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Best Organic Pillowcases: What Sustainable Options to Look For

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When you slide into bed at the end of a long day, you want to be as comfy as possible. But if you're an eco-friendly shopper, strive to live a green lifestyle and care about the state of the environment, you might also want to lay your head on sustainable materials — namely, organic pillowcases.

What does this mean exactly, and how do you know if yours are up to par? Read on for answers to these questions, along with insight into what to look for in sustainable pillowcases and organic bedding.

What Are Organic Pillowcases?

Sustainable pillowcases are made with eco-friendly organic cotton. Generally, you can count on the best sustainable pillow brands to adhere to environmentally conscious production practices and a fair supply chain. 

GOTSⓇ certified organic cotton bedding meets rigorous standards to ensure eco-friendly materials are used and ethical manufacturing processes are 

So, how do organic pillowcases benefit the environment, and are they actually better for your health? Read on to find out.

Why Are Organic Pillowcases Better for the Environment?

One of the primary reasons eco-friendly pillowcases are good for the environment is that they're often made from renewable materials that quickly and naturally replenish themselves. For instance, cotton plants have a nine-month lifecycle, meaning the harvested fibers grow back in under a year.

Non-renewable resources, on the other hand, aren't easy to replace. This generally means they can't be replenished at a quick enough pace to keep up with use.

In addition to being a renewable resource, organically grown cotton doesn't disrupt the environment's biodiversity or water quality and has a minimal impact on global climate change, so buying an organic non-toxic pillowcase is a wise choice for the future of the planet. 

Are Organic Pillowcases Made Ethically? 

Organic Bed Sheet set product photo 

Organic pillowcases are made with the highest ethical standards thanks to rigorous oversight from GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). All textile workers deserve to choose their employment freely and work a reasonable number of hours in safe conditions. GOTS makes that goal a reality.

Since the early 2000s, GOTS has implemented and maintained important protections for the environment, and for garment and textile workers around the world. GOTS certified organic textiles are made without the use of toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. They’re also grown and harvested in ways that protect and replenish soil fertility for long lasting ecological health.

Worker Protections

Workers who manufacture and process GOTS certified textiles like organic cotton are protected from dangerous work environments thanks to ongoing GOTS oversight. As a result, working conditions are safe, and workers are free to assemble and associate for collective bargaining. 

Thanks to GOTS policies, consumers can feel confident that any GOTS certified organic textile was ethically and sustainably produced. Whenever you rest your head on a GOTS certified organic, ethically-made pillowcase, you can truly relax. You’ll always know that your organic pillowcase is an investment in our planet’s future.

Are Organic Pillowcases Soft and Cozy?

Over the past few decades, consumers have been conditioned to believe that thread count is the definitive measure of softness for bedding components like sheets and pillowcases. But when it comes to assessing textile softness, claims about thread count can be misleading. Factors like the presence of chemicals, manufacturing methods, and quality of textile fibers are far more important when it comes to softness.

Organic cotton is among the most naturally cozy, softest materials available. That’s because organic cotton is free from the harsh chemicals that can taint other bedding materials. Some bedding textiles are artificially softened with chemicals like formaldehyde and silicone to make up for shortcomings in the harvesting and weaving processes. Organic cotton simply doesn’t need that sort of chemical interference to provide superior softness.

The Softest Cotton from the Most Delicate Process

Mass production of non-organic cotton often relies on more aggressive, speed-focused harvesting, environmentally harmful machinery and chemical defoliators. These methods can damage delicate cotton fibers. Organic cotton is harvested more gently, maintaining the natural softness of the original cotton plant to create the softest clothing, sheets and the best organic cotton pillowcases.

Eco-friendly pillowcases and other bedding made from organic cotton are naturally soft and cozy thanks to cotton’s inherent downy softness. The organic cotton pillowcases you’ll find at Parachute take fabric quality even further, using gentle garment dyeing and washing techniques that make each pillowcase as naturally soft as possible.

Forget about pillowcases that feel scratchy wash after wash. Parachute’s organic cotton pillowcases will give you a sense of familiar comfort from the very first use.

What About Organic Cotton Shams?

The organic cotton shams you’ll discover at Parachute are wonderfully soft and made from the same GOTS certified organic cotton as our organic cotton pillowcases. Whether you select a traditional Organic Cotton Sham or our popular Organic Air Cotton Sham, you can design a perfectly soft and comfortable bedroom to suit your style.

Organic shams come in a few different sizes and configurations to suit any bedroom design. Euro (or european shams) are square, while more traditional organic cotton shams come in queen and king sizes to match your pillows. Organic Air Cotton Shams and Organic Euro Shams feature a unique 3-ply gauze fabrication that makes them extra fluffy and soft, with a subtle texture you’re bound to love. 

