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How to Decorate With Mirrors Across Your Home in 2022

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Mirrors are typically a given in bathrooms, but they're often overlooked when designing the rest of a home. The right mirror can add functionality and elegance to any room, supplying the perfect balance of usefulness and aesthetics. Decorative mirrors also reflect light, after all.

Whether you're looking for alternatives to traditional framed art, wish to double the natural light in a particular room or want to create the illusion of a larger space, a mirror is the way to go. Not sure where to start? Read on for mirror decor ideas for every room of your home, along with key considerations for buying and placing mirrors.

29 Mirror Decor Ideas for Every Room of the Home

When you don't necessarily want to add more color, patterns or imagery but feel like a room is still missing something, a mirror is the ideal solution. Not only will it add dimension and create the illusion of more space, but a mirror can also amplify light, brightening up even the gloomiest areas.

But what size and shape should you use? Where should you place a mirror, and how do you decide on a frame style? If you appreciate simplistic yet sharp interior design as much as the team at Parachute, you've come to the right place. Find a roundup of thoughtful, curated mirror decor ideas below.

Mirror Decor Ideas for the Bedroom

Before purchasing the first full-length rectangular mirror you see and hanging it on the back of your bedroom door, take a look at these thoughtful ideas for your sleeping quarters.

1. Go Big, Go Bold

If you've got the available wall space, why not opt for an oversized mirror in your bedroom? You can place a large round one over your dresser or a sizable square above your headboard for a stately effect.

2. Frame the Bed With Twin Mirrors

Looking for unique bedroom mirror ideas? Consider hanging matching vertical mirrors on either side of your bed above the nightstands. This will create a framed-in effect while increasing the amount of light in your space.

3. Opt for a Mirrored Headboard

One bold idea for decorating with mirrors is a chic mirrored headboard. This small bedroom pulls off the look effortlessly, balancing the upscale look of a vintage-inspired headboard with laid-back linen bedding.

4. Circular Serenity

There's something undeniably classy about a circular mirror. When placed in a bedroom, the round frame and absence of sharp corners lend to a serene, peaceful appeal.

5. Brilliantly Boho

Interested in wall mirror ideas to complement your down-to-earth, global-inspired home decor? Check out this boho mirror, which combines different shapes, textures, colors and patterns into a single decorative piece.

6. Brighten Up Your Sleeping Quarters

It's crucial for a bedroom to get dark at night, but during the day, don't be shy about letting the light in. If you're working with limited square footage or a small window, a large mirror can do wonders to brighten things up by reflecting the natural sunlight back into your space.

In addition to these mirror decor ideas, selecting white walls and bedding can really brighten up a bedroom. Our guide on How to Design and Style a White Bedroom offers more tips and insight into the topic.

7. Choose a Bold Frame

Mirrors are undoubtedly decorative, but since they don't display actual art, don't be afraid to choose a statement frame. Think bold metallics, layered materials, carved wood or an embellished design.

8. Lean for a Laid-Back Look

Instead of hanging a mirror on the wall, you might consider leaning it. This is one of the best mirror decor ideas for those who prefer a more laid-back vibe.

9. Reflected Foliage

As much as you love houseplants, you can only fit so many in each room. Having said that, a strategically placed mirror can double the amount of greenery in your bedroom.

Check out Parachute's interview with Macy Evonosky of @wanderingmyhome for more inspiration on Creating a Nature-Inspired Home.

10. Traditional Full-Length Mirror

Of course, you can't go wrong with a traditional full-length mirror in the bedroom. It's practical, versatile, and can be leaned or hung nearly anywhere.

Mirror Decor Ideas for Shared Living Areas

The right mirror can be surprisingly effective in enhancing the look of living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, entryways and other shared living spaces. Take a peek at these tasteful mirror decor ideas for inspiration.

1. Make a Statement

statement mirror

Living room mirrors can make a striking statement. Choose a unique shape, like a Norman window, a circle, an oval or even an irregular shape without symmetry or distinct sides.

2. Swap Framed Art for Mirrors

An oversized mirror can take the place of framed art, even on your largest living room wall. This is one of the best mirror decor ideas for anyone looking to open up a space and increase the natural lighting.

3. Fill a Small Wall

A mirror is also an excellent option for filling a small wall where traditional art or shelving might not fit. Hanging a rectangular mirror vertically might seem like the obvious choice, though a round or oval frame can offer a softer, more welcoming look.

4. Double Your Dining Room Lighting

There's a reason restaurants often hang large mirrors in their dining areas. To double the natural light in your dining room and make the space appear bigger, place an oversized mirror on one of the walls.

5. Accent With Small Mirrors

Wall-mirror decorating ideas don't always involve oversized or full-length pieces. Small mirrors can be placed throughout the home to add a finishing touch to each room.

6. Mirror on the Mantle

mirror on a mantel

For a sophisticated yet effortless look, try placing a large mirror over your mantle. You can attach it to the wall or lean it — just make sure it's totally secure in a leaned position to avoid shattered glass down the road.

Check out our blog, Modernizing Heena Gardner's Tudor Revival, to see how stylist, DIYer and Parachute Brand Ambassador Gardner styled her mantle with a mirror.

7. A Marriage of Mirrors and Houseplants

mirror with greenery around it

Trying to decide how to decorate a mirror? Ivy loves to climb, and a wall mirror might be just the thing to wrap its vines around.

If you're thinking about adding more greenery to your space, read our blog, The Top 16 Indoor Plants For Clean Air in Your Home.

