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35 Best Stylish Bathroom Color Scheme Ideas

tiled bathroom
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When it comes to decorating the home, bathroom colors are often an oversight. While it might not be where you gather or host, people spend a substantial amount of time in the bathroom — about 30 minutes per day, on average. And in most cases, your guests will get at least a glimpse of the space.

So, what are the best colors for a bathroom? The answer to this question isn't cut and dry. It depends on a few factors, like the decor in the rest of your home, your personal preferences and how much space you have to work with. Having said that, checking out some tastefully curated bathroom color schemes might help you come up with a few bathroom color ideas of your own.

35 Bathroom Color Ideas and Combos

Whether you're into pared-down neutrals, pops of color, deep moody hues, warm earthy tones or are open to any and all bathroom colors on the palette, you'll find something here that speaks to you. Let's get started.

Balanced Blend of Neutrals

neutral bathroom

One of the best bathroom color schemes is a balanced blend of neutrals. You can create a sophisticated medley with black, white, beige, grey and natural wood finishes. Coupled with the lush greenery of a few plants, the space definitely won't look bare.

If you’re looking for a neutral look around the house, explore the Neutral Bedroom Decor Ideas for Your Sleep Space guide.

Blush and Brown

Blush (aka millennial pink) is a surprisingly versatile hue. It goes beautifully with nearly any shade of brown, from mocha to camel to undyed wicker. Consider pairing a blush tub mat and towels with natural wood finishes in your bathroom.

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Organically Green

Nearly any shade of green can be considered neutral. The seasonless verdant hue is one of the best bathroom colors, whether you incorporate it with soft sage towels or a couple of humidity-friendly plants.

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Marled and Speckled

Towel colors are an important consideration when choosing colors for the bathroom. To add interest while sticking to a neutral theme, go with a set of marled grey or speckled white bath linens.

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Hint of Warmth

warm tones in the bathroom

Of course, neutrals are far from your only option. Some really gorgeous bathroom color schemes feature deep reds, rich browns, ochre and other warm tones.

See how these warm hues were incorporated into design influencer Ashley Hosmer's Los Angeles Home.

Classic Black and White

black and white bathroom

When it comes to simple yet striking aesthetic bathroom color ideas, you really can't go wrong with a black and white theme. One of the best ways to feature the classic combo is with tile flooring, but you can also do white cabinets with black knobs or a white porcelain tub painted black matte on the outside.

High Contrast

contrasting colors in the bathroom

The stark contrast of black and white will likely never go out of style, but if you want to soften it a bit, choose off-black and off-white shades. For instance, these charcoal waffle towels go well with ivory walls, but you could also do deep grey tile with bone-colored bath linens.

Black, White and Ochre

black white and ochre bathroom

Black and white bathroom color schemes can also be accented with a third color. See how ochre towels and a small vase of dried wheatgrass make the space pop without appearing too busy.

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Forest Green Accent

forest green accent

If you're working in tight quarters, you might think you're limited to pale tones, but forest green is actually one of the best small bathroom paint colors. You don't have to go all out either — a half-wall accent will make a subtle statement.

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All White But Full of Character

white bathroom

There's nothing wrong with an all-white design scheme. Choosing colors for a small bathroom can be tricky, but you can actually do a lot with a pared-down monochrome space. Break things up with textured flooring, vintage-inspired fixtures, tiled backsplash or a full subway-style wall.

Eclectic Mix

eclectic bathroom decor

Eclectic design is all about combining different styles, varying textures and contrasting hues to create a tasteful juxtaposition. If you appreciate a colorful bathroom, this decor approach might be right up your alley.

Hand-woven jute fibers are an excellent way to add texture to your space. Learn more in our blog, What Is a Jute Rug?

Naturally Monochrome

Featuring varying textures and configurations of the same medium wood finish, this is an elegant take on monochrome interior design. In addition to a slatted wall, wooden storage solutions and a moisture-resistant bamboo towel rack, it calls back the color with ribbed towels and bathroom accessories to match.

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Throwback Finishes

throwback finishes

Instead of light colors and modern fixtures, this handsome half-bath incorporates vintage and traditional pieces to make a bold, rebellious statement. A maximalist marble sink, molded brass sconces, an old-fashioned curved mirror and a framed historical artifact create an unexpectedly suave effect.

Gold Fixtures

gold fixtures

Gold accents are an easy way to make neutral bathroom colors pop. From drawer pulls, cabinet knobs and towel hooks to light fixtures, faucets and mirror frames, there are endless ways to include this metallic finish.

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Shades of Clay

The color of bathroom walls isn't the only way to add dimension and interest. For instance, this thoughtfully curated space features a terracotta backsplash with maximum grout exposure and muted clay fouta towels.

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Unexpected Color Combos

green and terra colors

Red and green color combos are typically reserved for the holiday season, but varying shades of these contrasting hues can actually work surprisingly well in bathrooms. Think terracotta and teal or sage and sienna.

