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37 Ideas for Decorating a Blank Wall in Your Home

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What should you do with that large, empty wall in your home? This age-old interior design conundrum doesn't have a one-size-fits-all answer. There are virtually endless ways to adorn your blank slate, and the best option depends on the room, how much space you need to fill, whether the wall has windows, if you're placing furniture against it, how much effort you want to put in and of course, your personal taste.

With that said, a few wall decor ideas can help get your wheels spinning. Read on for tips, inspiration and guidance from the home design aficionados at Parachute.

On the one hand, a large blank wall represents an opportunity to flex your creative muscles. But on the other, starting at zero requires a little more strategic planning and attention to detail.

From peel-and-stick wallpaper and faux brick to floating shelves and oversized art, there's a good chance you'll find something that speaks to you while scrolling through these sharply-curated wall decor ideas. Let's get started.

Here are 37 ideas for decorating the walls of your home. 

1. Large Wall Art for Living Room

If you have tall ceilings in your living room, you should definitely think about hanging a big wall decor piece. When browsing oversized art, the most important thing is that it's to-scale, meaning it fits with the size of your wall.

2. Gallery Wall

It can be tough to find big enough art pieces to fill a blank wall. So instead of one or two large items, create a gallery wall. To avoid a mismatched, cluttered look, make sure each piece has something in common, like all natural wood frames, neutral-toned art or black-and-white photos.

3. The Rule of Threes

In the world of interior design, the rule of threes suggests that groups of three (or other odd numbers) are more attractive to the eye than even numbers. You can embrace this concept in your living room by hanging a three-piece framed art set.

4. Built-In Bookshelves

Built-in bookshelves are ideal for decorating an otherwise empty living room wall. For a refined, cohesive aesthetic, consider placing monochrome or only neutral-colored books on the shelves.

One trick is to take the covers off, as most books will white, black or off-white underneath. You can also face the pages out instead of the spines to include more white.

5. Simple Surfboard

If you live by the coast or just appreciate beachy home design, why not hang a surfboard? A simple design (without prints or bright colors) can nail the look without going over the top.

For more tips and guidance on creating a laid-back, warm-weather aesthetic, check out our Summer Home Decor Guide.

6. Make Light With Mirrors

One of the best wall decor ideas for living rooms is to hang multiple mirrors. When placed across from a window, you'll double the amount of light while creating the illusion of a larger space.

Learn more about decorating with mirrors in Parachute’s Mirror Decor Ideas & Inspiration guide.

7. Ceiling-Height Shelves with Rolling Ladder

Looking for tall wall decor inspiration? Whether you go for a library aesthetic or a built-in bar, there may be nothing more sophisticated than a rolling ladder with ceiling-height shelves.

8. Temporary Wallpaper

Temporary wallpaper is a wonderful design solution for a blank wall. The peel-and-stick application doesn't create a mess like paint, plus you can remove it without damaging the surface underneath.

9. Stencil It In

An alternative to wallpaper, stenciling is one of the best wall decor ideas for the artistic among us. Whether it's mosaic "tiles," an intricate pattern or something more sparse, this is a great way to add life to a plain wall.

10. Bring the Outdoors In

One of the simplest wall decor ideas is to hang a dried branch or a piece of driftwood. To step it up a notch, wrap it with fairy lights — and go with a battery-powered set for a cordless finish.

11. Arched Floor Lamp

An arched floor lamp provides more than just light. It's an excellent decor accent for your living room, taking up space to supplement other art pieces.

12. Map of the World

When in doubt, go with a map. Large world maps make great wall art because they're timeless, useful and often come in versatile hues.

13. Sparse Shelving

Blend decor and functionality while adhering to a minimalist theme with sparse shelving in your dining room. Both built-ins and floating shelves can look chic and upscale when you place a single item on each shelf.

14. Minimalist Art Piece

Wall art doesn't always have to depict a specific image. When browsing oversized pieces to come up with large wall decor ideas, don't overlook simpler designs like monochrome velvet or a pared-down abstract print.

Learn more about using minimalism in your home in our Minimalist Bedroom Guide.

15. Mix It Up

When it comes to large dining room wall decor ideas, sometimes it's best to mix it up. Items like credenzas, planters, art pieces, framed pictures, floating shelves, free-standing shelving units, floor lamps, sconces, mirrors and stools can be curated to fill an empty space.

16. Wall Hooks

Providing interest and functionality, wall hooks are ideal for decorating entryways and hallways. Single pegs or multi-hook pieces can offer an elegant effect.

