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Designer Spotlight: Jake Arnold Shares How to Make the Perfect Bed

Written By
Parachute Team
Photographs By
Jessica Schramm for Parachute
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Say hello to Los Angeles based interior designer and co-founder of The Expert, Jake Arnold! Known for his bold yet livable design choices and A-list clients, Jake transforms homes with his keen eye for sophisticated details and comfortable elegance. We turned to Jake to share with us how he likes to make his Parachute bed to get the best night sleep. We also couldn't resist digging deeper on what catches his eye about Parachute's essentials. Tune in and read on for our interview with Jake! 

What part of the brand's aesthetic catches your eye? How would you describe your ideal Parachute bed?

What I love most about Parachute is the undone, casual feel of the bedding. The way the line is layered and styled makes making a bed super easy but always chic. Less is more and messy is good when it comes to my ideal Parachute look. The key for me is to incorporate a lot of linen and style the bed so it looks like you barely had time to make it in the first place. Usually I like to do a coverlet at the end of the bed and use a long lumbar pillow to add a minimalist approach. 

Whether you want to keep the palette neutral or add color, what I love about Parachute is the aesthetic is never overpowering and formal which is true to me and how I live.

Bed with mulberry vintage linen cover and lumbar pillow.

If you could have only one Parachute essential in your home this fall, what would it be?

The Vintage Linen Bed Cover in Mulberry is beautiful for fall. It’s a great way to cover up an unmade bed and give off that effortless look I mentioned earlier. The less you have to do to make your bed but still make it chic the better! And I’m obsessed with the Mulberry color.