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Best Slippers: Materials & Colors to Consider

classic white turkish cotton slippers
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Nothing says “welcome home” like coming through the front door, taking off your heavy, restricting work shoes and letting your feet settle into a cozy pair of warm slippers. 

Putting on your most comfortable slippers creates a dividing line between the stresses of the day and the joys of home. It’s like slipping into a sensation of instant relaxation.

But which slipper materials are the coziest? Follow along to find your next ultra-cozy pair. 

Choosing the Best House Slippers Makes a Big Difference

We all want that perfect pair of slippers, but with so many varieties on the market, finding the right pair can take some work. Don’t settle for subpar slippers or try to keep a worn out pair going for another year. Instead, invest in well-made slippers for combined comfort and longevity!

We’ll cover some of the most important things to consider when choosing your next pair of slippers so you can start relaxing at home in your favorite loungewear!

Finding the Best Slippers Materials for You

Slippers vary considerably in style, material, functionality and level of support. Sure, stepping into a pair of flip-flops is quick and easy, but on chilly mornings, or when you want a bit more protection for your feet, you’ll be glad you invested in a high-quality pair of slippers.

The most comfortable slippers for women and men alike will feature a good balance of quality materials, warmth and ergonomics to protect your delicate joints and muscles. It’s always wise to consider slippers with grippy soles, cushioned footbeds and soft materials that feel good against your skin.

Below, you’ll find a few of the coziest materials to help end your search for the most comfortable slipper on the market.

Turkish Cotton Slippers

Turkish cotton is among the most versatile materials for house slippers. Soft, cozy and easy to care for, these slippers are warm enough for chilly mornings without making you feel stuffy or sweaty after a few hours of wear.

If you’re looking for a simple, straightforward, plush, terry slip-on, our Classic Turkish Cotton Slippers are the perfect choice. A full-coverage design keeps toes warm on frosty mornings spent indoors or out.

Learn more about Turkish cotton in our guide, What is Turkish Cotton? Is It Any Good or Better Than Egyptian Cotton?

Ribbed Cotton Terry Slippers

When your goal is supportive cushioning with plenty of breathability, a cotton terry-slide-style house slipper is exactly what you need. With an open toe design and the same soft material as your favorite cozy bath towel, you can post up on the couch, sip coffee on the patio or catch up on your emails in comfort and style.

Soft Rib Slippers feature plenty of support thanks to a padded footbed and a grippy rubber sole, so no matter where you roam, your toes can breathe and your feet will thank you.

Shearling Wool Slippers

Shearling wool is a fan-favorite material for a range of purposes. From cozy throw rugs in drafty hallways to toasty, soft slippers, shearling wool is known for combined warmth and breathability. It’s even a popular material for cuffs and collars on winter coats.

When you want to feel like you’ve wrapped your feet in a fluffy cloud, Shearling Wool Clogs are among the best wool slipper options around. They even have a sturdy foam sole with a rubber tread so you can grab the mail or head to the drive through without changing your footwear.

Suede and Wool

Suede and leather slippers get high marks for durability, warmth and protection from the elements. From a classic moccasin to contemporary indoor slippers, suede adds a touch of style to your lounging attire. 

With a cozy Australian shearling wool lining and a soft suede sole that provides plenty of grip without scuffing your floors, Suede Slippers are always a wise choice for busy mornings, lazy afternoons and everything in between.

Waffle Weave Cotton

Honeycomb waffle-weave cotton is the perfect indoor slipper material. Thick cushioning meets a light and airy texture for the perfect balance of coverage and support. Plus, waffle-weave cotton is machine washable, so your warm slippers are as easy to maintain as your favorite towel or bathrobe.

Waffle Bootie slippers are ideal for those of us who want a bit more coverage. You’ll stay effortlessly comfortable and wonderfully draft-free from your toes to your ankles in these cozy, washable slippers.

Soothing Colors for Cozy Lounging

According to psychologists, the colors that surround us can have lasting effects on our mood and feeling of well being. Bright colors often energize us while more muted natural tones usually soothe us and inspire an overall sense of relaxation.

