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How to Brighten Your Bedroom

How to Brighten Your Bedroom
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Lighting makes all the difference in any space, but it’s especially important in the bedroom. We’re talking about your sanctuary, after all – the place where you start and end your day, where you can be your complete self. Whether you want to create a mood that exudes coziness or romance, dimmers are a must, multiple light sources are highly recommended and low-wattage bulbs are key. Traditional light fixtures and bedside lamps will certainly do the trick, but they’re not your only options. Here are five inventive ways for giving your room a warm and welcoming glow.

bedroom with string lights on the wall

String Lights

Strung along a wall or draped canopy-style above a bed, string lights have an enchanting effect wherever they’re placed. For something that feels a bit more permanent than the average LED strand, choose lights with metallic accents, like Anthropologie’s caged bulb string lights or OneFortyThree’s brass-socket lights.

portable fireplace in a room

Portable Fireplaces

If your home doesn’t feature a full, working fireplace in the bedroom, don’t worry — you can still bask in the flickering glow of a flame. The freestanding Vauni Globe requires no vents and runs on clean-burning ethanol. And with its sleek, modern design, it’s hard to come up with a reason why this shouldn’t be the next addition to your bedroom.

photo of a light projecting shadows onto the wall

Shadow Play

Don’t leave your bedroom walls bare. Illuminate your surroundings with a perforated lantern that casts intricate, patterned shadows. Decorate your nightstand with a medley of tabletop lanterns or hang a brass pendant lamp above your bed to add subtle drama.

Neon sign in a room

Lighting as Sculpture

There’s art that steals the spotlight, and then there’s art that is the spotlight. Parachute Founder and CEO, Ariel Kaye, found a brilliant (zing!) way to add a punch of color to a neutral space with her custom “You Belong Here” neon sign. Achieve a similar look and with a lighted sign from Etsy.

Metallic lamp on a table.

Metallic Accents

If bright is what you’re after, don’t underestimate the power of light-reflecting furniture and accents. Warm metallic objects, like this brass task lamp, add a soft gleam – especially next to a white duvet cover.