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Bed Frame Ideas: How to Choose the Best Bed Frame for Your Room

woman laying on a bed with a canyon bedframe
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When it comes to selecting a bed, mattresses tend to get most of the attention. And while your mattress is undoubtedly critical, the frame is equally important. Not only does a good bed frame help you achieve quality shut-eye, but it's also the primary component of your bedroom design.

So, what's the best bed frame for your sleeping quarters? That depends on your available space, your design taste, your budget and how high off the floor you want to be. Find standout ideas below, along with guidance on how to choose a bed frame.

26 Best Bed Frame Ideas

Not sure how to choose a bed frame? There's no harm in scrolling through Instagram or scouring Pinterest for inspiration. But if you adore down-to-earth minimalist design with a modern touch as much as the decor enthusiasts at Parachute, you're in good hands.

Whether you're partial to canopy beds, sleigh beds, upholstery, statement headboards, mid-century frames, traditional silhouettes, industrial metal frames, boho-inspired designs or DIY-friendly options, you'll find something here that speaks to you. Scroll down for the best bed frame ideas.

1. Cozy Curves

Inspired by the winding curvature of the mountainous Laurel Canyon, this beautiful bed frame is a sight for sore eyes. The stately silhouette and tall headboard are softened with rounded edges, and the head-to-foot upholstery makes it all the more luxurious.

You can choose from washed linen, a linen-cotton blend or faux shearling for a snuggly yet sophisticated appeal. Since this bed frame comes with hardwood slats, you don't need a box spring.

The versatile design pairs well with virtually any bedding color and material. For tips on making your bed, see our guide on How to Layer and Style Your Bed Like a Stylist.

2. Moody and Dramatic

moody black bed frame

Black is having a much-deserved moment in the world of interior design. And while it offers a daring and dramatic effect, you can count on the neutral, versatile hue to hold up for years to come. This black bed frame is contrasted with crisp white linen bedding, then both colors are called back in the oversized art piece hung above the headboard.

Get more insight into moody decor with our guide on How to Design a Black Bedroom Beyond Monochrome.

3. Built-In Nightstands

built in nightstand

If you're wondering how to choose a bed frame that goes with your end tables, you might consider an all-in-one design. Check out this modern bed-nightstand combo with its rich wood finish and low-slung floating silhouette. Built-in furniture makes for a seamless, cohesive appearance — extra points if you can find an option with shelves or a drawer.

For more nightstand inspiration, read on in our Nightstand Decor Ideas: How to Style with Nighttands guide. 

4. Rounded Out

Do you have a soft spot for simple lines and rounded corners? You'll appreciate the minimalist air of this mid-century-inspired neutral bed frame. Flaunting fabric upholstery in your choice of seven neutral hues, plus double stitched seams, solid wood legs, hardwood slats and an arched headboard, there's a lot to love about this customizable bedroom essential.

Find out what went into creating this bed frame and others in our article, The Bed Frame Collection: Behind the Design.

5. Curated Canopy

canopy bed frame

While canopy beds are inherently romantic, they don't always have to feature flowy draperies or other feminine features. One of the best bed frame ideas is to keep the curtains off and curate a more gender-neutral style with simple bed linens, textured pillows, a bench at the foot, a vintage-inspired rug and neutral colors like olive, white and charcoal.

Not sure where to place an area rug in your bedroom? See our article on Rug Styling Ideas You Should Consider for Your Home, for pointers.

6. Down-to-Earth Minimalism

minimalist bed frame

For those who appreciate clean lines and pared-down design, but want to make their bedrooms cozy and inviting, down-to-earth minimalism is the way to go. Look at how the light natural finish of this minimalist bed frame is called back with the understated nightstand and wooden bedside lamp. Beige and white layered bedding complete the laid-back aesthetic.

For insight into how to choose a bed frame for a simplified decor scheme, see our article, How to Design a Minimalist Bedroom.

7. Pared-Down Upholstery

If you like the upscale appeal of upholstery but are wary about an over-the-top design, this modern bed frame is a perfect solution. Featuring understated upholstery in a range of simple hues, plus a sloped, split-back headboard, it's everything interior designers love about clean lines and contemporary furnishings.

