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Bedtime Routines

Kelli Murray, Founder of Rylee + Cru

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Courtesy of Rylee + Cru
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Meet Kelli Murray the founder behind our newest collaboration partner, Rylee + Cru. Today we launch a super sweet collection of children's bedding and pajamas featuring whimsical prints in calming colors. This collaboration celebrates the special moments that surround bedtime routines with kids, so naturally we needed to hear how Kelli and her family get ready for lights out. Read on to find out how Kelli and her three kids unwind, if she craves a midnight snack and how she creates the beautiful illustrations featured in the Parachute x Rylee + Cru collection. 

Let's get right into it, tell us about your bedtime routine with your kids?

We have three kids ages nine, six and three and we try to spend time with each of them individually at bedtime. My husband and I will rotate going from room to room and we usually read them a story, talk about their day, scratch their backs and say a prayer. It’s honestly one of my favorite times with them because for some reason (likely their attempts to postpone bedtime) they are the most open to talking about anything and everything with me. I really do cherish those bedtime conversations.

How does your family relax and unwind in the evening? Any special nightly rituals?

We always try to do dinner together as a family. I remember growing up really valuing family dinners gathered around the table and have always wanted to prioritize that with my own family. Thankfully I married a good cook ;) Lately we have been playing ‘hide-and-seek’ (inside) since the kids are kind of obsessed with that right now….but we are always changing it up. Sometimes we play games or watch a funny show together before bed. Wipeout is a family favorite!

Favorite midnight snack?

Chocolate….or really anything sweet!

Kelli and Quincy playing in bed.

What keeps you up at night?

Usually my anxious thoughts. If there is a lot going on at work or if I’m feeling overwhelmed by a relationship or situation, I usually have a hard time letting my mind rest, which is a good recipe for insomnia.

Bedside tables reveal a lot about a person...what’s on yours?

My glasses, journal and a book I’m reading called Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. Oh, and a box of chocolates my husband got me for Valentines day!

How often do you hit snooze in the morning?

Never! With three kids now my body just knows to wake up early. And if I don’t, my husband is always up at least an hour before I am and he’ll wake me up if he needs to! We literally can’t sleep in if we try.

Quincy's bedroom with Sunburst bedding.

It’s the weekend and you’re making breakfast as a family...what’s on the menu?

Chocolate pancakes, bacon and fresh orange juice.

Tell us more about your design philosophy. What inspired you to create Rylee + Cru?

When my daughter was born nine years ago I had a hard time finding clothes for her that I really loved – specifically in terms of art and color. I was working as a freelance illustrator/designer at the time and my background is in product development and merchandising. I had this crazy idea to merge my past experience and start a children’s clothing line that incorporated my art and design aesthetic. I love an organic and earthy color palette paired with hand illustrated prints and patterns. Simple, yet playful and imaginative.  

Do your kids have a favorite piece from Rylee + Cru or a favorite pattern?

Quincy loves any dress that will twirl! Cru loves our sweatshirt / sweatpant sets and Rylee loves our coats, overalls, and graphic tees.

What piece are you most excited about from the Parachute x Rylee + Cru collaboration?

Honestly, all of it! But if I were to pick a favorite I am really drawn to the simplicity and versatility of the Sunburst bedding!