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Spring Home Decor Ideas: Room-by-Room Inspiration

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As winter winds down and the first signs of spring appear, it's never a bad idea to go through your belongings, get rid of unused items and dust every nook and cranny of your home. But there's more to spring than cleaning.

The season is all about renewal, a refreshed mindset and a positive attitude for the warm weather ahead. Why not apply this "out with the old, in with the new" spirit to your interior design? Once you've cleared things out and cleaned your home for spring, you're ready to add in a few fresh pieces.

But where should you start, and what should you get? Find thoughtful spring decor ideas below, including easy swaps, tasteful techniques, color inspiration and textile tips.

Spring Decor Ideas for Every Room in Your Home

When switching up your home design each season, remember you don't have to get all new furniture or change your entire color scheme. A few simple swaps and additions will go a long way.

Spring doesn't call for the cuddled-up coziness of winter, but it doesn't quite evoke the easy-breezy, laissez-faire attitude of summer either. So, what is the vibe of spring? It's about fresh hues, uncluttered spaces, lightweight fabrics and organic elements from the blooming world outside.

If you're looking for spring decor ideas for the bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen or all of the above, you've come to the right place. Read on for trends, tips, advice, insight and inspiration for every room of your home.

Spring Bedroom Ideas

The comfort of your bedroom is just as important as its appearance. So aside from creating a perfectly-styled bed and accenting your space with decorative pieces, you'll want to select soft, breathable fabrics and maybe get a plant for a mood-boosting bonus. Find specific spring decor ideas for your sleeping quarters below.

Warm Hues, Cool Fabrics

To embrace the in-between vibe of spring, opt for warm tones and cooling fabrics. For instance, you might get terra cotta, clay, blush or ochre bedding in a breathable textile such as linen or percale.

Light, Laid-Back Linen

Made of ultra-strong flax fibers and woven with a basic square weave, linen is a favorite bedding fabric throughout the warmer seasons. The breathable textile is luxurious yet laid-back, undeniably elegant, and best of all, gets softer over time.

To learn more about this beloved bedding material, see our guide, Linen: Know Your Bedding Like a Designer.

Perfectly Posh Percale

Tightly woven from long-staple Egyptian cotton, percale is a sophisticated bedding fabric with an almost preppy appeal. It's cool to the touch with a posh matte finish — the perfect spring room choice for those who appreciate modern comfort.

Find out why people love this textile in our guide, Percale: Know Your Bedding Like a Designer.

Spring Sateen

If you gravitate toward bed linens with a subtle luster, you should definitely consider sateen. Loomed from long-staple cotton yarns using a complex satin-style weave, it offers a super-smooth, sumptuous feel that gets better with time.

Get to know this silky fabric further with our guide, Sateen: Know Your Bedding Like a Designer.

Sleep in Soft, Spring Colors

When you think of spring colors, light pinks, purples and yellows might come to mind. That said, if you want your bedroom to exude the spirit of the season but you prefer a more neutral palette, go with soft green, taupe and ivory.

Go Boho

Boasting a blend of styles from around the world, boho is an excellent post-winter design scheme. Bohemian spring decor ideas include mix-matched patterned rugs, natural woven baskets and global-inspired decorative pillows.

Decidedly Down-to-Earth

In the spirit of letting fresh air indoors this season, a down-to-earth bedroom decor scheme is perfect for spring. We're talking plants, natural wood furniture, hand-woven rugs and relaxing colors like white, off-white and taupe.

Natural Wood Finishes

Incorporating natural wood finishes into your bedroom design is an easy way to liven up your space. Instead of deep walnut or mahogany, which are great for fall and winter, opt for maple, birch, ash or even bamboo.

Explore the wooden bed frames by Parachute as you consider bringing natural wood into your bedroom.

Casual Curtains

Swap out heavy bedroom drapery for casual curtains this spring. Linen curtains are always a fine choice, with its textured finish and laid-back appeal. Just bear in mind that you'll probably still want blackout shades behind your curtains to ensure high-quality sleep as the days start to get longer.

For maintenance tips, check out our guide on How to Wash, Dry and Care for Linen.

Strategic Plant Placement

If you don't already have foliage in your bedroom, the spring season is a good time to get some. To lighten the mood of your space, place a large plant or indoor tree on the floor, a mid-sized shrub on your dresser or a few small potters on a floating shelf.

Read our blog by The Sill to find out Why Plants Improve Mornings.

Oversized Mirror

If you're looking for spring decor ideas to make your bedroom feel bigger, brighter and more open, an oversized mirror is the way to go. You can hang a large full-length mirror on the wall or lean it for a causal effect. Another option is to get a sizable round one and place it over your bed or dresser.

Learn more about decorating with mirrors in our Mirror Decor Tips & Inspiration guide.

Organic Elements

Sometimes all you need to freshen up your space are a couple of organic elements. Think jute-woven accents like a rug, potted plants, eucalyptus leaves or unfinished wood picture frames.

Spring Decor Ideas for the Bathroom

Since bathrooms are typically small and devoid of furniture, it's easy to switch up the decor each season. A few functional pieces and decorative accents are all you need to breathe new life into your bathroom this spring.

Whimsy Waffle Weave

Incredibly absorbent and quick-drying waffle towels are a go-to for spring. And thanks to the material's lightweight structure, honeycomb bath linens take up much less space than traditional towels when folded up.

Have Fun With Fouta Stripes

Flaunting a minimalist — yet not boring whatsoever — aesthetic, fouta stripe towels are effortlessly cool. The clean lines and flat weave are everything home stylists love about spring decor.

Cloud Cotton Shower Curtain

Swapping out a heavy or dark-colored shower curtain for a lightweight textile like cloud cotton is an easy switch for spring. The material is soft, fluffy and gorgeously gauzy.

