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Living Room Decor Ideas & Inspiration

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Every home needs a comfortable, welcoming gathering space not just for hosting guests but also for relaxing and spending time with family. If you're wondering how to style a living room that's cozy yet tasteful with a pleasant ambiance, you've come to the right place.

This guide will go over the most popular home design styles before diving into an extensive roundup of living room decorating ideas to inspire your project.

Trendy Living Room Decor Styles

Before looking into specific living room ideas, consider what decor style speaks to your personality and lifestyle. Some of the most popular and trendy aesthetics are outlined below.

Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist interior design prioritizes essential pieces and forgoes excess. With living rooms, creating a pleasing design is all about selecting furniture, rugs, curtains and other critical elements that serve a specific purpose. Aesthetically, the style often features clean lines and a pared-down color scheme.

Read our blog to learn How to Design a Minimalist Bedroom.

Contemporary Living Room

Contemporary living room decor is characterized by modern pieces with a fresh, innovative appeal — so no vintage furniture or rustic decor. It often features a partially symmetrical layout with a mix of clean lines and rounded shapes, as well as sleek finishes and sophisticated colors.

Mid-Century Living Room

Mid-century (or mid-century modern) living room design embraces the style popularized in the mid-20th century, from the mid-40s through the 60s. It's defined by furniture with simple silhouettes, textured upholstery, wooden frames and peg legs. Olive green, marigold, brown, burnt orange and other warm, earthy tones are a big part of the aesthetic as well.

Boho Living Room

Boho Living Room

Boho (short for bohemian) living room decor is an unconventional, somewhat eclectic interior design style. With inspiration from around the world, the free-spirited, whimsy aesthetic features a medley of materials, textures, colors and patterns.

See our guide to creating a Boho Bedroom for specific tips and ideas.

Industrial Living Room

Industrial Living Room

Industrial interior design exudes a bare-bones, no-nonsense vibe. The urban style was first popularized with converted spaces, like lofts turned into apartments and warehouses transformed into offices. It's slightly moody, often with metal fixtures, bricks and concrete finishes.

Learn How to Create a Modern Industrial Style Look for Your Home in our article.

Art Deco Living Room

Art Deco Living Room

Art deco is short for arts décoratifs, a French visual arts and architectural style originating in the early 20th century. The sleek, modish living room decor design scheme often features rounded furniture, geometric decor, abstract patterns, bold pops of color and luxurious materials like velvet and marble.

Japandi Living Room

Japandi Living Room

Japandi decor combines the straightforward functionality of Japanese design with the simplicity of Scandinavian style. The sharp aesthetic often incorporates minimalist fixtures, slatted wood and light, natural finishes with subtly contrasting hues.

Our Mt. Washington for Parachute ceramics collection was also inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese design.

Coastal Grandmother Living Room

Inspired by the sets of Nancy Meyers films like Something's Gotta Give and It's Complicated, the coastal grandmother design trend is all about cozy yet open spaces with natural lighting and traditional accents, such as furniture slipcovers, fresh flowers, exposed wood beams and linen curtains.

Learn how to Create Your Cottagecore Dream Home in our blog.

Living Room Furniture to Consider

Living room furniture is primarily functional, but it also sets the tone for the rest of your decor.

Living Room Sofa Ideas

Here are some sofa ideas to think about for your gathering space.

Textured Tweed

Textured Tweed Sofa

Want to add textural interest to your living room without making it look too busy? Tweed is an excellent choice. This home features a textile-upholstered couch with a matching throw blanket and pillow in a tweed-inspired fabric.

What Are Euro Shams and Euro Pillows? Learn about these accent pieces in our blog.

Statement Color

Neutrals are a safe bet for furniture, but they're definitely not your only option. To make a statement with your living room decor, consider an eye-catching sofa hue, like sapphire, emerald, royal blue, marigold or rust.

Minimalist Sofa, Maximalist Size

Another option is to choose a minimalist sofa style in a maximalist size. For instance, this family room features a pared-down, off-white sectional. The large silhouette is a statement in and of itself, but the simple design doesn't overwhelm the space.

Our comprehensive guide covers How to Create an Interior Design Mood Board.

Luxurious Leather

You can't go wrong with leather, especially if you want your sofa to last several years under heavy daily use. This dapper decor scheme stands out for its bold juxtaposition of smooth leather, cloud-like cushioning and knitted accents.

Warm hues are a go-to for autumn home design. Check out these Fall Home Decor Ideas for inspiration.

