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17 Styling & Color Ideas for a Romantic Bedroom

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Valentine's season is upon us. Maybe you're already in a committed relationship, or perhaps you're nurturing a budding romance. In any case, creating a comfy, dreamy sanctuary might be the key to closeness, connection and sensuality.

Many people have some semblance of what romantic bedroom decor looks like, whether from a romantic beach read, a Jane Austen novel or a joyful rom-com. But the truth is, romance is different for everyone, and there's no right or wrong approach to creating an alluring space that sparks passion.

If you want to make your space more couple-friendly, it might help to look at some romantic bedroom ideas. Read on for tips, inspiration and guidance.

What Are Some Romantic Bedroom Ideas?

Romantic bedroom decor doesn't have to be tacky or corny — though a bit of laughter can help lighten the mood. No matter your budget or personal taste, making a few changes can make your space more inviting, relaxing, and ultimately fit for two.

Not sure where to start? These romantic bedroom ideas will help get your wheels turning.

A Bed Big Enough for Two

Before getting into specific romantic bedroom decor pieces, let's talk about bed size. This probably goes without saying, but if you want your partner to stay the night, the first thing you'll need is a large enough bed. Queen beds are the most common, easily fitting a majority of couples. If you have the space, though, you might consider a king.

For more insight into furnishing a romantic master bedroom, see our Mattress Size and Dimensions Guide.

Partner Pillows

On a similar note, your partner's side of the bed should be up to par with your own — which is to say, make sure they have at least one good bed pillow.

It's okay to get them the same one you have. However, if you want to impress your significant other with surprise romantic room ideas, figure out what type of pillow they prefer and go with that.

For insight into which pillows are best for different sleeping styles, check out our guide on How to Choose the Right Pillow.

Matching Nightstands

For extra points, get matching nightstands and lights for both sides of the bed. In addition to providing the necessities for sleeping over, this might make your partner feel more at home in your space. And feeling at home and comfortable is a critical component of a romantic setting.

Take a look at these Nightstand Decor Ideas and Tips for inspiration.

Sateen Bedding

What about bedding? You can't go wrong with natural textiles like linen and cotton. Having said that, sateen is arguably the most romantic type of cotton. Thanks to the unique satin weave pattern (three-over, one-under), it's silky-soft and exceptionally smooth with a subtle, lustrous sheen. And unlike silk and satin, the material isn't slippery.

Read these blogs to learn more about this bedding fabric:

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Inviting Layers

Choosing a high-quality bedding fabric is a solid start, but to take your romantic bedroom decor up a notch, you'll want to create inviting layers. Think throw blankets, decorative pillows, coverlets and potentially a top sheet if that's your preference.

See our guide on How to Layer Your Bed Like a Stylist for more tips.

Velvet Touches

Sateen might be the sexiest bedding fabric but, in terms of romantic bedroom decor and inviting layers, velvet is tough to beat. Though red, maroon, purple, black and other dark, powerful hues may come to mind when you think of velvet, they aren't your only options. Muted gold, silver and blush can be just as alluring.

Strategic Candle Placement

When it comes to romantic bedroom ideas, candles might seem like a cliché. But the fact is people like them, and they do an amazing job of setting the mood. Place a few votives, pillars or tea lights around your space — and make sure they're on a steady surface, somewhere they're unlikely to get knocked over.

Read our blog for more tips on How to Make Your Home Smell Good.

Mood Lighting

Whether it's your bedroom, living room, dining room or kitchen, mood lighting is vital for creating a romantic atmosphere. In the bedroom, consider getting a small bedside lamp, tasteful string lights or even a dimmer for your overhead light. Expert tip: Choose warm white or amber-tinted bulbs over cool white, as the latter can be a little harsh and ultimately not as relaxing.

Indoor Plants

Some evidence suggests plants may help improve indoor air quality. Beyond potentially purifying the oxygen you breathe, a bit of foliage makes for great romantic bedroom decor, offering an organic, down-to-earth appeal.

See our roundup of the Best Plants for Bedrooms for ideas.

Natural Lighting

Some of the best romantic bedroom ideas are as easy as adjusting your window coverings. With the right curtains or sheers, you can play around with filtering the natural outdoor light. And of course, make sure you have an opaque layer for when you need privacy — or sleep.

