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56 Bathroom Decor Ideas for Styling Your Bathroom

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A bathroom probably isn't the first thing your guests see when they enter your home. Still, the design of this essential space holds a surprising amount of weight in terms of how people perceive your humble abode. And beyond its impression on your visitors, there's no denying the personal pleasure of a clean, aesthetically-pleasing bath.

If you're in the market for tasteful bathroom ideas, you've come to the right place. While you can always pore over Pinterest or scour Instagram for ideas, wouldn't it be nice to have expertly-curated modern bathroom inspo all in one place? Whether you're planning a remodel, wish to swap out builder-grade finishes in your new home or just want to switch up your decor seasonally, you'll find all the tips and inspiration you need here.

56 Tasteful Bathroom Ideas

For many homebuyers, updated bathrooms are right up there with recently renovated kitchens on the priorities list. Modernizing yours with beautiful finishes, practical pieces and contemporary touches can make a world of difference not just in the feel of your bathroom but of your entire home.

Below, you'll find clever remodels and complete bathroom overhauls, along with creative decor schemes, little upgrades that make a big difference, small bathroom ideas and everything in between. Let's get started.

1. Ceiling-Height Backsplash

A backsplash is crucial for adding an elegant design touch to a bathroom while protecting the wall from inevitable splashes and moisture damage. Most bathroom tiling reaches a few inches up from the counter, often ending to just below the mirror. However, you might consider taking it all the way up to the ceiling, as seen in this gorgeous modern renovation.

tile backsplash

2. Oversized Round Mirror

Looking for simple but impactful bathroom ideas? Opt for a round mirror over the vanity. An oversized piece looks stately but not overbearing above the double vessel sinks in this sharp remodel.

For more mirror decor inspiration, explore the Mirror Ideas For Around the House guide.

oversized mirror

3. For Those Who Love to Soak

If you're a bonafide bath person, your space should be designed with this leisurely lifestyle in mind. See how this cozy bathroom has a floating shelf above the free-standing tub, plus a wood mat and stool for keeping books and other bath essentials nearby? Whether you soak once a week, twice a week or twice daily, you'll be glad to have an accommodating setup.

soaking tub

4. Dual Norman Window Mirrors

Characterized as a half-circle on top of a rectangle or square, a Norman window is perfectly old-fashioned yet tastefully unique. The bathroom of this Tudor-inspired home incorporates the shape with dual mirrors over a double vanity, completing the look with a timeless medium wood finish and chic gold fixtures.

5. An Eye for Cacti

If you ever feel like your bathroom is missing something, it could probably use a bit of greenery. A cactus is ideal for the space because it doesn't need much water but tolerates humidity surprisingly well. However, if you're decorating a windowless bath or aren't confident about tending to a large indoor plant, there are lots of beautifully-realistic faux options on the market.

cactus in bathroom

6. Sconce Vanity Lighting

For those wanting to switch up their vanity lighting, one of the best bathroom ideas is to place sconces on either side of the mirror. Sconce lights are available in endless styles and sizes, from modern and contemporary to antique and industrial, so you're bound to find something to complement your space.

sconce lighting

7. Add Texture With Baskets

Baskets can soften a tiled bathroom with organic texture and add contrast to an otherwise all-white room. These jute-woven containers work great as laundry hampers or storage for robes or slippers. If you know the right towel folding and rolling techniques, baskets can also make for some great extra towel storage. 

Read our Summer Home Decor Guide for more guidance on decorating with light colors and natural textures.

8. In-Sync Vessel Sinks

If you're thinking about installing a double vanity but don't want basic, run-of-the-mill basins, go with vessel sinks. This bowl-like sink sits on top of the counter for a sleek effect that looks undeniably custom.

Vessel Sinks

9. Gold Accents All Around

To achieve an upscale appeal without spending a fortune, one of the easiest bathroom ideas is to include gold finishes throughout the space. From light fixtures and mirror frames to faucets and drawer pulls, there are myriad opportunities to incorporate this high-end metallic touch.

Consider ochre soft rib towels from Parachute for distinct golden yellow bath linens as well.

gold accents in bathroom

10. Vintage Statement Rug

A vintage-style rug adds a pop of color to an otherwise neutral bathroom while breaking up the modern furnishings. This bathroom floor decor idea is perfect for those who like modish design but can't resist the beautiful richness of boho.

For more ideas on using warmer hues throughout your home, see our guide: Fall Home Decor Ideas: Room-by-Room Inspiration.

11. Light Bathroom, Moody Accents

Can't decide on a light or dark bathroom decor scheme? You don't have to pick. See how this sizable bathroom used black for the shower frame, bathside pedestal and fixtures to contrast the pale tile floors and white walls, then tied it all together with a two-toned rug.

light bathroom with dark accents

12. Varying White Textures

There's something so refreshingly pristine about an all-white bathroom. With that said, don't be afraid to go full monochrome, because you can always break it up with varying textures. We're talking shiplap walls, braided baskets, a hand-woven rug, linen shower curtains or marble flooring. Consider bath linens like white bath towels and bath mats to match.