17. Two-Toned Walls

Creating two-toned walls is an easy way to decorate a bare space almost anywhere in your home. With the right contrast or texture, dual paint colors can eliminate the need for additional art.

18. Let Plants Fill the Wall

There's nothing wrong with accent colors, but they're no longer considered a necessity for home decor — especially when you have greenery from plants. Consider hanging a floating shelf and placing climbing foliage on it. Before long, the vines will fill the empty space.

Not sure which indoor plant is best for you? Learn more in the Best Indoor Plants for Clean Air guide.

19. Oversized Headboard

With a big enough headboard, you may not need to hang art over your bed. Vertical wood planks, velvet upholstery or a tufted design can provide a stately appearance while setting the tone for the rest of your bedroom decor.

20. Floating Shelf

No headboard? No problem. A simple floating shelf can help center your bed while delivering a decorative touch to your sleeping chamber.

21. Sweet and Simple Sconces

If you're in the market for bedside lamps and are looking for wall design ideas, why not kill two birds with one stone with sconces? It might be worth wiring them to minimize visible power cords, though exposed cords can work in industrial decor schemes.

22. Macramé All Day

For those who gravitate toward boho design, one of the best bedroom wall decor ideas is to hang macramé. You'll add texture and interest, plus the natural off-white hue effortlessly blends with stark white and other neutral colors.

For more insight into decorating with white, check out our guide on How to Design and Style a White Bedroom.

23. Sweet Dreams with a Dreamcatcher

How about a large dreamcatcher in your sleeping quarters? This unique wall decor idea is the perfect balance of whimsy and eclectic.

24. Down-to-Earth Tapestry

Want more boho-inspired wall decor ideas for the bedroom? A large tapestry can cover considerable wall space while delivering a down-to-earth appeal. Not only that, but it's typically much more wallet-friendly than traditional art.

25. Vertical Wood Wall

When you think of wood paneling, a dimly lit, outdated space might come to mind. However, installing thin vertical strips of bamboo or light oak wood on a single wall offers a lighter, brighter, more modern effect.

26. Vertical Wall Paneling

Instead of a natural wood finish, think about painted vertical wall paneling. Go with thin strips and a deep hue like charcoal, olive, navy or black.

27. Textured Paint Accent Wall

Colored accent walls had a moment a few years back. While the aesthetic is still popular, textured paint is a more contemporary iteration. Consider using a sponge to add dimension, or dipping your brush into two complementing paint colors.

As you consider paint color in your home and bedroom, learn more in our Trending Bedroom Colors guide.

28. Paneled Wall

Paneled walls offer a more traditional design aesthetic that works in bedrooms and living rooms. In many cases, the added dimension eliminates the need for actual wall art.

The clean lines of vertical and horizontal panels are undoubtedly elegant, but for a more striking effect, go with a geometric design.

30. Wall-to-Wall Wallpaper

Instead of accenting a wall with wallpaper or textured paint, hang wallpaper on all four walls of a room. To avoid a busy appearance, go with a subtle pattern like soft checks or dots in neutral tones.

31. Hats on Display

Believe it or not, hats make for cute wall decor in the bedroom. Your best bet is to display just a few hats in similar styles or complementing colors.

32. Blanket Ladder Accent

If you need wall ideas for either side of a window in your bedroom or living room, opt for a blanket ladder. They come in varying heights and provide a handy place to keep extra throws.

For a deeper dive into blankets and bed covers, read our Guide to Quilts, Blankets and Coverlets.

33. Faux Brick Wall

Embrace the industrial-inspired home decor trend with faux brick. This is one of the best wall decor ideas because it's temporary, subtle and creates effortless texture.

For more tips on incorporating industrial accents, see our blog on How to Modern Industrial Style Look for Your Home.

34. Herringbone Tile in the Bathroom

Inspired by the actual skeletal structures of herringbone fish, this tile pattern is a gorgeous option for bathroom walls or backsplashes.

35. Horizontal Shiplap

If you appreciate farmhouse design but want to avoid a kitschy look, horizontal shiplap might be the way to go. It's subtle, classic and versatile.

What's more, you don't even have to use real wood. Laminate or vinyl planks are more affordable and look virtually identical for this purpose.

36. Modern Vertical Shiplap

If you like shiplap but want more contemporary wall decor ideas, you might consider installing vertical planks instead. This design approach can work in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and even living rooms.

37. Embrace Negative Space

When decorating your home, remember it's OK to leave a few walls blank. In the interior design industry, this is what's called "negative space," and it's actually crucial for balancing out your home decor.

Get Personalized Wall Decor Ideas From a Parachute Stylish

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