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Why Plants Improve Mornings, With The Sill

Why Plants Improve Mornings, With The Sill
Written By
The Sill
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Jordana Nicholson
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Not everyone is a morning person – and that’s okay. However, there are a few things you can do to embrace the early hours (and we don’t just mean crushing a giant mug of coffee). Did you know the presence of houseplants will improve even the toughest mornings? Not only are they beautiful to behold, but plants also make you happier and healthier.

Image of plants on a window sill behind a bed

What House Plants Do

House plants improve air quality by naturally converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. They filter out toxins that accumulate in stagnant air (such as formaldehyde), which are released by synthetic building materials. As if cleaning your air wasn’t enough, indoor plants also boost your mood, reduce your stress and increase productivity and creativity – hello, best friends.

Plus, plants are super therapeutic to care for. No matter which plant you pick, adding them to your space – and your morning routine – is well worthwhile. While your cup of coffee brews, give your plant a quick once over. Monitor it for signs of growth and general well-being, and then reflect on your own. Meditate on its natural beauty, breathing deeply and appreciating the clean air it provides. Give it a little water and remind yourself to hydrate this morning. Acknowledge your gratitude for its life and yours. Admire it. Let it make you happy.

Did we mention plants are great listeners? A plant companion will make your morning a little better. Get out all of your aggression about that know-it-all co-worker before you get to the office – then arrive to work happier and healthier.

The Best Plant for Your Morning Routine

Whether you’re an early riser or someone who hits the snooze button six times, we promise there’s a plant for you. Read on to find the perfect plant to complement your morning routine, care of indoor plant experts, The Sill.

Image of a potted plant on a stool.

The Snoozer

If hitting the snooze button repeatedly, pulling the sheets over your head and contemplating quitting your job for an extra hour of sleep sound familiar, consider a snake plant or a ZZ plant. These plants thrive even when neglected and tolerate dim light better than most houseplants – so go ahead, keep those blackout blinds drawn and sleep in until the last second. Your snake plant will be fine.

Image of potted plants scattered around a living space.

The Sun Child

If you’re someone who wakes up with the first rays of sunshine, place a stately bird of paradise or fiddle leaf fig tree beside your bedroom window. Either requires a few hours of bright light to thrive, along with a weekly watering. So throw open those curtains.

Image of plants on a shelf over a bed.

The Lark

Maybe you’re an early bird, but your apartment is low on natural light. Or you’re up and out well before the sun. If one of these is true for you, try a fern. The bird’s nest fern and staghorn fern are two of our favorites. Both require a morning watering at least once a week (but if your fern is looking crispy, water it more frequently).

PS. All the plants mentioned above are available on and at The Sill Shop in NYC.