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18 Best Sustainable and Organic Bathroom Products

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Want to live a greener lifestyle, cut down on waste or just use fewer synthetic chemicals at home? These are all noble goals, and creating an eco-friendly bathroom is a great place to start. It might not be where you hang out or host, but you use the space daily — likely multiple times a day — and there's always room for improvement.

So, what does an environmentally friendly bathroom look like? There are lots of ways to make it more eco-conscious, such as incorporating sustainable bathroom products, swapping your decor for ethically made organic bathroom accessories and using all-natural bath products in the tub and shower. Read on for specific tips and ideas.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Bathroom Decor Essentials

Sustainable bathroom products can include anything from towels and washcloths to shower caddies and decorative accents. Here's a rundown of the different bath linens and ethical bathroom accessories to consider for your space.

GOTSⓇ-Certified Organic Towels

One of the best ways to make your bathroom greener is with Organic Cotton Towels. When shopping around, look for the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) label, which ensures they're made with organically grown plant fibers and that each stage of the supply chain adheres to the organization's strict standards for environmental safety.

Created with the planet and your health in mind, these towels are sourced from sustainably harvested cotton. They're supremely fluffy, exceptionally absorbent and quick-drying with a super-soft nubby texture.

What Is GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton? Read our blog for details.

Oeko-Tex Certified Bath Linens

Organic bath linens like the set mentioned above are often Oeko-Tex certified, but not all Oeko-Tex certified towels are organic. For instance, these sustainably made Spa Towels carry the Oeko-Tex label, which means they're made without synthetic dyes or other harsh chemicals that could harm you or the environment.

Woven from 56% long-staple Turkish cotton and 44% European flax fibers (a renewable resource), the fabric is incredibly fluffy and plush, yet lightweight and quick-drying. Cotton provides softness, while flax-sourced linen offers exceptional durability, absorbency and even antibacterial benefits.

What Is Oeko-Tex? Learn about this textile certification standard in our blog.

Sustainable Bath Mat

You can also get an Organic Cotton Tub Mat to complement your towels. This GOTS-certified piece is not only impeccably soft and plush but also naturally absorbent and fast-drying to prevent your floors from getting soaked.

On the fence about whether you want a bath mat or a bath rug? Explore the Tub Mat vs Bath Rug guide. 

Handmade Artisan Rug

In addition to a bathmat, you can deck out your cruelty-free bathroom floors with a Hand-Knit Rug. This boho-inspired piece is made by artisans using long-staple Turkish cotton at nearly 3,000 grams per square meter to create a thick, cozy feel underfoot.

Organic Cotton Robe

Bathrobes are both functional and decorative, especially if you get one to match your towels and hang it on a hook in your eco-friendly bathroom. The Organic Cotton Robe is certified by both GOTS and Oeko-Tex, so you can bet it's sustainably sourced and ethically produced.

For more insight, read our article on What to Look for in an Organic Bathrobe.

Linen Robe

As mentioned above, flax is considered a renewable resource because the plants regrow quickly after harvesting. And when sustainable bathroom products are sourced from flax plants grown in Europe, like the Linen Robe, they're even more environmentally friendly. That’s because the crops need almost no additional water than what they get from natural rainfall.

Linen Shower Curtain

The Linen Shower Curtain is also loomed from European flax fibers. Featuring stitched buttonholes at the top hem, it's lightweight but still plenty drapey with the laid-back yet luxurious appeal you can only get with linen.

Why Is European Flax Linen the Best in the World? Read our blog to find out.

Stoneware Soap Dish

Looking for sustainable bathroom products to place on your counter? The all-natural and inherently durable Triangle Soap Dish was handmade and glazed in a small pottery studio in Virginia Beach. Another reason to use bar soap? It usually calls for less packaging than other types of cleansers.

For some inspiration on how to style your eco-friendly bathroom accessories, read on in the Bathroom Interior Decor Ideas guide.

Best Natural Bath Products and Shower Essentials

Speaking of soap, you might consider getting some all-natural bath products for your eco-friendly bathroom as well. From earth-sourced balms, oils and creams to mists, exfoliators and hand sanitizer, there's a bath and body essential for every step of your bathing routine.