Coming home to a freshly made bed is always a great feeling at the end of a long day. That’s why adding a GOTS certified organic cotton sham to your favorite pillows, throw pillows and accent pillows in your bedding collection is always a smart choice. 

The following article offer more detailed guidance on choosing a pillowcase or sham, Pillowcase and Sham Guide: How to Choose the Best Options for Your Bedroom

Labels to Look For

So, how do you know if your pillowcases, sheets and duvet are sustainable? Keep an eye out for these labels.

Global Organic Textile Standard: The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a global leader in textile processing standards for cotton and wool. A GOTS certification ensures a textile was made without chemicals that have been shown to cause cancer, birth defects and other serious health conditions.²

Oeko-Tex: When a textile carries an Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label, each component of the product has been tested to ensure it's free of substances that could harm the environment or your health.⁵

Parachute is committed to sustainable manufacturing, and is proud to offer organic cotton bedding that is both GOTS and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. Get more details on why these certifications matter in our articles:


What Is Oeko-Tex? Learn About This Textile Certification Standard

What is GOTS Certified Organic Cotton? Why It Matters


Other Organic Cotton Home Essentials to Consider

Parachute makes it easy to fill your bedroom with eco-friendly, socially responsible and ethical organic cotton. Choose softness and social consciousness for every element of your bedding with our organic cotton bedding collection. 

Organic Bedding

If the idea of resting your head on a super soft organic cotton pillowcase already has you feeling relaxed, imagine what a full organic cotton bedding set will do for your peace of mind! Our organic cotton bedding collection comes in a soothing color palette, so you can mix and match styles, textures and colors and still maintain a cohesive bedroom design.

Organic Cotton Sheets

Organic Cotton Fitted Sheets and Organic Cotton Top Sheets are GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified to meet strict environmental, chemical and socially responsible standards. With a crisp, clean weave that’s naturally soft without chemical softening agents, you’ll spend all day thinking about slipping under the covers and getting cozy.

Organic Cotton Quilts and Duvet Covers

Explore the Best Organic Bed Sheets: What to Look for in Organic Bedding guide for more details. 

On nights when you crave a little extra warmth without a lot of bulk or weight, the Organic Air Cotton Quilt is the perfect choice. With 3-ply, fabulously soft organic cotton and a soothing, attractive texture, you can get cozy without feeling overheated or weighed down.

In cooler seasons, a fluffy duvet makes every bed feel like a luxurious cloud. An Organic Cotton Duvet Cover protects your bedding while introducing another layer of GOTS certified organic cotton softness close to your skin. With twill ties at all four corners and a convenient button closure, covering your duvet in soft organic cotton is easier than ever.

Organic Loungewear & Robes

Organic cotton loungewear and robes make it easy to start your day with a sense of satisfaction and confidence. Our Women’s Organic Cotton Pants, and Organic Cotton Tee carry an Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, so you can confidently wear them without concern of harsh chemical additives, dyes or softeners coming in contact with your skin. 

Each component in our organic cotton loungewear collection is naturally soft and has just enough stretch thanks to an airy jersey knit fabric.

When you’re fresh out of the shower, or want to put on an extra layer to grab the paper off the porch, the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified Organic Cotton Robe is an excellent selection. With side seam pockets, a removable belt and a neutral color palette, you’ll look great and feel your best.

For more information about the best organic clothing, read on:

Best Organic Robes: What to Look for In Sustainable Robes

Best Organic Clothing: What to Look for in Sustainable Clothes

Organic Bath Essentials

Step out of the shower and into a soft, ultra-absorbent and quick drying towel. Organic Cotton Towels carry the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and GOTS certifications, so you can wrap up and dry off knowing you’ve banished harsh chemicals and unsustainable textiles from your bathroom.

A subtle pebble texture and soothing color palette make it easy to carry the relaxation of a hot shower into the rest of your morning routine. All of our Organic Cotton Towels are naturally soft, solid dyed and garment washed so you’ll never have to worry about that scratchy breaking-in phase with your new towels.

Complete your bath collection with an Organic Cotton Tub Mat. Generously sized and featuring a soft, pleasing texture, you’ll be happy to rest your feet on this thick, absorbent layer of GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton. With a clean, simple hem, your tub mat will perfectly compliment the sophisticated and soothing style of your bedding and bath collections.

Sleep Sustainably with Organic Pillowcases

Peace of mind and soft, cozy bedding are the perfect combination for deep, restful sleep. That’s why Parachute places so much value and emphasis on sustainable, ethically produced and environmentally friendly materials.

Selecting the best organic cotton pillowcases, bedding, loungewear and bath linens will give you the satisfaction of knowing you’re supporting ethical working conditions and environmentally friendly growing and manufacturing processes. Soft fabrics and physical comfort are important, but GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton textiles for your home are vital investments for the future of the planet and all its inhabitants.

Select from any of Parachute’s organic cotton pillowcases and know that you’re an important part of the sustainability movement.

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