13. Deep Hues and Rustic Finishes

If you gravitate toward rustic home design but want to avoid a full-on farmhouse vibe, try weaving in some deeper hues instead of white or off-white. This charming yet refined bathroom pairs repurposed finishes with exposed piping and black ceiling beams for a truly unique aesthetic.

rustic bathroom

14. Dare to Add a Chair

Those lucky enough to have ample square footage in their bathrooms should definitely consider getting an accent chair. Adding convenience, function and a stylish appeal, the right seat can transform your space from being merely a place to bathe into a dressing room, reading nook or personal retreat.

bathroom with a chair

15. Accent Wall

Instead of finding wall art for your bathroom, why not create an accent wall? Whether you hang wallpaper, install natural stone tile or stencil in a DIY mosaic pattern, this idea might be just the thing for creating a statement design.

Explore the How to Decorate a Blank Wall for more wall decor ideas in the bathroom and around the house.

16. Minimalist-Modern With a Natural Touch

If you're all about unadorned home design with contemporary touches, you'll love this minimalist-modern bathroom decor scheme. A simple large mirror sits over the double vanity, which flaunts wall-mounted faucets in a matte black finish. Underneath the sleek white counter are the clean lines of simple cabinetry made of light natural wood to soften the overall appearance of the space.

For more minimalist home styling ideas, check out Parachute’s Minimalist Bedroom Decor guide.

modern bathroom

17. Painted Half-Wall

Want to add some color to a small bathroom or half-bath without cluttering up the walls? You might think about painting a half wall. This compact bath keeps it simple with a white vanity and backsplash, then calls on terra cotta to brighten the space from the mirror up.

painted half wall

18. Towel Ladder

Short on towel racks or hooks? Don't overlook a towel ladder. This brilliant design hack is budget-friendly and convenient, adding not just function but also a decorative effect without taking up much floor or wall space.

19. Oversized Subway Tile

You're probably familiar with subway tile, but what do you know about oversized subway tile? This bathroom renovation embraces the classic white brick-style pattern and gives it a modern upgrade with tiles measuring nearly a foot wide, contrasting the color with a dark wood bench and shower mat.

What's the difference between bathroom rugs and mats, and do you need both? Read our guide on Bath Mats vs. Bath Rugs for answers to these questions.

oversized tile

Undoubtedly elegant and naturally antimicrobial, copper might be the future of bathroom renovations. Take a peek at this ultra-modern design, which contrasts slate tile and floor-to-ceiling marble with a free-standing in-shower tub and a super-shiny copper towel warmer, showerhead and faucets.

21. Doubled-Up Vanity

If you're interested in upscale bathroom ideas, you'll appreciate this sophisticated double vanity design. Apart from the floating countertop, there's two of everything — from the globe pendant lights, mirrors and wall-mounted faucets to the vessel sinks, towel hooks and wooden bath mats.

22. Dark-Colored Shiplap

Inspired by the vertical wood paneling of boat exteriors, shiplap is traditionally white —  but that's far from your only option. This dapper bathroom remodel contrasts gold fixtures and pale-colored finishes with almost-black shiplap for a decidedly moody yet not overbearing effect.

dark shiplap

23. Industrial-Chic

Is it possible to incorporate industrial finishes into a deluxe bathroom design? You bet! See how bold, contrasting marble counters and walls of this double vanity are enhanced with weathered brass fixtures for a high-end, eclectic aesthetic that evades clashing.

For more ideas on pairing worn metals with contemporary furnishings, read our guide on How to Create a Modern-Industrial Style Look for Your Home.

industrial design elements

24. Black Clawfoot Tub

One of the simplest bathroom ideas for making a statement is to paint your clawfoot tub black or another dark color. It's chic, modern, daring, and best of all, easy.

25. Play Up the Powder Bath

Have you ever walked into a powder bath and been totally wowed by the design? To achieve that wow factor for your own small bathroom, consider peel-and-stick wallpaper in an intricate pattern or mosaic tile above a floating sink, as seen in this transitional design scheme.

powder room

26. The Beauty of Boho

If you like down-to-earth, eclectic blends of colors, textures and patterns, you'll appreciate this vibrant boho bathroom. Want to try your hand at bohemian home design? Match the laid-back vibe of linen with the organic appeal of jute-woven pieces, and don't be afraid to place multiple plants throughout the room.

boho bathroom

27. Classic Black and White

When it comes to timeless bathroom ideas for your home or apartment, you really can't beat a black-and-white decor scheme. An octagon and dot tile pattern is a great option for the floors, as seen in this modern bath, but classic checkered flooring is another excellent choice that may never go out of style.

