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Bedroom Bench Ideas: How to Style Your Home with an Indoor Bench

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There’s more to your bedroom than sleep. Your bedroom is where you get ready in the morning and unwind at the end of the day. So adding a bedroom bench to your room is not only a stylish choice. It’s also a functional place for you to lay out the next day’s outfit or sit to lace up your kicks.

By focusing on bedroom bench decor, you can set the mood and personality of a room. With endless designs, sizes and materials to choose from, benches make a welcome addition to every area of the home, including the entryway, dining room and even your bathroom.

So sit back and relax as we explore how to style your home with an indoor bench.

How to Decorate with Bedroom Benches

Unlike heavier pieces of furniture, benches can add texture and functionality without overwhelming the aesthetic of your space. Need a little inspiration for how to incorporate a bedroom bench within your home’s decor? Read on.

What to Consider When Choosing a Bedroom Bench

When selecting a bench for your room, there are some key characteristics to look for in a high-quality bench.

The Right Bedroom Bench Size for Your Room

A bed foot bench shouldn’t be too big to navigate around in your room, so assess your space to determine what size bench will best fit the area. After all, you don’t want to trip over oversized bench legs first thing in the morning.

Need a bed-storage bench but not a bulky piece of furniture? Maintain a minimal, stylish simplicity that still hides the day-to-day clutter by tucking a basket under or next to a wooden bench that features a clean, simple design. 

A bedside table can also serve in place of a bench for very small spaces.

The Best Bedroom Bench Materials

The Bed bench material you select will help determine the feel of the room. Depending on the look you’re going for, a bench’s material can conform to or contrast with bedding and add a new texture to a bedroom.

Solid-Wood Bench

Here’s another great bedroom bench decor idea. The dark grain of a simple solid-wood bench adds an interesting contrast to a super-soft linen quilt, for instance. Look for a high-quality, indoor wooden bench to mix and match with the rest of the wood grains in your bedroom decor.

Natural Chic Bench

If you love the look of neutrals, add interest to the room with patterns — a naturally chic bench with an interesting texture can add depth and shading to your neutral palette.

Bench with Industrial Metal Legs

Alternatively, you can accentuate soft and cozy bedding by adding a modern twist. Sleek, industrial metal legs topped with a plush cushion offers a modern bed bench that’s both an interesting focal point and a comfortable place to relax.

For more advice for creating a modern industrial bedroom, read on in our Industrial Home Decor Ideas guide.

Consider Why You Need a Bedroom Bench

Adding bedroom bench decor can help unify a large space, but you might also need your bench for additional storage and seating.

Bedroom Benches for Storage

For bedroom storage bench ideas, consider the aesthetic and needs of your room.

A lidded, cushioned bench offers both a place to recline and a place to store extra blankets or pillows. Metal or wood legs elevate the storage, helping keep the piece looking light and breezy.

For more advice on bed sheet & bedroom storage, read on in our Linen Closet Organization: Step-by-Step Tips to Store Your Bed Linens guide. 

A Bench to Hold Your Book Collection

Bibliophiles, on the other hand, may want to opt for a simple wooden bench that offers additional space to store favorite books. Stack a few more books horizontally on top to create an extra shelf space. If you don’t want books and magazines on constant display, you can put them in baskets and trunks that slide under the bench.  

Bedroom Aesthetic - Tie the Room Together

Whatever your style trend, you can find a bedroom bench to work within your decor.

For minimal, stylish simplicity, you can’t go wrong with linen, low-profile furniture and simple decor. Adding a bench with simple but interesting texture can break up a single color bedroom palette. 

For more ways to style a bedroom using a single color, check out these guides:

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How to Design and Style a Grey Bedroom

Where to Place Bedroom Benches

Depending on your family’s needs within your home, a plush, furry bench may be an ideal, whimsical way to mix up your bedroom decor.

However, if you want to make an investment in a bedroom bench as high-quality furniture that will last for years, stick to a timeless design. Solid wood construction and a classic shape ensures your bedroom bench design is versatile enough to move from the bedroom to an entryway or dining room. 