When you’re shopping for slippers and other loungewear, selecting colors that make you feel peaceful and relaxed is always a good idea. Ditch the cheetah print slides and hot-pink fuzzy slippers. Instead, curate your downtime with some of our most relaxing and popular colors like tan, gray, terra, mineral, clay, fawn, blush and white. 

Life is too short to feel frenzied at home. Choose bliss and satisfaction instead.

Ethically Made Slippers

It’s so much easier to relax in a pair of slippers that you know won’t harm the environment or your health. Choosing ethically made slippers means feeling confident that your spending dollars only support safe textile manufacturing practices and materials you’ll feel good about having near your skin.

Oeko-Tex Standards for Safer Textiles

Oeko-Tex is an independent organization created to keep the textile industry safer and more honest about the manufacturing process. With 17 independent research and testing institutes worldwide, Oeko-Tex provides the information you need to support only the most ethical and safety-focused brands.

Achieving Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification involves meeting a series of rigorous requirements to ensure textiles are completely free from harmful substances. Oeko-Tex bases their standards on scientific and health focused studies rather than various legal requirements in manufacturing countries. This ensures that textiles containing dangerous chemicals can’t reach consumers through foreign regulatory loopholes.

Learn more about why Oeko-Tex certification matters when it comes to eco-friendly products and ethical manufacturing (and Parachute’s commitment to sustainability) below:

What is Oeko-Tex? Why This Certification Matters

Best Oeko-Tex Sheets, Towels, & Home Essentials

Safer Indoor Slippers Give You Peace of Mind

Popular slippers like the Classic Turkish Cotton Slippers, Soft Rib Slippers and Waffle Booties you’ll find at Parachute feature Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified materials. So when you kick off your shoes, you can kick off your worries too. 

Slip into our Oeko-Tex 100 certified Turkish Cotton, knowing that you’re keeping hazardous chemicals like formaldehyde, AZO dyes and chromium off your body and out of your home.

Maintain Long Lasting Slippers With Proper Care

Part of preserving a peaceful home is keeping your home textiles clean, fresh and soft. Take care of your favorite slippers with proper washing and drying so they’ll last longer and continue to provide ultimate comfort and warmth.

Care for Turkish Cotton Slippers

Turkish cotton is one of the easiest fabrics to care for. The Classic Turkish Cotton Slippers, Waffle Booties and Soft Rib Slippers you’ll discover at Parachute are all machine washable. You can wash them using gentle detergent with a load of towels or cotton bath rugs. To prolong your slippers’ lifespan, avoid bleach, fabric softener and powdered detergents.

Care for Suede and Slippers 

For best results, simply spot-clean your Suede Slippers or Shearling Wool Clogs with mild detergent designed for use with wool. Always air dry your suede or wool slippers after cleaning.

Combining Socks and Slippers

Sweaty feet happen. If you tend to sweat, even in the colder months of the year, wearing socks with your slippers can help keep your feet dryer so your footwear stays nice and fresh. Cotton Marled Socks are a great, easily machine washable option to pair with your favorite indoor slippers for added comfort and longevity.

Head to Toe Relaxation

Popping on comfy slippers at the end of the day will make your feet breathe a sigh of relief. Spread the love to the rest of your body with other lounge-focused accessories!

Wrap Up in Coziness

When you want to maximize relaxation or stay warm on the couch, there’s nothing better than a soft, well-made robe. Whether you prefer a lightweight Cloud Cotton Robe, a plush Classic Turkish Cotton Robe or a textured Waffle Robe to match your Waffle Booties, wrapping up in luxury fabrics will make you feel like you’re having a spa day!

Fashion Friendly Loungewear

Dressing comfortably doesn’t have to mean looking unkempt! Ditch the worn out sweats and slip into delightfully soft and casual loungewear tops and bottoms. With plenty of options in organic cotton and ultra-soft linen for men and women, you can celebrate any day spent at home in style. 

Extend Your Comfort to the Bath

Pair every relaxing bath or refreshing shower with a soft, eco-friendly and ethically conscious, absorbent towel. From our Classic Turkish Cotton Towels reminiscent of your favorite luxury hotel, to our Soft Rib Towels designed for impressive absorbency and faster drying times, it's easy to fill your bathroom with quality textiles.