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28 Best Bedroom Lighting Ideas & Inspiration

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There's no denying the impact lighting has on ambiance. The right fixtures, bulbs and accents can offer a mood-boosting effect, create a romantic atmosphere and help you wind down at the end of the day. In the morning, brighter illumination can help you feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Needless to say, you shouldn't overlook the lighting you choose for your sleeping quarters. If you're on the hunt for bedroom lighting ideas, you've come to the right place. Of course, what works for someone else's space won't necessarily work for yours. But exploring these stylish, thoughtful bedroom light ideas should help get your wheels spinning.

28 Bedroom Light Ideas

You might not have given much thought to lamps and shades. Yet when you walk into a cozy, welcoming room and immediately want to relax, you can bet the lighting has something to do with it. All that said, the value of great lighting really can't be overstated.

From simple bedside lamps and statement pendants to floor lights and exposed bulbs, there are endless ways to breathe light into your bedroom. You can find home styling advice all over the internet, but if you want tasteful inspiration and curated bedroom lighting ideas, you'll find them here. Let's get started.

Sweet and Simple Sconce

If you appreciate pared-down interior design and minimalist accents, you can't go wrong with a simple sconce. This bedside light is wired into the wall, offering a clean, custom look while saving valuable space on the nightstand. You can install sconces on either side of the bed or just one if yours isn't centered.

For more simple interior design inspiration, check out these Neutral Bedroom Color and Decor Ideas.

Pared Down Pendant

Standing lamps are great for bedrooms, but if you want to save floor space, consider something that has absolutely no footprint, like a pendant light. This simple yet stylish grey one hangs down over the nightstand, offering an alternative to a traditional bedside lamp.

Want more easy, clever decorating ideas? Here are 25 Tips to Upgrade Your Apartment.

Textured Shades

Lampshades allow you to play around with different textures in your bedroom. See how these basketweave shades add a hint of character to this white bedroom without overwhelming the space.

If you decide to adopt this bedroom lighting idea, you can accent it by adding texture and interest with bed linens. Check out our Bedding Materials Guide for a breakdown of the most popular fabrics.

Overstated Overhead Lighting

overhead light

Does your room currently have a "boob light" or another boring overhead fixture that lacks creativity? Some of the best bedroom ceiling light ideas feature overstated pieces. This one balances out its large size with delicate shells and a natural frame.

Speaking of natural elements, here are some simple Feng Shui Interior Design Ideas to try at home.

Old-Fashioned Illumination

Old-Fashioned Illumination

If your interior design tastes lean more traditional, consider getting an antique (or at least antique-inspired) lamp. Your space won't look too old-fashioned — unless, of course, you want it that way. See how this bedroom light idea balances the vintage brass fixture with a modern globe bulb.

Want more styling advice? Here are some of the Best Nightstand Decor Ideas and Tips.

Art Deco Dreams

Once an architectural style and now a prominent home decor aesthetic, art deco is characterized by sharp patterns, bold hues and geometric shapes. This curved, dual-headed bedside lamp is undoubtedly striking but far from the only statement in the daring space.

You can make a statement with your bedding too. These are the Bed Sheet Color Trends we're loving in 2022.

Natural Lighting All Around

Natural lighting is just as important as lamps. Of course, most people don't get to choose the size or placement of their bedroom windows. However, you can make the most of yours with strategically placed mirrors and layered window treatments.

Mirrors and good bedroom lighting ideas go hand in hand. Here's How to Decorate With Mirrors Across Your Home.

Light-Filtering Window Sheers

Natural lighting is critical in a bedroom. It can help you feel alert and energized in the morning and encourage a positive mood throughout the day. But when the glare of the golden hour is a little too bright, and you don't want to block all sunlight with blackout curtains, light-filtering window sheers are the perfect solution.

How long should your drapes be, and how high should you hang them? Read our blog, The Do's and Don'ts of Hanging Curtains.

Contrasting Window Frames

contrasting window frames

Window frames are typically white and go mostly unnoticed. But there's something about black frames that really catches the eye. In addition to natural lighting, the dark hue framing these bedroom windows offers subtle contrast while tying in the black bed and nightstand.

A bit of greenery can also add color and make a space look more complete. Here are some of the Best Plants for Bedrooms.

Angular Interest

This pared-down bedroom design scheme features minimal colors, all of which are soft and neutral. The angular bedside lamp offers character without looking out of place or disrupting the clean aesthetic.

Are bold hues or muted tones best for your sleeping quarters? Read our article to discover The Right Bedroom Color for You.

Modern Medley

One of the best bedroom light ideas is to pair modern lamps with a medley of mid-century and contemporary pieces. Think unusual shapes, curved edges and rounded corners. These features can offer a welcoming vibe that encourages rest and relaxation.

Here are eight more Creative Ways to Brighten Your Bedroom.

Cordless Minimalism

If you tend to believe "less is more" when it comes to decorating, you probably think of power cords as an eyesore. With this in mind, cordless lamps are among the best minimalist lighting ideas for bedrooms. You'll have to recharge the fixture or replace the batteries somewhat frequently, but the extra work could be worth it for the clean appearance.

Read our blog for more tips on How to Design a Minimalist Bedroom.

Exposed Wiring

Exposed wiring is definitely the opposite of cordless bedroom lamps. Choosing this bedroom lighting idea is sometimes a matter of not wanting to go through the trouble (or potential wall damage) of hardwiring a sconce. However, many people intentionally choose to display the cord, as it lends to an industrial design style.

Beyond changing up your bedroom lighting, here's How to Create a Modern Industrial Style Look for Your Home.