To create a snuggly sleeping environment for the chilly season, see our guide to The Warmest and Coziest Bedding for Cold Winter Nights.

8. Painted Wall Headboard

painted headboard

Believe it or not, you don't need an actual headboard to have a headboard — well, sort of. This brilliant painted wall is one of the best bed frame ideas for DIYers and creatives. The half-oval decal is a seamless match to the floating wood base, and the contrasting white and light brown bed linens are the icing on the cake.

Feeling inspired? You'll love these 37 Ideas for Decorating a Blank Wall in Your Home.

9. Statement Wood

wood headboard

You really can't go wrong with a solid wood bed frame. And if you've got the gumption and the right materials, you might consider building the headboard yourself — if not the entire bed. Aged wood and slanted planks make for a uniquely rustic look.

Once you've figured out how to choose a bed frame, you're wise to brush up on How to Care for Your Bed Frame.

10. Industrial Chic

industrial chic bed frame

If you're drawn to the bare-bones aesthetic and back-to-basics appeal of industrial home design, the best bed frame for your space might be a simple tarnished-metal option. Think oiled bronze, tarnished brass or wrought iron with spindles along the headboard.

For more tips on nailing this design approach, see our guide on How to Create a Modern Industrial Style Look for Your Home.

11. Linen Upholstery

If you like linen bedding, curtains and clothes, you should definitely check out this linen upholstered bed frame. The tall headboard and subtle curves lend to a regal aesthetic, and the head-to-foot linen upholstery makes it all the more cozy and welcoming.

Learn more about this beloved flax-sourced fabric in our guide, Linen: Know Your Bedding Like a Designer.

12. Wonderful Wicker

wicker headboard

Wicker furniture isn't just for sun rooms, porches and patios. Presenting laid-back elegance with a back-to-nature vibe, the inherently casual material works surprisingly well in bedrooms. See how the wicker headboard and nightstand drawer soften the dark painted wall and modern light fixture.

Even the best bed frame will still need to be styled with bedding. Get pointers from Designer Jake Arnold on How to Make the Perfect Bed.

13. Contemporary Contrast

contemporary bed frame

Contrasting doesn't mean clashing, but rather pairing colors on opposite sides of the spectrum that complement each other. Take a look at this stunning bedroom. It pulls off a beautiful balance with black walls, a simple beige bed frame, white linen bedding, a black decorative pillow and a textured brown throw that calls back the rustic wood nightstands.

For insight into how to choose a bed frame that fits in your space, see these Easy Tips for Rearranging The Layout of Your Bedroom.

14. Dreamy Grey Wash

dreamy grey headboard

If you're in the market for a modern farmhouse bed frame, you might think about getting one with a grey-washed headboard. The cool-toned rustic distressed wood and white painted border of this bed pair perfectly with the cloud cotton quilt and fluffy cloud-shaped pillows.

The following guides offer a deeper dive into this aesthetic:

How to Create a Tasteful Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

How to Design and Style a Grey Bedroom

15. Luxe Velvet Upholstery

velvet headboard

There's something so incredibly glamorous about velvet upholstery. Some of the best bed frames feature plush velvet headboards, like this deep blue beauty. See how the Norman window mirror and circular nightstand call back the rounded corners of the headboard.

With a statement headboard, it's worth learning how to layer bed linens like a pro. See our video tutorial on How to Make Your Bed.

16. Ultra-Soft Faux Shearling

Never heard of shearling upholstery? Say hello to the supremely soft bed frame of your dreams. Featuring off-white faux shearling over the headboard and footboard, the texture is undeniably unique and luxurious.

Want to design a truly tranquil sleeping environment? Consider these 27 Bedroom Essentials for Creating a Relaxing At-Home Oasis.

17. Neatly Natural

wooden bed frame

For those who gravitate toward organic textures and earth tones, this down-to-earth bedroom is right on the nose. From the simple wood frame and the floating woodblock shelf to the leather drawer pulls and strategically placed plants, the beauty is in the details.

Natural finishes are a primary component of Feng Shui. Learn more in our article, Feng Shui Interior Design Ideas You'll Love.