Mid-Century Legs

Mid-Century Legs

While the mid-century furniture trend started nearly 80 years ago, the style is here to stay. In addition to clean lines and low-profile silhouettes, wooden peg legs (whether straight or slightly splayed) are a defining characteristic of mid-century couches and chairs.

Bench-Style Cushion

Many loveseats and sofas feature two or three seat cushions, but long bench cushions have a more seamless, modern appeal. In this living room decor idea, the style complements the curvature of the fabric-upholstered couch.

Parachute has everything you need to style Your Perfect Living Room. Get details in our blog.

Bouclé All Day

Bouclé (pronounced boo-klay) is a fabric upholstery style that combines woven and looped yarns to create a curly, slightly nubbly texture. You can find bouclé in various hues, but off-white is the most popular and arguably the most versatile.

Explore 35 Stylish and Functional Living Room Sofa Ideas in our blog.

Living Room Accent Chair Ideas

Consider these accent chair ideas for your living room decor scheme.

Mid-Century Leather

Mid-Century Leather chair

Though leather upholstery is usually pricier than its fabric counterpart, you can count on it to last much longer. Instead of investing in a leather couch, consider getting a chair like this mid-century beauty. The wood frame, simple square cushions and compact design are perfect for a reading corner or accenting your main furniture arrangement.

Art-Deco Glam

Art-Deco Glam

With smooth upholstery, rounded seat cushions, floating backrests and skinny metal frames, these white accent chairs offer a modish flair in this stylish living room. Though they don't contribute any additional color, the chairs highlight the black-and-white theme while playing up the glamorous vibe.

Simple Sling

Simple Sling chair

Sling chairs are an excellent choice for small living rooms. Featuring a single piece of fabric for the seat and backrest and a contrasting metal frame, this one is simple yet sophisticated.

An accent chair can make a big difference in the look of your space. Here are 25 more easy Tips to Upgrade Your Apartment.

Twin Chairs

Twin Chairs

Another living room decor idea is to place two identical chairs next to each other in your living room. This side-by-side pair squares off the matching sofas and hearth, making the furniture layout appear more orderly.

Accent chairs are great for bedrooms too. Explore more Bedroom Furniture Essentials in our blog.



A chair-and-a-half is essentially an oversized seat that's bigger than a standard armchair but not as wide as a loveseat — although two people can still cozy up in it. This furniture style is ideal for living rooms, bonus rooms, family rooms and TV rooms.

Check out these Movie Watching Essentials next time you catch a flick from home.

Swivel Sophistication

Swivel Sophistication

Swivel chairs are the perfect balance of function and elegance. In this home, the modish 1960s-esque seats cap the living room's furniture arrangement while offering an outdoor view when swiveled to face the opposite direction.

Don't forget greenery! These are the Top 16 Indoor Plants For Clean Air in Your Home.

Chair and Footrest Set

Chair and Footrest Set

A chair-and-footrest set is a great option for a reading nook or placing diagonally within your central furniture arrangement. And since the two pieces match, the accent definitely won't look out of place, even if it contrasts with the others.

Want more inspiration? We rounded up 31 stylish and thoughtful Living Room Accent Chair Ideas.

Living Room Coffee Table Ideas

Check out these coffee table living room decor ideas.

Varied Objects of Various Sizes

When decorating your coffee table, select varied objects of various sizes. For instance, this design features a large plant in a bulbous pot, two stacks of two books supporting sculptural pieces of different heights, a smaller tray-style sculpture and a long, narrow catch-all to square off the assortment.

Bold Branches

Bold Branches

By placing long branches inside a vase, you’ll draw the eyes upward and create the illusion of taller ceilings and an overall larger living room. Just keep in mind extra-long branches might obstruct people's view when gathering around the coffee table.

Decorative Drum-Style Coffee Table

Decorative Drum-Style Coffee Table

If you're drawn to round shapes but aren't ready to commit to curved furniture, think about getting a drum-style coffee table. The circular design lends to a minimalist-modern living room aesthetic while breaking up the monotony of the square and rectangular pieces throughout the living room.

Contrasting Curation

This coffee table really nailed its contrasting curation of objects. The tallest item is a simple floral arrangement with a matte black vase, which calls back the hue with a smaller vase and a coffee table book. To contrast the dark color, there's another stack of white and beige books and an ivory catch-all tray.

Catch-All Container

Catch-all containers make it easy to decorate a coffee table. Available in various sizes, you can put nearly anything in them, from small planters and bowls to magazines and remote controls. Consider placing a slightly taller object next to the tray for some visual variation.