Parachute x OSEA: Plant-Based Sustainable Bath and Body Products

Parachute and OSEA are both committed to creating naturally sourced home goods made of the highest-quality materials that are free of harmful chemicals and safe for the whole family. The like-minded brands collaborated on a line of non-toxic, plant-based items so you can cleanse and nourish your skin in a spa-like environment, right at home.

Learn more about this partnership in our blog, OSEA for Parachute: Behind the Design.

Shower Mist Set

Whether you like to lather up before work, at night or both, the Shower Mist Set will enhance your experience. With notes of lime, sweet orange and ginger, the Energize scent rejuvenates you in the morning, and the Calm bergamot-lavender aroma of this sustainable bathroom product is just the thing for winding down at the end of the day.

Want to achieve better shut-eye the natural way? See our article on Herbs That Help You Fall Asleep.

Bath Salt

The ultra-relaxing Sleep Time Bath Salt is one of the best cruelty-free bath products for folks who like a good soak before bed. Expect softer skin, a tranquil atmosphere and maybe even more restful sleep.

You can also make your own relaxing bath salt. Check out these 3 DIY Bath Salt Recipes for inspiration.

Body Balm

When you step out of the tub or shower, reach for the Anti-Aging Body Balm. Made of coconut oil, sea minerals and essential oils, this super-silky moisturizing lotion promises to nourish, soften and tighten your skin from head to toe. One of the most soothing sustainable bathroom products you’ll find.

Body Oil

If you love natural bath products, you'll appreciate Undaria Algae Body Oil. Featuring a blend of sunflower, acai pulp, linseed, rice bran and grapefruit peel oils, this seaweed-infused elixir nourishes, smooths and firms your skin, leaving uplifting aromatherapy in its wake. A must for your eco-friendly bathroom.

Want to make your entire home smell amazing without synthetic fragrances? Whip up one of these DIY Natural Room Sprays.

Hand Soap

The Purifying Hand Soap is perfect for your en-suite bathroom counter, guest bath or half-bath. It's made of plant-based ingredients like shea butter, aloe and lemon peel oil and comes in a sleek glass vessel.

Hand Cream

How about a matching lotion? Containing shea butter, hyaluronic acid and essential oils, this Hydrating Hand Cream delivers much-needed moisture to just-washed hands. This is among our favorite sustainable bathroom products for the winter months.

For more ideas, see our guide on How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa.

Organic Bar Soap

If you prefer bars over pump bottles, you'll appreciate Wild Lather's Cold Process Soap. The vegan formula contains a medley of skin-loving ingredients we like to see in natural bath products, including organic olive oil, shea butter, castor oil, Fair Trade coconut oil and kaolin clay. Plus, its three-sided design fits perfectly in the Triangle Soap Dish.

Pumice Stone

A pumice stone is an excellent addition to your eco bath setup. Made of real volcanic rock, this earth-sourced scrubber is impressively good at removing calluses from your feet and hands. Pumice is also naturally antimicrobial, meaning it won't harbor bacteria and mildew.

Biodegradable Sea Sponge

If an eco-friendly bathroom is the goal, you might also consider swapping out your plastic loofah for a Natural Sea Sponge. This sustainable bathroom product is made of 100% wool sponge (aka Spongia officinalis), a biodegradable and antimicrobial material that keeps bacteria at bay.

Shopping for someone else? Check out these Creative and Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas.

Plant-Based Hand Sanitizer

Amass Botanical Hand Sanitizer is one of the best natural bathroom products for half-baths and guest baths. A blend of fast-absorbing alcohol and essential oils inside the sleek, counter-worthy pump bottle provides added moisture and a bliss-inspiring dose of aromatherapy.

Read our article on Guest Bathroom Essentials for more decor ideas and design tips.

Other Eco-Conscious Products to Consider

Creating an eco-friendly bathroom filled with natural bath products is a great way to start living greener. When you're ready to expand your horizons, Parachute has lots of other organic and sustainable home goods for you to explore.

When you shop the organic collection, you'll find GOTS-certified sheets, duvet covers, quilts, pillowcases and decorative shams, plus cotton tees, pants and other comfy loungewear. Beyond that, you can find Oeko-Tex certified bedding, an eco-friendly mattress, ethically produced furniture, artisan-made baskets, table linens, dinnerware and so much more.

For additional ideas, check out these 35 Eco-Friendly Home Products for a Sustainable Household.