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Creating a Nature-Inspired Home with @wanderingmyhome

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We turn to Macy Evonosky for inspiration on the daily. Her deep greens and neutral tones, wood textures and mixed textiles make any room cozier than it was before she arrived. We couldn’t wait to talk with her about where she pulls inspiration from and the challenges and blessings that come with a remodel. Hint: compromise is a key component. 


Where do you live?

The front range of Colorado, just outside of Boulder. There are so many great local food/hangout spots, bike trails running throughout, an easily accessible recycling center (which may sound lame.. but you have no idea how many runs we have had to make to this place! & our city makes it so convenient for people to recycle!) and I love that we are so close to the mountains!


How would you describe your design style and what influences it?

This question always stumps me! I feel like I don’t fit into any one design category... But I would say I am somewhat modhemian?? A mix between modern and bohemian. I’m influenced by many things...nature, thrifting, design books, social media, travel -- they all play a role in how our home transitions over time.


How would you describe your home?

Our home is the place we come to relax and unwind. It’s a very cozy and relaxing atmosphere. We like to spend time outdoors and I decorate our home to represent the natural elements and colors that mean the most to us.


What is your favorite element in your home?

I love that everywhere you look there are wooden accents. I am a sucker for the outdoors because I find so much peace in being surrounded by trees or water. It’s nice to be able to decorate your home with the items that calm you.


What has been the biggest challenge in your home?

Working with what we were given by the builder. Our home is a new-build and we were able to pick out only a few items on our own. Let’s just say... the builder’s taste was somewhat outdated! This isn’t our forever home, so we don’t want to spend a ton of money on things that don’t necessarily need changing. We have made some improvements though, since we do plan to spend at least the next 10 years here.


How does Parachute fit into your home? Your daily routine?

Parachute is in almost every room in our home. We mix Parachute textiles in with our other decor elements. We love how easily the products blend in with everything else in our home! From waking up in our Parachute bedding to lounging around the house in a Parachute robe and slippers -- we are a comfort seeking household!


So you just finished a remodel, tell us about it...

We changed everything aside front the small unfinished storage space that we left untouched! We added walls, insulation, carpet, paint, trim, wood paneling, ran speaker wire throughout the walls, hung a projector, set up surround sound and atmos speakers, etc.. The first piece that was added to the space was the media console that we splurged on because it was both functional and attractive! In order for me to be on board with a cinema room, it had to blend with the rest of our home. Thus, I didn't want the space to look like your typical basement. My husband actually found a media console that both looked great and would work by hiding most of his equipment inside! It was a win-win situation and we are both so thrilled!


What do you look forward to most in the updated space?

We look forward to hosting and hanging out with friends again, once everyone is vaccinated! We can't wait to finally have a chill place to relax with friends! 


What did you learn during the remodel?

There was a lot more into finishing a space than we thought! We originally had in mind to finish the space ourselves -- but we are happy that we ended up contracting it out.


What is the best decorating advice that you can pass along to others?

I know trends and popular design choices change regularly, but try to look at your home purchases and decisions long into the future -- do you see yourself still wanting and admiring it still? If so, go for it! If not, keep looking!

Follow Macy at @wanderingmyhome for more inspiration.

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