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6 Reasons to Shop Our Back to School Bedding
Parachute Team - January 2, 2022

Learn more about the best bath and bedding materials for college like fabrics, sizes, and more.

Down Comforter 101: What is Fill Power?
ERIN SCOTTBERG - November 21, 2021

Down fill power is a measurement of how fluffy the down is. Learn more about how to understand down fill power at Parachute.

pillows on a bed
PARACHUTE TEAM - November 5, 2021

Everything you need to know about sustainable pillows.

PARACHUTE TEAM - August 26, 2021

Forty percent of Americans don’t use a Top Sheet, choosing to sleep between a Fitted Sheet and Duvet Comforter. 

Throw pillows on a couch.
PARACHUTE TEAM - August 20, 2021

Style your pillows like a pro.

Layer Your Bed Like a Stylist
Parachute Team - June 6, 2021

A step-by-step guide for assembling your coziest bed yet.

Mattress in bedroom.
Parachute Team - June 2, 2021

A handy breakdown on the best mattress and bedding protectors

Pillow Guide: How to Choose the Right Pillow
Parachute Team - May 17, 2021

Facts and ergonomic stats you must consider.

Pillows and bed outdoors.
Parachute Team - March 16, 2021

Your dream pillow is only a few questions away.

Mt. Washington Pottery
Parachute Team - March 14, 2019

Pop in Beth Katz’s East L.A. pottery studio and watch how this collaboration came to life.

Sarah Sherman Samuel, Designer and Blogger
Bedtime Routines
Parachute Team - May 29, 2017

Here, a little pillow talk with the Smitten Studio blogger and art director Sarah Sherman Samuel.