Clean Lines, Even Spacing

Larger coffee tables can be tricky to decorate. Instead of one centerpiece, interior designers often place multiple stacks of books and other objects to fill the surface. This rectangular table looks sharp with contrasting colors, clean lines and even spacing.

Tray and Ottoman

Tray and Ottoman

If you're short on space or just want to think outside the box with your living room decor, you can use a tray and ottoman in place of a traditional coffee table. This wooden tray slides over the round ottoman with a nearly perfect fit, but either piece can stand on its own.

Here are 27 more Ideas for Decorating a Coffee Table in Your Living Room.

Living Room Side Table Ideas

Here are some attractive side table ideas you can incorporate into your living room design.

Nesting Trays

Nesting trays are kind of like catch-all trays, except they can be stacked into each other. Alternatively, you can place the individual pieces on different surfaces throughout your space. They can hold anything from remote controls and scented candles to reading glasses and crystals.

What about your bedside table? Here are some of the Best Nightstand Decor Ideas and Tips.

Nesting Tables

Nesting Tables

There are nesting trays, and then there are nesting tables. The latter can be placed side by side, on opposite sides of the room or stacked together to save space. 

If you like simple color palettes like this one, you'll appreciate these Neutral Bedroom Color and Decor Ideas.

Cordless Lantern

If you're averse to cord clutter, think about placing a battery-powered indoor lantern on your living room side table. This cordless, minimalist living room decor piece complements the room's color scheme while offering filtered illumination to enhance the ambiance.

Color-Coordinated Books

When in doubt, stack two to four books with color-coordinated covers. They don't have to be the exact same hue but instead they should complement each other, like the brown and black spines seen here. You can also remove the sleeves of hardcover books to reveal more neutral bindings.

We compiled 35 Stylish Living Room Color Schemes in our blog.

Boho Rattan Accents

Boho Rattan Accents

Woven earth-sourced materials like rattan, jute and wicker are an excellent choice for boho and beachy living room decor. Beyond side tables, they can be crafted into floor poufs, ottomans and braided rugs.

This easy-breezy aesthetic works well in the warmer season. Here are more Summer Home Decor Ideas to get your wheels turning.

Dried Flowers

Floral arrangements are never a bad idea, no matter what room you're decorating. But have you considered dried flowers? You don't have to add any water, and they often last upwards of a year.

Dried flowers are among the best Spring Home Decor Ideas. Read our article for more.

Coordinated Medley

You can create your own assortment of objects to place on your living room end tables. Think baskets, trays, wooden boxes, lidded canisters, driftwood, mini sculptures, books, candles — you name it.

Here are 33 more Side Table Decor Ideas to explore.

Living Room Lighting Ideas

Lighting is a crucial component of your living room decor. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Chic Chandelier

Chic Chandelier

Chandeliers can be hung in many places outside of the dining room. When placing one in your living room, look for a non-traditional style (no crystals) such as a structural piece with sharp angles, a beaded fixture or maybe a suspended ring chandelier.

Oversized Lampshade

Oversized Lampshade

Large light fixtures work well as living room decor, and unlike sofas and chairs, they very rarely look too big. Oversized silhouettes like this extra-large lampshade pass as accent pieces, offering an eye-catching touch without feeling overbearing.

Simple Globe Light

Simple Globe Light

The best lighting ideas aren't necessarily elaborate. While there's a time and a place for bold accents, minimalist lighting can make just as much of a statement. Case in point: this simple globe pendant complements the rest of the decor without distracting from it.

Sleek Task Light

Task lights are often used on desks and workbenches, but they're a prime choice for living rooms too. Whether you need light for your reading nook or want to layer your illumination, a task light adds a homey, useful feel.

Task lights are also good bedside lamps. Here are 28 more Bedroom Lighting Ideas to consider.

Updated Overhead

Updated Overhead

In many living rooms, overhead lighting is often an eyesore, or else it goes entirely unnoticed. If you don't love your current ceiling fixture, why not update it with a new flush mount that speaks to your style? This is an easy, affordable swap that'll make a substantial difference in the look of the space.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting

Another option is recessed lighting. Though this is a much more costly and time-intensive project, downlights are tough to beat. They're low-maintenance, long-lasting and energy-efficient (with LED bulbs) and unlikely to ever go out of style.

Mismatched Fixtures

Mismatched Fixtures

Matching furniture sets are no longer must-haves for living rooms. Similarly, your light fixtures don't have to match — or be the same design style for that matter — so don't be afraid to select varying shapes, finishes and sizes.

Find 27 more of the Best Living Room Lighting Ideas in our blog.

