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6 Reasons to Shop Our Back to School Bedding

6 Reasons to Shop Our Back to School Bedding
Written By
Parachute Team
Photographs By
And North

Late nights are the currency of success in college, whether you’re partying ’til dawn or pulling all nighters at the library. As a university student, sleep is the last thing on your mind, and when your head finally hits the pillow, it’s well overdue. Too bad, then, that kids often scrimp on quality bedding at school. Well, that’s where we come in. Parachute makes premium bedding at an accessible price, and we’re offering students a few very good reasons to shop our back to school bedding now…


Twin XL Bedding? We Got That

Standard issue dorm mattresses are long and skinny to accommodate varying heights. Those lucky enough to find sheets that fit these awkward dimensions usually end up with scratchy materials (or unsightly prints). Don’t sleep on uncomfortable fabric  good rest is a precious commodity in school! Our Twin XL sheets are made of 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton, the best in the world.


The Venice Set Has Everything You Need

Moving into a dorm is stressful, but the Venice Set bundles your bedding essentials for ease and convenience. It includes a fitted sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase(s). Plus, for every Venice Set sold, Parachute donates one life-saving bed net through our partnership through Nothing But Nets. Added bonus: You didn’t have to trek to a crowded, disorganized big box store to get any of this.


Mix and Match Colors to Show Your School Pride

School spirit slowly seeps its way into every aspect of college life  most of all, your room. Whether you go all out to match your university pennant to your artwork  or if you want to start subtly with just your sheets, you can customize collegiate bedding colors easily via our bedding separates.


You Can’t Snuggle Without a Duvet

Duvets are the top of bed comforters that keep you warm and cozy. You basically can’t snuggle without one. Because while sheets are the foundation for a dreamy sleep experience, a duvet is the fluffy layer that tops it all off. Parachute offers all season and lightweight duvets depending upon whether you’re a hot or cold sleeper (or if your building blasts the heat at night), as well as Down Alternative Duvets with 100% hypoallergenic microfiber fill.


We’re Oeko-Tex Certified

You know what’s cool? Giving a darn about the Earth and Global Warming. But don’t just talk the talk at school. Make a difference by choosing brands that help protect the environment. Parachute bedding is Oeko-Tex certified, meaning there are no harmful substances, synthetic finishes or dyes used in our manufacturing processes. Your bedding order also arrives in a fabric pouch that can be reused for organizing small personal items. Win win.


You Can Add a Cashmere Throw

Want to step it up an notch and really impress the kids this semester? An alpaca throw is ideal for late night study sessions and for layering en route to class on crisp cold mornings. And also for hungover Netflix binges. Made of alpaca spun in Peru, these throws are supremely well crafted and will endure beyond your college years.