Sculptural Statement

Sculptural end-table lamps are an excellent way to make a subtle statement while offering bedside lighting for reading and winding down. This smooth, rounded base plays well with the simple lampshade and complements the curved mid-century nightstand.

Find out what went Behind the Design of Our Benches and Nightstands, then see if you have all the Bedroom Furniture Essentials to complete your space.

Moody Colors, Masculine Elements

Most bedroom light ideas aim to brighten things up, but that doesn't limit you to pale, muted tones. This room features a matte black pendant and a monochrome black bedside lamp to tie in the charcoal upholstered bed frame and coal-colored throw.

Check out our guide for more tips on How to Design a Black Bedroom.

Corner Lantern Pendant

Have you considered a paper lantern pendant? The white color, delicate material and spherical design offset the large size, while the corner placement ensures it doesn't overwhelm the room.

For more ideas on decorating with white, see our guides on How to Design and Style a White Bedroom and Layering Winter Whites.

Bedroom Chandelier Centerpiece

bedroom chandelier

Your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom. Why not play it up with an ornamental light fixture smack-dab in the middle of the ceiling? From vintage candelabras and crystal prisms to sputnik chandeliers and modern drums, there are tons of innovative bedroom chandelier ideas for every taste.

Depending on where you install it, you might think about Rearranging the Layout of Your Bedroom. Read our blog for guidance.

Wind Down By Candlelight

No roundup of bedroom lighting ideas would be complete without mentioning candles. Whether you're partial to scented votives, simple pillars or even flame-free faux candles, the warm illumination and flickering glow here are perfect for winding down.

In addition to mood-setting candlelight, here are 17 Styling and Color Ideas for a Romantic Bedroom.

Stately Shade

Oversized planters and floor-to-ceiling curtains enhance the look of a bedroom by aligning with the full scale of the space. Similarly, large light fixtures often appear more proportional than smaller lamps, especially when placed next to a blank wall.

Turning off your overheads and switching on your bedside lamp before bed can help you wind down. Here are eight more Tips to Promote Better Sleep.

Stylishly Functional Floor Lamp

Bedroom floor lamps are super versatile and functional, not to mention stylish. They offer a less-harsh alternative to overhead lighting and can even double as a bedside lamp or reading light.

The best Home Office/Guest Bedroom Ideas are all about incorporating multifunctional pieces like floor lamps. Read our article for more.

Modern Globes

If you like modern light fixtures but you don't want anything too contemporary, opt for simple globe lamps like these bedside lights. The sleek yet straightforward design is versatile enough to complement a range of decor schemes and likely won't go out of style any time soon.

If you like this bedroom lighting idea, see how globe lamps were used in this Modern Tudor Revival.

Mix and Match Fixtures

Like matching living room furniture sets, symmetrical bedroom setups are no longer the be-all and end-all. In fact, more and more people are veering from the matchy-matchy look, especially with lighting and nightstands. For instance, you can pair tall table lamps with short or wall-mounted bedroom light fixtures and still pull off an intentional look.

Want more out-of-the-box design inspiration? Here are 37 Ideas for Decorating a Blank Wall in Your Home.

Choose Your Own Reading Light Adventure

If you're an avid reader, proper bedside lighting is a must — but it doesn't have to be the same as your partner's, even if you share a bed. Some prefer table lamps for bedrooms, while others may see better with brighter floor lamps, and to each their own.

Sometimes, the key to a cohesive bedroom is a properly made bed. See our guide on How to Layer Your Bed for tips.

Edison Bulbs

Inspired by the first light bulb invented by Thomas Edison in the late 19th century, Edison bulbs showcase exposed windings through clear, amber-colored glass. Though the vintage, industrial vibe is definitely appealing, the warm glow is what makes them one of the best bedroom light ideas around.

Full of ideas but not sure where to put them? Read our article to learn How to Create an Interior Design Mood Board.

Call Back Colors and Textures

Light fixtures provide an opportunity to call back different colors and textures. In this thoughtfully designed bedroom, the basketweave shade on the hanging pendant ties in with the woven planter basket and the undyed jute area rug.

Check out these Rug Styling Ideas and Basket Storage Ideas Around the House for more inspiration.

Simple, Classic

Some of the best bedroom lighting ideas are simple yet classic. This monochrome bedside table lamp features a modest stone base and an understated shade to complement the neutral bedding, rug and curtains.

If you like these bedroom light ideas, you'll appreciate these tasteful Living Room Lighting Ideas too.

Dimmer Switch

Whether you're working with recessed LEDs, an overhead flush mount or track lighting, ceiling lights can be a little too harsh for bedrooms. You might appreciate the bright illumination while getting ready in the morning, but you'll always be glad to have the option to dim your overheads. A dimmer switch is one of those easy, affordable home upgrades that makes an immense difference.

Layerable Lighting

Choosing fixtures is all about combining multiple bedroom lighting ideas to create a layered effect. You can dim your overheads and turn different lamps and fixtures on and off, depending on your mood, the time of day or how much light you need for various activities, like reading or getting dressed. The more options, the better.

Feeling inspired to design your very own sanctuary? Here are 27 Bedroom Essentials for Your At-Home Oasis and 37 Bedroom Decorating Ideas to get you started.

Free Bedroom Design Consultation With a Parachute Stylist

These bedroom light ideas should be enough inspiration to start curating a perfectly layered ambiance. But if you need personalized bedroom light ideas or have specific questions about colors, styles or placement, a Parachute stylist is here to assist.

During your complimentary one-on-one video or phone session, a stylist will ask you questions about your space, design obstacles and goals, then provide guidance for making your vision come to life. Schedule your free consultation today!

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