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A person fluffing a pillow on a plush, ivory sofa

Living Room Furniture

We’re bringing joy back into the living room with this collection of feel-good pieces – made for those moments shared together.

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Studio Ceramic Table Lamp
Studio Ceramic Table Lamp
Sale Pricebetween$120and$140
Regular Pricebetween$299and$349
Oatmeal Eco Basketweave Pillow Chair
Pillow Chair
Oatmeal Eco Basketweave Pillow Swivel Chair
Pillow Swivel Chair
Oatmeal Eco Basketweave Pillow Sofa 84
Pillow Sofa 84"
Oatmeal Eco Basketweave Pillow Sofa 96
Pillow Sofa 96"

Sale Furniture

This is big: A collection of well-crafted furniture pieces we’re retiring soon – with savings on the final few.