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Best Neutral Bedroom Color & Decor Ideas For Your Sleep Space

bedroom with neutral colors
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Looking to redecorate your bedroom in a trendy yet timeless style and color palette? You should seriously consider transforming your sleep space into a neutral decor heaven. Neutrals sometimes get a bad rap for being dull or lacking character, but when used properly, they can revitalize your space.

Colors that lack the intensity of bold shades add universal appeal and a sense of Zen and serenity. Neutral bedroom decor has a modern, effortlessly chic vibe that will never go out of style.

Read on for a breakdown of the trendiest neutral bedroom ideas that will help you give your bedroom a magazine-worthy makeover.

Benefits of a Neutral Color Bedroom

A neutral master bedroom can look incredibly sophisticated and classic. First of all, it gives the illusion of a brighter and more expansive space. It’s easy to decorate with neutrals because the style is versatile and the colors can be combined for a beautiful and timeless look. Even if you decide to re-paint a wall or change up the furniture down the line, you won’t need to do a complete decor overhaul. 

As an added bonus, if you ever plan on selling your home or putting it on Airbnb, a neutral color palette will make it easier for buyers or renters to better visualize the space’s full potential. 

Follow along with the neutral bedroom decor ideas shared below to understand the power a neutral bedroom has to offer. 

Best Neutral Bedroom Colors

Neutral colors are defined in the design space as hues without much intensity — hues you wouldn’t find on a standard color wheel. White, beige, brown, grey, taupe, tan and black are all neutral colors. Of course, there are shades to every color, and that’s where you have to be a little careful. Certain neutrals come with undertones that can make decorating with them a challenge. For example, light grey can come with pink undertones.

With that in mind, it’s best to choose a traditional black, white, ivory, grey or beige. These are elegant colors that go with absolutely everything and invoke a sense of calmness. And if you would like to include an eye-catching accent, do it with silver or gold — metallics are neutrals, too.

Neutral Bedroom Decor Ideas

From neutral bedding ideas to tips on selecting and styling bedroom furniture, here is a roundup of the best decor tips that will help you achieve an elegant and modern neutral bedroom aesthetic.

Mix Cool and Warm Shades

Decorating with neutrals doesn’t have to mean working with shades that lack character. Hues like charcoal, concrete grey and dark brown are considered cool, while tan, beige and ivory add a sense of warmness and coziness. Don’t be afraid to mix and match shades from both categories for a balanced and homey look. Consider a white bed sheet set topped with a Linen Duvet Cover in charcoal. Or a wooden bench, ladder or dresser in a dark finish. There are many ways that you can infuse plenty of personality into your bedroom with neutrals. 

Monochrome Palettes

A neutral monochrome palette is far from boring. The key to pulling off this trend is incorporating textiles with different textures and finishes. Check out this beautifully styled bed in an off-white shade. The Linen Sham Set, Cloud Cotton Duvet Cover Set, chunky blanket and embroidered rug all add different dimensions to the overall look of this beige and white bedroom. This neutral bedroom idea pairs well with hardwood floors.

Create Contrast

Opposites attract in neutral bedrooms. There are multiple ways to create contrast in a room decorated with neutral shades.

One way is to play with your bedding. Layer bed sheets in white or light beige, with pillows and blankets in dark grey or brown for a more eclectic look. Another way to achieve this look is to select bedding and furniture in contrasting shades for a more minimalist and sleek appeal. Whichever way you prefer, rest assured that the result will be incredibly chic and wow-worthy.

Dark Bedding Promotes Comfort

Many people stay away from dark colors for fear of making their rooms feel somber or cavernous. Dark neutrals and even black can look sophisticated and are a stylish choice for a bedroom. Dark greys and browns look very organic and add a calming, Zen vibe to a bedroom. They look incredibly cozy and inviting when you use them in your bedding.

If you’d like to learn more about using black in your bedroom decor, read our guide on How to Design a Black Bedroom Beyond Monochrome.