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Elegant Play on Cement Grey

cement grey bathroom

Cement grey has a bare-bones, industrial aesthetic, but when combined with shiny metal fixtures, glam-inspired decor and luxurious bath linens, it can be quite elegant.

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Casual Pop of Color

orange pop of color in the bathroom

Looking for small bathroom color ideas? Consider a bold hue for a single fixture or furnishing, like this marigold shower caddy. It's eye-catching without clashing with the greenery and tile, plus it can be moved around as needed.

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Cream and Copper

Cream and copper combine in one of those bathroom color schemes that are simple yet refreshingly unique. See how the cream-colored towels offset the stunning reddish-brown metal hue of this freestanding tub.

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Moody Black Walls

black bathroom walls

Despite popular misconception, a dark bathroom color won't actually make the space feel smaller — or darker for that matter. So don't overlook charcoal and black when considering bathroom paint ideas.

If you like moody bathroom color schemes, you might think about decorating your sleeping quarters with a similar style. Here's How to Design a Black Bedroom.

White and Wood

white walls and wood

For those who prefer light bathroom colors, white and wood are a foolproof combination. The hues contrast each other beautifully without being overbearing. And with waffle bath towels and woven baskets, the space will have plenty of texture.

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The Rule of Three

tri colored bathroom

When you're stuck on ideas for bathroom colors, consider the rule of three. The design concept says to choose one primary color, plus two other complementing tones. For instance, this bathroom features dark grey walls and floors as its primary color, then accents the deep shade with medium wood finishes and white porcelain for the tub and sinks.

Subtle Sunset Scheme

A sunset color scheme can also be really lovely. Sienna, terracotta, clay, ochre and even blush play well together and can be integrated with backsplash, tile floors, towels or a shower curtain.

Check out our Guide to Shower Curtains for tips on selecting the perfect curtain for your space.

Cool-Warm Combo

The best bathroom color schemes usually feature cool or warm tones, but there are no rules saying you have to pick a side. See how this matte grey pumice stone tub is accented with the rich ochre of these ribbed towels and a warm wooden bath tray.

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Less Color, More Pattern

patterned bathroom

If you're out of bathroom color ideas or just aren't a fan of bright, bold hues, you can make a statement with patterns. Think mosaic flooring, herringbone backsplash, shiplap walls or neutral printed wallpaper.

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Rustic Maximalist

rustic maximalism

If your design preferences are a bit more rustic, lean in with your bathroom colors. From brick and weathered wood to tarnished brass accents and terracotta towels, there are endless ways to make it your own.

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Totally Taupe

taupe bathroom

Taupe walks the line between cool and warm with finesse. Not quite beige but not grey either, this versatile hue is one of the best small bathroom colors for a neutral design scheme. Best of all, you can use cool or warm accents, like shiny gold fixtures or grey printed wallpaper.

Grey and Gold

grey and gold bathroom

This glamorous bathroom does an excellent job combining not only cool and warm colors but also glossy and flat finishes. See how the matte grey cabinetry and light grey rug act as a neutral base for the shiny gold fixtures, beveled mirrors and glazed herringbone tile.

Strikingly Stormy

stormy toned bathroom

While your bathroom decor should be somewhat of an extension of your entire home's color scheme, it can be fun to flip things around in your half-bath. For instance, let's say the rest of your home features white as the primary color with medium wood furnishings and charcoal accents. Then in the powder room, you can use charcoal as the base color and accent it with white and wood.

Statement Tub

bold statement tub

One of the best ways to add a pop of color to a bathroom is with a statement tub. If yours is the clawfoot variety, it should be fairly easy to coat the exterior with matte ceramic paint.

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Dove Grey All Day

dove grey

Dove grey is kind of like the cool-toned version of beige. The pale hue is a stunning choice for wall paint, bathroom cabinetry, floating shelves or even just towels.

See how the color is used with bedding and decor in our blog, How to Design and Style a Grey Bedroom.

Deep Blue Something

deep blue bathroom

Dark blue and deep teal are seasonless colors that work well in bathrooms. These shades are more versatile than you'd think, too, pairing beautifully with white, cream, grey, green and nearly any metal finish.

Learn more about marine colorways in our article, A History of Artistic Blues.

Simply Sage

sage shower

Sage is a soft color that can be implemented into a bathroom in myriad ways. You could do brick-lay shower walls, mermaid tile floors or just muted green organic towels with eucalyptus leaves to call back the color.

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Patterns and Prints

patterned bathroom

Wallpaper is having a comeback. Today's options come in nearly any print or pattern you can imagine. And unlike the sheets of yesteryear, many are temporary (aka peel-and-stick), meaning they won't ruin the paint underneath.

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Texture Over Color

When in doubt, prioritize texture over color. See how this minimalist bathroom adds interest to its mostly white theme with woven baskets, vertical shiplap walls and marble tile flooring.

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