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The Colors and Comforts of Ashley Hosmer’s Los Angeles Home

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Ashley Hosmer’s new Los Angeles home is a charming collection of character, vibrant colors, art and furniture that were carefully selected to make her feel cozy, energized and inspired. We’ve been following along as her and her husband intentionally bring each room to life in a way that is all their own. Below she gives us a glimpse into their approach -- follow @ashleyhosmer for the full story and daily inspiration. 

Where do you live and what do you love about your city?

Los Angeles. LA is unique in that you can find every type of food and the best version of that food. It’s a culturally diverse city and that’s reflected in the food. You can have the best banh mi in a strip mall in the San Gabriel Valley for lunch and authentic Pakistani curry in Lawndale for dinner.

How would you describe your design style?

Colorful, comfortable, and inviting. I am drawn to color and comfort so that’s what I focus on. I want something to look good but it has to be comfortable and suit our needs. 

What room or item captures the most about your personality?

My bed and all of my Parachute linen. I have a really colorful headboard and rotate in different linen bedding. It’s bright and inviting and I like to think of myself the same way.

What’s been the biggest design challenge in your home?

The pandemic hit two months after we moved in, so making our space work as we transitioned to working from home was the biggest challenge. My husband took the garage, and I took the dining room table.

What is the one room that you gravitate to the most?

The kitchen. This is where we connect over meals or while my husband cooks.

We love your living room too, what anchors it? What’s next for that space?

The rug brings it all together. When we moved to this home, the rugs I had were too small for the space so once I got one that was the right size, the whole room made sense. It’s amazing how a rug can pull a space together. What’s next? I’ve been searching for the perfect coffee table and side tables, but I haven’t found them yet. I’m happy with what we have but looking to change them when the right pieces come along.

What is one thing you won't allow in your living room?


How do you unwind at home?

I light a candle, work on a puzzle and watch tv, so much tv.

What Parachute Home item do you look forward to bringing home soon?

Plus-size launch of robes -- so that I can become the robe person I’m destined to be. Really looking forward to seeing anything else Parachute launches. I know that whatever comes next, I’ll want it.

What is the best decorating advice that you have ever gotten or can give out?

Here’s what I learned the hard way – don’t rush design, don’t rush to “finish” a room. You’ll end up with pieces you don’t love and a home that doesn’t reflect you. Take your time styling your home to make it a space you truly love.

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