Need another bedroom bench decor tip? A multifunctional piece like a quality wooden bench can come in especially handy for elevating the look when space is at a premium, like apartments. Here are 25 more tips to style and upgrade your apartment.

Let’s explore your options for where to place a bedroom bench. 

Within the Bedroom

For a minimalist look that skips the headboard, a simple, sturdy end-of-bed bench can help tie the room together. Another option is to place the bench in front of your bed — it’s a great place to stash reading material and extra blankets before you turn in for the night.

Window Seat

You can create additional seating within a bedroom by placing a bedroom bench in front of a window. Just add pillows and a blanket to style a cozy window seat that’s perfect for enjoying a morning cup of coffee or curling up with a good book.

Dressing Area

If you have a walk-in closet, you can create a dressing area by adding a bedroom bench. A cushioned bench is the perfect spot to contemplate what to wear that day — and helps confine the clothing clutter to the closet and out of your sleeping area.


If you have the space in your bathroom, adding a high-quality wooden bench can help create a luxurious spa atmosphere, lending an interesting texture to the bathroom decor. Complete the look with a potted plant, spa-quality towels and bath salts to create a pampering experience.


A classic wooden bench can move from the bedroom to become an entryway wooden bench that creates a simple, inviting atmosphere.

Among the popular entryway bench ideas is to top it with a few pillows for a place to sit as soon as you enter the house. Leave space below the bench to kick off your shoes. 

Dining Area

A classic wooden bed bench provides an interesting style alternative to traditional chairs in the dining area. Bonus: You can fit more people at the table by sitting them on a bench. It makes for a cozy, more intimate dinner, even when you entertain a group of guests or dine with roommates. For apartment decor ideas see our guide to decorating when you have a roommate.

Place a cushion on top of the bench to create an inviting spot for guests to linger after the meal is finished.

What to Place on Top of a Bedroom Bench

Depending on your aesthetic preferences, you may want to leave your bed bench clear of any decor for a minimalist look. A bench that’s clear of decor also offers space to stash decorative pillows when it’s time to clear your bed for sleep.

However, a few decorative bed bench pieces can add both personality and function to the space.

For a guest room, draping a light and airy cotton quilt or blanket across a bed bench softens the look of the room and provides extra blankets to snuggle into at night. 

Create a welcoming bed bench area by placing a few potted plants or setting out an inviting tea service. 

Whatever bedroom bench ideas you use, let the decor set the mood for the entire room.

Decorating a Room Using Bed Bench Ideas

Looking for some inspiration to decorate your bedroom around your bedroom bench? Read on about these popular trends in bedroom bench decor. And for more ideas, check out these 37 ideas for decorating your bedroom.

Beachy Boho

You don’t have to make it a day at the beach (but it certainly wouldn’t hurt!) to enjoy a beachy boho vibe in your bedroom. Keep the look light and breezy by sticking with natural textures. Use a classic wooden bed bench to display an array of beach-themed accessories — think straw hat, a plush beach towel, perhaps even a conch shell — in an array of neutral colors.

Clean, Minimalist Look

You love the look of the clean, crisp, all-white minimalist look, but you don’t want the room to be devoid of personality. You can break up the aesthetic by adding texture and color with a bedroom bench. Unify the look of the room by topping the bench with clean, simple accessories that match the rest of the room.

For more advice on decorating a minimalist home, read on in the Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas guide. 

Dramatic and Worldly

Want to lean into the dark beams and dramatic arches in your room? Create a statement piece by using a dark wood cabinet as a decorative bench for the bedroom. Elaborate carving or intricate designs can help give your room a rich, worldly vibe.

Interesting Small Spaces

When space is at a premium, skip the headboard in favor of an interesting bench at the end of the bed. A wooden bench can serve as a place to sit when you’re getting ready. Plus, it’s an unobtrusive piece of furniture that adds texture and interest to a small space.

Where to Find Help Styling Your Home

When deciding what type of bed benches to invest in for your home, the possibilities can be a bit overwhelming. What’s the best bedroom bench decor to match your particular needs and premium bedding decor? Rather than scrolling through endless feeds on social media, you can find the perfect piece for your unique space by taking advantage of a free styling consultation with a Parachute stylist. Get the details here:

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