes in their house these days, and the LURVIG cat house fits right into the unit (meaning zero clutter). Cube-less? No problem – the LURVIG can also sit on legs or hang on the wall.

For more minimalist home decor ideas, explore the How to Design a Minimalist Bedroom guide.


Cat-Free Kitsch

Resist the urge to collect decor with cats, no matter how cute. For example, if you love Rami Kim’s Lady sculptures, try the cat-free version. Because, dude, you have an actual cat. And when friends give you presents with cats on them (which they will), quietly drop them at the Good Will for doesn’t have #housegoals.

cat toy

Naturally Pretty Cat Toys

Bypass the fluorescent, googly-eyed variety and opt for all-natural toys instead. We like the Cat Teaser Cat Kitten Toys Set. The handmade aesthetic will complement your decor, and you won’t have to worry about your favorite furball playing with bad, chemical-laden stuff.


The Mighty Cat Cave

Cat beds are so 2017; it’s all about the cat cave now. And the eco-friendly Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave is as chic as they come. Cats dive right in, with zero cajoling. Our only complaint is that it doesn’t come in human size.


A Naturally Stylish Scratch Post

Scratching posts are one of the few cat-related items that are not usually hideous – yay! Since many are made with jute or sisal, they lend themselves to the natural aesthetic we dig here at Parachute. This Wall Mounted Scratching Post is one cat-tested, stylist-approved option.



Grow-it-yourself Catnip

Catnip plants are members of the mint family and known to make cats happy! We love Idaho-based Potting Shed Creations for its simple, nature-inspired branding – so if you’re gonna grow some ‘nip at home, might as well appreciate the packaging!


A Colorful Bird House

Every indoor cat has the same favorite spot: the window. So give your cat something really fun to watch by hanging a bird feeder outside. Our pick, the gorgeous, handcrafted Egg House, is a gift for Mittens and you.


A Gross, Old-Fashioned Litter Box

It’s big, it’s ugly, it’s full of…well, you know – and there’s no getting around it. Many have tried to conceal the litter box – with a tree, in a cabinet – but don’t bother. Because if it’s covered, you won’t clean it as often, and your cat will wind up smelling like poo. Keep it classic. Some things can’t be beautified.


A Low-Key Cat Tree

This cat tree says, “It’s Paw Paw’s house; I’m just living in it.” So choose a more low key (read: Stylish) option like the Vesper V-High Base Cat Furniture. Keep in mind that your whole house is a giant cat tree to your four-legged friend, anyway!


A Cat Garden

Didn’t think cat grass could ever be cute? Well, Pinterest begs to differ. Cat grass grows fast, is easy to maintain, costs very little, and enhances their diets naturally. Plus, this salad bar for cats will probably keep them from nibbling your favorite midcentury sofa – so get planting!

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