18. No Headboard, No Problem

bed with no headboard

If you're short on space, the best bed frame might be one without a headboard, like this low-slung platform bed. A pair of nightstands can frame it in, and a few pillows will create dimension.

For guidance on how to choose a bed frame that complements your bedding, take a look at our article, Bed Sheet Color Trends: Which Bed Sheet Colors Are Popular Right Now?

19. Sweet, Simple, Natural

If you're just looking for a nice bed frame made of high-quality materials, your best bet is a wooden model with a simple silhouette, like our newest addition to our furniture collection, the Outpost Wood Bed Frame. And believe it or not, natural wood finishes can look sophisticated against a black or charcoal-painted accent wall. Just be sure to add contrast with pale-colored bedding.

Check out these 31 Bedroom Color Trends and Inspiration for more tips.

20. Framed Foliage

foliage surrounding bed

Love houseplants? Get a load of this striking bedroom design. The solid wood canopy bed frame acts as the centerpiece, while lofty bed linens and a high-pile rug soften the space. Greenery throughout lends to an organic appeal.

What type of foliage should you place in your space? Consider The 14 Best Plants for Bedrooms.

21. Sleek Slatted Wood

slatted wood

If you can't decide how to choose a bed frame or can't find the best wooden bed frame, you might be able to make your own. Slatted headboards are relatively easy to DIY, and the finished look is sleek and refined.

Love this look? Learn more about Creating a Nature-Inspired Home With @wanderingmyhome.

22. Tastefully Tufted

tufted headboard

Tufted headboards offer plushness and dimension — and with velvet upholstery, they're all the more opulent and chic. That said, you can balance glamorous pieces with casual accents, like how this bedroom features a velvet tufted bed frame, a woven jute rug, a sheepskin and shiplap walls.

23. Oversized Antique

antique headboard

If you have a weakness for antiques and old-fashioned furnishings, you'll adore this traditional bed frame. The carved headboard and dark wood finish provide an elegant backdrop for the neatly folded bed with its ribbed duvet cover and shams.

For comforter alternatives, see our Guide to Quilts, Blankets and Coverlets: A Modern Take on Traditional Covers.

24. Refined Rattan

rattan bed frame

You can't go wrong with all-white bedding, especially in the spring and summer. A rattan bed frame will complement the stark hue while offering a laid-back, beachy vibe. And don't worry about washing out the space — varying fabrics and decorative pillows will deliver the dimension and texture you crave.

For more ideas, see our guide on How to Design and Style a White Bedroom.

25. Beautifully Boho

boho bed frame

For those who gravitate toward global-inspired furnishings and eclectic decor, bohemian design is the name of the game. Featuring a carved wood headboard and crisp white bedding, this picture-perfect boho bedroom combines varying textures and styles to accent the space.

For additional inspiration for designing your sleeping chamber, see these 37 Bedroom Decorating Ideas.

26. Fabulously Frameless

frameless bed

Bedroom frames aren't the be-all and end-all. If you're working with limited square footage or simply like the look of a low-profile bed, you can forgo the frame and place a mattress directly on the floor (or on top of a box spring).

Considering the inherent casualness of this bedroom style, it's crucial to always make your bed.  Learn Why Making Your Bed Matters in our blog.

How to Choose a Bed Frame

The choice of bed frame is a personal one. And while there's no one-size-fits-all solution, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping around. First, bed bases correspond with mattress sizes. Your options include:

  • California King Bed Frame

  • King Bed Frame

  • Queen Bed Frame

  • Twin Bed Frame

  • Twin XL Bed Frame

In addition to size, you should also consider the style, headboard, height, color and material. Some models call for a box spring, while others can be used with only a mattress. Lastly, you're wise to invest in a sturdy bed frame, as it'll last you for years and won't shift as much when you climb into bed. Be sure to check out Parachute’s designer bed frames for plenty of long-lasting, high-quality options.

Need help choosing the best bed frame for your space? A seasoned Parachute stylist can help you narrow down your options and select complementing bedding and decorative accents. Schedule your free one-on-one design consultation today!

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