Ceiling Canopy

Canopy beds definitely seem like something out of a Victorian-era romance. Even if you don't have a four-poster, you can channel a similar aesthetic by hanging a lightweight, gauzy drapery from your ceiling. Attach it at multiple points to create a flowy, whimsical effect.

Bed-and-Breakfast Comfort

While there are tons of great romantic bedroom ideas out there, sometimes it's just about making things look nice. We're talking hotel-level niceness — or a bed-and-breakfast if you're a little more laid-back. Furnish your entire room (down to proper nightstands and a bench), spring for quality bedding, and learn the art of tight folds and strategically placed pillows.

These interior design guides will help you nail the look:

How to Style Throw Pillows Like a Designer

Bedroom Furniture Essentials

Spa Atmosphere

Romantic room ideas for your partner aren't limited to your bedroom. You're wise to give your bathroom some thought too. Make sure clean towels and a few toiletry essentials are readily available. For extra credit, create a spa-like atmosphere with candles, fancy moisturizers and bath accessories.

Read our article for more tips on How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa.

For more romantic room decoration inspiration, check out these 37 Bedroom Decorating Ideas.

Romantic Bedroom Decorating: Colors

Before putting these romantic bedroom ideas into action, you'll want to think about your color palette. Your room might already have a theme, in which case you can select hues that match or complement the existing color scheme.

Red might be the most obvious color for romance, but it's not the be-all and end-all. Here are a few modern, tasteful alternatives.

Dark and Moody

Whether it's dark colored walls, charcoal bedding, or black velvet curtains, darker hues lend a moody, intimate aura. Go all out or choose a few accents to add a touch of intensity and interest.

Read our guide on How to Design a Black Bedroom for more tips.

White and Whimsy

White is timeless, seasonless, airy and whimsical – and a perfect choice for those looking for simple romantic room decorations. And, you can mix and match colors like white, off-white, bone and natural for a monochromatic look. 

Check out these White Bedroom Styling Tips for more inspiration.


Blush is an inherently romantic shade. It’s the hue of flushed cheeks and the less blatant, but still passionate, cousin of red. Plus, the muted rosy tone is much more versatile than you may think.

Read our article to learn How Experts Style Blush Bed Linens.

Hints of Warmth

Another option is to add a few touches of warmth. Beyond blush, some of the more modern, tastefully warm colors include rust, terra cotta, clay, ochre, amber and burgundy.

Check out these articles for more insight into choosing bedroom colors:

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Romantic Gifts for Your Partner

Do you need some romantic gift options too? We compiled a few thoughtful ideas below.

Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed is a classic gift, and for good reason. Unless your significant other isn't a breakfast person — or a morning person, for that matter — you can't really go wrong here.

Pick up a few of your partner’s favorite foods the day before, try to get up earlier than they do without disturbing them, then get to work whipping up a delicious morning meal. (Extra points if you serve it on a ritzy tray!)

Bathtub Caddy

If your partner's idea of self-care is a nice warm soak, a bathtub tray is an excellent gift idea. The Peg and Awl Bathtub Caddy is handcrafted from solid maple or walnut and comes in two respective shades. At 29 x 11 inches, it's long enough to place across a tub and large enough to hold a book, a candle, soap and a loofah.

Matching Robes

Treat your significant other, and treat yourself too! Matching robes can foster a sense of closeness while providing an irresistible photo opp. It's also a great romantic gift idea when you want to make your domain feel more comfortable and spa-like.

Take our Robe Quiz to find out which material and style suits you best.


Like candles in the bedroom, presenting your SO with a bouquet on a special occasion might seem like a cliché. But at the end of the day, lots of people not only love flowers but also love receiving them. Consider bringing the bouquet in a vase as opposed to the paper or plastic wrap it comes in – that way, your partner doesn’t have to do any extra work to enjoy this gift.

Want more ideas? Here are 10 Gifts to Show Your Loved Ones You Care.

Free Home Styling Consultations From Parachute

By now, you should have plenty of romantic room ideas for your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, partner or new flame. But as mentioned above, there's no one-size-fits-all way to decorate a home, create a sensual atmosphere or cultivate affection. Lean into the ideas you like, forget those you don't, and make it your own.

If you have specific questions about incorporating these romantic bedroom ideas, want personalized guidance on romantic bedroom decor, or you’re just looking for professional design expertise, a Parachute stylist is here to help.

Schedule your free virtual home styling consultation today!

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