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The Best Rugs For Every Room

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A rug is the final touch to a room that brings everything together. It’s what warms, softens, brightens and cozies any space. When it comes to finding the perfect rug you want to consider everything from how many people (or pets) will be using it, will it be prone to spills and stains, and of course, color, design and plushness. With our guide to the best rugs for every space and our newly expanded line of artisanal hand-woven rugs, we’re sure to have your bases covered…and your floors.

Living Room

For this high-traffic, high-use space, designing an inviting environment that brings people together is key. Be it friends, family or pets – maybe all three, you’ll want a rug, or rugs, that are durable but also great for cozying up. We recommend rugs like the Ladder Stripe Wool Rug or the Carved Wool Rug


In this high-traffic, high-use space we look to rugs built for full-time function. The Graphic Wool Kilim Rug is great because it’s flat and easy to work with or around, it comes with a neutral color palette that can translate to many spaces and with proper care and spot cleaning it can stay looking great long-term.

Main Bedroom

Bedrooms are a sanctuary, a peaceful place to retreat to after a long day. To maintain that serene feeling go with something soft. The Rib Wool Rug is the perfect choice here – it’s classic design isn’t too modern or traditional and because it comes in a variety of colors it’ll match back to any aesthetic.


A space we look to for both daily function and an oasis to relax and refresh. Another high-use space deserves a design-forward rug that’s as beautiful to look at as it is able to withstand the traffic it’ll endure. The Medallion Wool Kilim Rug is perfect for this room – we also suggest an Eco Rug Pad to keep it in place on tile floors.

Kid's Bedroom

Whether they’re new additions or already proud of their big kid beds, you can add additional playfulness to their safe spaces with the Checkered Wool or Soft Shapes rugs. Both are soft enough for crawling and plush enough for play time and both offer fun visual interest and whimsy. 


The first step into your home should be a welcoming one – for you and your guests. Darker colors are great for creating a warm entryway while also disguising debris that may accumulate. We suggest the Rib Wool Rug in Grey.