black and white tile

28. Half-Paneled Wall

Whether you're aiming for a modern farmhouse vibe or traditional with an industrial twist, half-paneled walls are a wonderful choice for bathrooms. You can go monochrome if you're just looking to add dimension, but a contrasting paint color can look lovely too.

half paneled wall

29. Upscale Vintage

Love vintage furnishings but want to avoid an overly kitschy look? Try working in sophisticated finishes like marble and gold to balance out old-fashioned pieces, as seen in this beautiful bathroom design.

vintage decor

30. Built-In Bath Shelving

If your space is still in the design stage and you're looking for bathroom ideas for the tub area, you should definitely consider built-in shelving. Of course, you can always get a hanging shower caddy or install floating shelves later, but built-ins offer more of a thoughtful, seamless appeal.

built in bath shelf

31. Dresser-Style Vanity

Have you considered a dresser-style vanity for your bathroom remodel? You can use cabinetry that mimics a chest of drawers or repurpose one if you're in the DIY spirit. In any case, this design idea is practical, versatile and aesthetically pleasing.

Be sure to check out Parachute’s furniture to give your bathroom a luxury appeal.

vanity style sink

32. Jack and Jill Mirrors

Bathrooms with dual sinks typically have one large mirror over the entire vanity area. While there's nothing wrong with this design approach, hanging smaller mirrors above each sink offers a modish, sophisticated touch.

jack and jill mirrors

33. Eucalyptus for the Senses

Eucalyptus leaves are often hung from showerheads, as steam activates the plant's natural oils for a calming yet invigorating dose of aromatherapy. But eucalyptus doesn't just ignite your sense of smell — the deep green foliage offers a stunning visual touch in bathrooms.


34. Organize With Wire Baskets

To make the most of floating shelves or built-in shelving in your bathroom, get a few wire baskets. Not only do they lend to an effortlessly cool, industrial-modern aesthetic, but they also help you keep your towels, extra toilet paper, cleaning supplies, toiletries and bath accessories organized.

wire baskets

35. Make Nice With Mother Nature

Looking for tasteful bathroom ideas with plenty of color? The key is to use tones and textures found in nature, like the bright green of a plant, the warm clay hue of a terra cotta potter and the organic finish of a wooden bath mat.

plants in a bathroom

36. Maximize Space With Wall Hooks

Nowhere to hang your bath sheets or robe? Wall hooks are the answer. They're super affordable, easy to install and come in just about any color, finish and style. Hooks are also great for kids' bathrooms, as they encourage littles to hang up their towels after bathing.

If you don't have a bathrobe you absolutely love, take our Robe Quiz and check out our guide to Robes and Loungewear to find out what material and style suit you best.

wall hook

37. Industrial-Farmhouse Blend

Those who appreciate repurposed design accents should consider an industrial-farmhouse scheme. There are many routes you can take here, but this bathroom is chock full of inspiration, with its trough sink, exposed pipes, old-fashioned chair and picnic basket full of fluffy rolled towels

Also be sure to check out our Industrial Bedroom guide for more industrial-farmhouse inspiration.

industrial farmhouse style  bathroom

38. Hexagon Tile Flooring

Planks and squares aren't your only choices for bathroom flooring — far from it. See how the handsome hexagonal floor tiles complement the warm wood finishes and white walls of this contemporary Southwest-inspired space.

hexagon floor

39. Floor-to-Ceiling Tile

Floor-to-ceiling tile can also be striking while ensuring long-lasting water resistance. Check out this beautiful bathroom, which used small square tiles in a neutral hue on the floor, tub surround and shower walls.

floor to ceiling tile

40. Decorative Yet Functional Shelving

If you're short on square footage, shelving units are ideal for storing hand towels, soap, toilet paper and other bathroom essentials. You can also place candles, small plants and other decorative objects on the shelves to enhance the ambiance of your space.

bathroom shelves

41. Textured Minimalism

Minimalism is all about clean lines and pared-down pieces. While you might think you can't blend this style with other home design schemes without cluttering the space, it can be done with the right approach. See how this minimalist-modern bathroom adds texture with waffle-weave towels, small plants and a vintage-inspired rug.

textured bathroom

42. Warm Things Up With Blush

This almost-monochrome bathroom calls on blush, terra cotta and hints of sienna to play up the warm hue of the mahogany wood floors. The bold desert-inspired color scheme is tied together with a vintage patterned rug and accented with the green of a climbing plant.

blush colored bathroom

43. Mirror/Shelf Combos

Need stylish bathroom ideas that double as storage? Consider a practical mirror/shelf combo, as seen in this modern double vanity. If you don't love the open-shelving look, a medicine cabinet is also a great choice.

mirrors with shelves

44. Floating Vanity

When it comes to bathroom design, there may be nothing more modern than a floating vanity. It's a great choice for small spaces but can offer an upscale vibe in larger suites. To enhance the high-end appeal, install LED strip lighting underneath and set it to automatically turn on when it detects the motion of your feet.

floating vanity

45. All-Purpose Floating Shelves

Need guest bathroom ideas? Floating shelves allow you to offer your visitors towels, toiletries, extra toilet paper rolls and other shower essentials instead of setting these items on their bed or the bathroom counter. You can also place a hand soap dispenser, scented candles, a diffuser or small plants on the shelves.