Living Room Rug Ideas

Your living room decor won't be complete without an area rug. The following ideas can help you choose the right one for your space.

Traditional Persian Kilim

Originating in Persia and traditionally used as a prayer mat, a kilim is a type of flat-woven area rug. This modern version from Parachute is handmade on a pit loom with pure New Zealand wool and cotton. The tightly woven design is super sturdy and low-shedding, so it's easy to vacuum.

Plushness Underfoot

You'll always be glad to have a plush surface to walk and sit on in your living room. This carved area rug is woven from 100% New Zealand wool and hand-tufted to create a soft, even pile. The ivory hue is endlessly versatile, too, blending effortlessly into any living room decor theme.

Simple Stripes

Simple Stripes

If you're drawn to the coastal grandmother aesthetic, a simple striped rug might be the perfect finishing touch for your traditional, laid-back space. In this home, an extra-large area rug adds interest to the otherwise neutral decor.

Are you designing your space from scratch? See our New Home Checklist for a rundown of essential items to buy or upgrade when moving in.

Cozy Ribbed Texture

If you're aiming for a cozy living room vibe, look for a softly textured design with a medium-to-high pile height. This rib wool rug from Parachute features a sculpted ribbed pattern and thick, cut-pile construction.

Check out these Winter Home Decor Ideas for more tips on making your space look and feel cozy.

Monochrome Checkered Rug

Checkered prints aren't new per se, but they're becoming a modern trend in both fashion and interior design. To avoid an overly busy look, go with a monochrome checkered rug, like this wool number from Parachute.

Our article covers How to Style the Classic Checkerboard Print at Home.

Down-to-Earth Jute

Do you like organic textures and natural materials? You'll appreciate the down-to-earth appeal of a chunky jute rug. The hand-braided design is relaxed and versatile, and since the plants regrow quickly after harvesting, jute is a renewable resource.

What Is a Jute Rug? Read our article for details.

Contrasting Cable Construction

For living room decor with a little more character, get an area rug with contrasting hues, like this chunky abstract design. The black geometric ladder pattern offers striking variation to the ivory background while calling back the black furniture frames.

What about the rest of your home? See our guide to the Best Rugs for Every Room.

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Wall decor is somewhat personal, but these ideas can help get your creative juices flowing.

Oversized Art

If you have tall ceilings or a big, open wall to fill, think about getting an oversized art piece. Most importantly, it should be to-scale with the rest of the room, meaning it covers enough of the wall that it doesn't look awkward on its own but also not so large that it dwarfs your furniture.

Gallery Wall

Filling a blank wall can be tricky. If a single oversized art piece doesn't work, you might create a gallery wall instead. To avoid a cluttered appearance, ensure each piece has something in common, such as all neutral hues, wood frames or a series of black-and-white photographs.

Slatted Japandi Series

Slatted Japandi Series

Aside from traditional framed art, you can hang a series of slatted Japandi-style pieces. In this living room decor idea, the natural wood finish doesn't add any color to the space, but the abstract pattern provides dimensional interest.

For a deeper dive into the various interior aesthetics, see our Guide to Design and Decor Ideas for Your Home.

Make Light With Mirrors

Make Light With Mirrors

When decorating a living room, mirrors are among the best things to place on the wall. You can hang a large one opposite a window to double the natural lighting while making your space look bigger and more open.

Our guide covers How to Decorate With Mirrors Across Your Home.

Temporary Wallpaper

Temporary Wallpaper

Temporary wallpaper is a stellar solution for filling a blank wall in your living room. Also called peel-and-stick wallpaper, the mess-free material won't damage your walls or strip the paint underneath. It also comes in virtually endless designs to align with modern, art deco, boho and industrial decor.

Floating Shelves

floating shelves

With floating shelves, you can install one shelf on its own or a series of multiple shelves to fill a larger wall. In any case, you'll open up more space for various living room decor items, like small plants, framed photos, candles or tchotchkes.

Here are 37 more Ideas for Decorating a Blank Wall in Your Home.

Living Room Decorative Accents and Accessories

Details like curtains, throw blankets, decorative pillows, benches, baskets and other accessories will put the finishing touches on your living room.

These blogs offer tips and guidance for choosing each piece:

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Basket Decor and Storage Ideas

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Living Room Essentials

Living Room Decor and Furniture From Parachute

Parachute has everything you need to design the living room of your dreams. From high-quality furniture and mood-setting lighting to cozy area rugs and soft fabric curtains, you'll find what you're looking for here.

If you have specific questions about styling a living room, a design expert from Parachute is ready to assist. Schedule your free one-on-one virtual consultation today!

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