Add Texture to Your Bed

As mentioned above, playing with texture is key to pulling off a monochrome look. But using different bedding materials and finishes is also essential when you decorate with various neutral colors. The reason for this is that neutral shades can sometimes fall flat. You can introduce depth and variety by styling your bed in sateen or linen bedding and then topping it off with a faux fur throw in beige, throw pillows in suede or chunky knits. Use this neutral bedroom idea can add variety to your space.

Neutral Linen Bedding is Always a Winner

While there are many bedding materials to choose from, if you’re going for the effortless look of a perfectly messy bed, the easiest way to achieve it is to invest in linen bedding in a neutral color.

Linen has a very organic look. Even when wrinkled, it lends a boho-chic vibe, perfectly complemented by earthy neutrals such as beige, off-white, light grey and tan.

Read everything you need to know about linen in our post: Linen: Know Your Bedding Like a Designer.

Opt for a Headboard in a Neutral Shade

Since the bed is the focal point of your bedroom or a guest bedroom, its bed frame or headboard often plays an important role in tying the decor together. If you’re going for a classic decor aesthetic, consider a wooden or upholstered headboard in a warm neutral hue like sandy beige, taupe or greige (a combination of grey and beige). You can add more dramatic neutrals to this beige bedroom idea (like black or dark grey) to make a refreshing statement.

Consider All White

There are several reasons why an all-white bedroom look is so popular. White makes a room feel larger and brighter, so it’s an excellent option for smaller spaces that don’t get a lot of sunlight.

White is also associated with cleanliness and freshness, and can lend to a calm bedroom aesthetic. The shade promotes mental clarity and helps alleviate stress. That’s why this neutral bedroom idea can give your space a more relaxing feel.

Lastly, white — like black — is sleek, elegant and timeless. This makes it a perfect option for neutral bedroom decor.

Learn more about styling an all-white room in the blog post: How to Design and Style a White Bedroom.

Incorporate Wood and Natural Accents

Many neutral shades are considered earthy colors. Sandy beige, light grey that mimics clouds, and browns reminiscent of different types of woods are just a few examples. Use this natural association to your advantage, and bring the outdoors inside by selecting furniture pieces and accessories in these tones. Add furniture pieces in natural fibers such as jute and seagrass, place a wooden stool next to your bed to serve as a nightstand or install a wall hanging in a variety of earthy shades.

Add a Rug

Rugs are decor multitaskers. One benefit to rugs is their power to anchor your furniture. A beautiful rug in a chic neutral shade can add character and a completed look to your bedroom. Looks aside, it’s also great to have a soft and warm surface to put your feet on after waking up.

For an eclectic boho look, opt for a Medallion Wool Kilim rug in an abstract or geometrical pattern. It adds a warming touch to this neutral bedroom idea.

Wall Art is Essential

The ultimate proof that neutrals can pack quite the visual punch is this eye-catching work of art composed of fedora hats in different shades of beige and brown. It adds a retro look to this otherwise modern cream bedroom. Yet it’s such a simple concept and so impactful (and practical, too, if you don’t have much storage space for your hat collection).

Art can sometimes be the missing link between your furniture and design inspiration. It can tie everything together and breathe life into a space. Whether you select a macrame hanging in an off-white shade or a hand-woven jute installation in beige, don’t be afraid to go bold.

Grey Color Scheme

An all-grey bedroom can look extremely elegant and sophisticated. Here, shades of grey — from steel to charcoal grey — are sprinkled into every element of the room, creating a chic and cozy feel. More neutrals — in brown, beige and wooden accents — add warmth and make the space trendy but incredibly inviting.

Read more tips on decorating a grey bedroom in our blog post: How to Design and Style a Grey Bedroom.

Get Bedroom Color Ideas From a Parachute Stylist

There aren’t any hard and fast rules for what colors to paint your bedroom or how to decorate it when the paint is dry. The key idea is to explore styles you like, and develop a relaxing ambiance.

If you're not sure what neutral shades to use and you’d like some expert guidance, a Parachute design consultant can help. During your free phone or video consultation, your dedicated stylist will take a peek at your space, ask a few questions about your style preferences and make helpful and personalized suggestions.

Schedule your one-on-one consultation with a Parachute stylist today!

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