8. White, Light and Bright

There may be nothing easier and breezier than a white home design scheme. Consider placing a mirror with a white or natural wood frame to brighten up the space even further.

For more easy-breezy styling tips, see our Summer Home Decor Guide.

9. Small Room? Big Mirror

Believe it or not, small areas aren't confined to small art pieces. If you're open to a modern wall mirror design for your living room, you might opt for a ceiling-height mirror spanning at least a few feet wide.

10. For All Those In-Between Spaces

From entryways and hallways to stairs and landings, mirrors are a great decorating option for all the in-between spaces throughout your home.

Seasonal changes are a perfect time to switch up these areas. See our blog, Fall Home Decor Ideas, for tips and guidance on decorating your home for autumn.

Mirror Decor Ideas for the Bathroom

You know you need a mirror for your bathroom, but that doesn't mean you have to settle for a frameless square, a simple rectangle or an uninspiring builder-grade design. So, what style should you choose for your bathroom? These mirror decor ideas will help get your wheels turning.

1. Go Round

If you want a modern bathroom mirror, consider choosing a round model. Swapping a square or rectangle for a circle is one of the easiest ways to make your space feel more contemporary.

For more modern bathroom inspiration, explore the Parachute Bathroom Interior Design guide. 

2. Jack and Jill Mirrors

Bathrooms with double sinks typically feature one large mirror over the entire vanity. But placing two smaller mirrors over each sink offers a refined, modish touch.

3. Double Norman Windows

If you're open to dual mirrors over your double vanity, Norman windows are an excellent choice. Characterized by a semicircle over a rectangle, the shape is pleasantly old-fashioned but also distinguished.

4. Synchronize a Double Vanity

Prefer a single large mirror? Go round. This sizable circle ties in the round vessel sinks in this handsome bathroom renovation.

5. The Luxe Vintage Look

Those looking for bathroom mirror decor ideas with an upscale appeal should consider a vintage (or vintage-inspired) metal frame. Tie the look together with complementing fixtures and hardware in a similar finish.

6. Accent With Oval

Oval mirrors are lovely in bathrooms. They can be placed above double vanities, over a pedestal sink in a half-bath or used to add some decor to a blank wall.

7. Oblong Industrial

You can also hang an oval (or otherwise oblong) mirror horizontally over a wide sink. With three faucets and exposed piping, this bathroom nails the industrial look.

If you like the industrial design trend but don't want to go all out, see our guide on How to Create a Modern-Industrial Style Look for Your Home.

8. Balance Modern With Rustic

It's fun to mix it up with different shapes, but some of the best mirror decor ideas involve simple rectangles. The clean lines and black frame of this large mirror help balance the bathroom's rustic touches.

9. Functional and Stylish

Should you get a decorative bathroom mirror or a functional one? Luckily, you don't have to choose. You can find tons of aesthetically pleasing medicine cabinets, stylish mirrors with attached shelves and everything in between.

If you recently moved into a new space (or are planning to soon), our New Home Checklist will walk you through everything you'll want to buy for each room in your home.

What to Consider When Decorating With Mirrors

There are a few things to keep in mind before diving in with these mirror decor ideas and hanging them throughout your home. In addition to the size and style of the mirror, you'll want to think about where you'll place it and what will be reflected. Here's what to consider.


Mirrors come in myriad styles, ranging in terms of frame type, material and shape. There are also free-standing options, mirror sets and functional designs that double as storage. Some styles work better in certain areas, whereas others are a bit more versatile. Considering the specific room, the existing decor and the overall vibe of a space can help you determine which mirror wall design will work best.


Once you know where the mirror is going and you’ve settled on a style, you'll want to figure out what size to get. While there are some exceptions, bigger is usually better. Like framed art, it's important for mirrors to fit the scale of the room.

As mentioned above, you can absolutely use large mirrors in small rooms, as long as you have the available wall space. On the other hand, if you're looking to fill a particularly narrow wall or nook, a small mirror can definitely work. In any case, be sure to carefully measure (and re-measure) your wall before purchasing a mirror.

What's Being Reflected

Mirrors are often placed across from windows to reflect the outdoor scenery and increase the natural lighting in a room. If your blank wall isn't directly across from a window, be sure to consider what will be reflected in the glass, as the image will double.

A mirror can highlight the artistry of a framed painting or increase the natural beauty of an indoor potted tree. However, if the wall is opposite something less attractive, like kitchen appliances, or would create a privacy issue by reflecting a bathroom, you might want to reconsider.


Once you've got your mirror picked out and know which wall it will go on, the last thing to figure out is the precise placement. Unless you're leaning it on the floor or over a mantle, you'll need to determine how high to hang your mirror.

Like framed art, a good rule of thumb is to place the center of a mirror at eye level for a person of average height. However, if you're trying to reflect something specific, you may need to adjust it accordingly.

Personalized Design Recommendations From a Parachute Stylist

When it comes to decorating, there are virtually endless routes you can take with mirrors. Offering beauty, elegance and functionality, these reflective pieces can be used to enhance every room of your home. Oversized mirrors can act as a statement piece, carrying the overall design of a space. They can also be used to add a finishing touch to an existing interior design scheme.

There's no shortage of inspiration out there, but if you're feeling overwhelmed with options, Parachute is here to assist. Whether you're interested in dining room mirror ideas, want tips for modernizing your bathroom vanity or would like to learn how to decorate around a mirror, an experienced stylist will work with you on a personalized plan.

Home styling consultations are free, with the option of speaking to a design expert via video chat or over the phone. Schedule your complimentary one-on-one consultation today or email us with questions at

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