For a detailed breakdown of bathroom textiles, check out our guide to The Best Towel Materials and Sizes.

floating shelves

46. Art Trio

Bathroom wall decor can be tricky because the walls are often small and sometimes odd-shaped. A trio of small framed pictures is a great solution, allowing you to hang the frames vertically, horizontally or in a staggered formation.

three art pieces

47. Big Bathroom? Get a Bench

If you're blessed with a big bathroom, you might think about getting a bench. You'll have convenient seating, plus space to stash extra towels, a trash bin and everything in between. This bathroom decor scheme ties in the warm hue of the ochre robes with a rich medium-toned wood bench and accents the space with hand-woven baskets.

bathroom with a bench

48. Go All Out in the Shower

Oversized walk-in showers are undeniably lavish, offering plenty of room for luxurious pieces, like a built-in bench or towel rack. If you've got the available space, one of the best shower decor ideas is to place an actual plant inside. Just make sure you opt for a species that likes humidity and frequent watering.

large shower

49. Waterproof "Wood" Planks

Hardwood flooring is usually not recommended in bathrooms, as the material can shrink, warp, buckle or become otherwise damaged if it gets wet. Having said that, you can install waterproof laminate or luxury vinyl faux wood planks in your bathroom without worrying about moisture damage.

wood flooring

50. Gorgeously Grandeur

Take a gander at this luxury bathroom design. With its oversized sconces, exaggerated mirrors and metallic vessel sinks, it's reminiscent of an upscale restaurant or hotel bathroom. If you appreciate the grandeur vibe but aren't sure where to start, simply updating the tile, fixtures and drawer pulls will go a long way.

luxurious bathroom

51. Vertical Shiplap

Shiplap is a go-to for bathroom walls. While it's far from overdone, you might opt to install the planks vertically instead of horizontally for a subtle, modern twist. This black-and-white bath keeps it simple with a mounted faucet, a free-standing tub, wall hooks and a single stool.

vertical shiplap

52. Bench-Style Sink

If you're looking for modern bathroom ideas that make a statement, check out this bench-style sink. With clean lines, open shelving, a wall-mounted faucet and a basin that sits on top, the brilliant design is almost an optical illusion.

53. Faux Concrete Wall

A faux concrete wall is a great alternative to tile, wallpaper or a solid paint color. Drawing from the simplistic appeal of minimalism and the bare-bones aesthetic of industrial design, this bathroom pulls it off with finesse.

concrete wall

54. Add Function With an Accent Stool

A vanity stool is kind of like an accent chair for the bathroom, offering function, convenience and a touch of style. You can use it as an actual seat or place extra towels on top. Small accent stools also make excellent bathside tables, offering a handy surface to place a cup of tea, wine glass, book or tablet.

If you recently moved (or are planning to move soon), our New Home Checklist walks you through the various things you'll need to buy or upgrade for each room of your home.

accent stool

55. Pared-Down Pedestal Sink

There's something so refreshingly straightforward about a classic pedestal sink. After all, aside from a toilet, powder rooms don't need much more than a place to wash your hands. This half-bath keeps it simple with a round mirror and a mostly white color scheme.

pedestal sink

56. Straight-Lay Tile

Straight-lay tile stuns in this bathroom remodel. The clean lines and vertical orientation make for a modern appeal that's unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. Horizontal straight-lay tile also looks sleek when used for flooring, showers, tub surrounds and backsplashes.

Want additional bathroom ideas on a budget? See our article, Before and After: 5 Easy Ways to Upgrade a Bathroom, for more inspiration.

straight lay tile

Personalized Bathroom Ideas From a Parachute Stylist

There's no right or wrong way to decorate a bathroom. And even if you've decided on a modern decor scheme, there are endless routes you can take, from industrial and minimalist to rustic and boho. Above all else, the space should be functional, tasteful and pleasant for you and your guests.

These modern bathroom ideas might be enough to get your creative wheels turning, but if you're overwhelmed with options or have a particular issue to address, Parachute is here to assist. Whether you're designing a suite from scratch, need high-end bath products, are planning a renovation, need extra room ideas for bathroom storage or want specific ideas for seasonal bathroom decor, an experienced stylist can offer personalized guidance.

Schedule your free one-on-one video or phone consultation today!

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