A Refreshingly Fluffy Bath Mat

Pamper your feet while sprucing up your bathroom decor with a fluffy bath mat or bath rug. Turkish cotton is always a great choice, with its ultra-plush feel and conveniently absorbent weave.

Not sure about whether to go with a bath mat or bath rug? Make a decision with our Bath Mat vs Bath Rug guide. 

Tasteful, Touchable Turkish Cotton

Luxuriously thick and fluffy Turkish cotton doesn't just feel good against your skin and in between your toes — it also adds texture and dimension to a bathroom. Consider getting a Turkish cotton rug, towels or even a robe.

Incorporate Subtle Textures

If you're stuck on spring decor ideas for the bathroom, try incorporating a few natural textures. This can be anything from a hand-braided rug to a woven basket to ribbed hand towels to a waffle shower curtain.

Embellish With Baskets

Not only do baskets elevate your bathroom aesthetic, but they also make the space more functional. You can use them to stash extra towels, dirty laundry, slippers, you name it.

Add a Stool

Sometimes the simplest thing can change the whole vibe of a space, like a small stool in a bathroom. Whether you use it while sitting in front of your vanity, as a bathside table or a shelf for extra towels, you can't go wrong with a peg stool.

Flirty Foliage

bathroom with hanging plants

When it comes to spring decor ideas, there's nothing fresher than foliage. Consider hanging a humidity-loving shrub or placing a low-maintenance climbing plant in your bathroom.

For insight into various houseplant species, read our guide, The Top 16 Indoor Plants For Clean Air in Your Home.

Spring Decor Ideas for the Living Room

The best spring living room decor schemes include neutral furnishings, unfinished wood, lightweight textiles, natural elements and organic weaves. Find specific ideas below.

Flat-Weave Rug

Cold-weather decor embraces cozy textiles with thick weaves. But in the spring, a simple flat-weave rug may be a better choice.

Accent Chair, Anywhere

An accent chair can be placed nearly anywhere in a living room, whether on its own in a reading nook or as part of a larger seating arrangement. Look for a style with a light or medium wood frame this spring.

Plush Decorative Pillows

Decorative throw pillows are one of the easiest ways to change the look of your living room seasonally because they're relatively affordable and don't take up much storage space. Pro tip: Fluff your pillows, then use your hand to "chop" them straight down the middle for that extra-plush, professionally styled effect.

For inspiration on how to decorate with pillows, read more in the How to Style Throws Pillows on Your Couch Like a Designer guide. 

Lightweight Linen Throw

You might not reach for throw blankets very often in the spring, but they're still useful for decorating. Go with a lightweight fabric like cloud linen for a laid-back appeal.

Woodblock Floating Shelves

Not sure where to place candles, vases, bowls and tchotchkes? Woodblock floating shelves are just the thing for all your spring decorations.

Catch-All Baskets

Baskets are good to have year-round, but they're particularly useful for playing up an airy, welcoming living room atmosphere. You can use them as planters, blanket storage or coffee table decoration.

Lightweight Window Coverings

Since you don't need as much insulation in the spring as you do in the winter and summer, lightweight window coverings are ideal. Washed linen or sheer cotton curtains will filter light and add some privacy without darkening the space.

Spring Decor Ideas for the Kitchen

There's no shortage of spring decor ideas for the kitchen. But if you're not sure where to start, you can find curated tips and guidance below.

Brighten the Breakfast Nook

bright white breakfast nook

A few easy swaps can do wonders in brightening up your breakfast nook. Think pale-colored upholstery, white table linens, fresh-cut flowers and a large floor plant.

Balance Vases With Votives

Balancing cozy winter accents with breezy summer designs, your spring table decorations can include the best of both worlds. Consider pairing a vase of fresh or dried flowers with simple candlesticks.

Incorporate Curves

circular stools

To soften the appearance of your kitchen, incorporate circles, ovals and other rounded pieces. This could be anything from pendant lights to barstools to fruit bowls.

Gold Fixtures

gold light fixtures

If your kitchen currently has chrome, brass or black fixtures, you might think about swapping them out for gold this spring. Whether it's your faucet, drawer pulls, cabinet knobs or all of the above, this simple switch can really brighten up the space.

Moody Spring Vibes

moody spring kitchen

Who says spring decor ideas can't include dark elements? If you appreciate moody interior design schemes, don't be afraid to work in black, charcoal, gunmetal, navy and other deep hues.

Best Practices for Incorporating Spring Room Ideas

Decorating for spring doesn't necessarily mean you have to get new furniture or repaint the walls — though there's nothing wrong with doing this. With that said, keeping a few best practices in mind can help you do more with less.

When decorating your home for spring:

  1. Look for styles that offer a light, refreshing aesthetic.

  2. Choose lightweight fabrics, like linen and cloud cotton.

  3. Look for textiles with flatter weaves instead of thick, plush fabrics.

  4. Select soft, cheery colors, such as pale green, blush and ochre.

  5. "Bring the outdoors in” with flowers and plants.

  6. Incorporate organic textures, such as basket weaves and unfinished wood.

  7. Opt for light or medium wood finishes over deeper tones.

  8. Add or switch out one furnishing for each room, like a headboard in the bedroom, a stool in the bathroom and an accent chair in the living room.

  9. When in doubt, strive for a clean, uncluttered aesthetic.

If you're feeling inspired by these tips but aren't sure how to work them into your existing design scheme, a Parachute stylist is ready to assist. Whether you're looking for personalized guidance on layering a bed, want specific spring wall decoration ideas or are moving into a new home and starting from scratch, an interior design expert from Parachute can work with you on a custom solution.

Schedule your complimentary phone or video styling consultation today!

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