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How to Make a Bed Like a Professionally Styled Hotel Bed

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Making your bed each morning is an uplifting way to start the day. By tidying up your space and creating a welcoming landing pad for winding down later, you'll feel more prepared and ready to take on what's ahead.

Not sure if you're tackling this everyday task the right way? Or maybe you’d like to create a designer-level bedroom with perfectly layered bedding — or you just want to find a faster way. We’ll help with all of those below.

Watch this video (or read below) for step-by-step instructions on how to make a bed.

How to Make a Bed Like a Hotel: 7 Steps

Here's how to make your bed in eight simple steps:

  1. Mattress pad. Cover your mattress with a pad or protector, securing it over the corners and making sure it's taught like you would with a fitted sheet.

  2. Fitted sheet. Lay your fitted sheet on the mattress so the shorter ends are at the foot and head. (Fitted sheets often have head/foot or top/bottom tags to make it easier to tell which sides go where.) Pull the sheet corners over the corners of the mattress, one at a time, until the entire thing is secure and tight.

  3. Top sheet. Lay your flat sheet upside down, on top of the fitted sheet, with the wider hemline at the head. Make sure it's centered and that there's plenty of slack to fold the sides and bottom under the mattress. Neatly fold in the bottom two corners and tuck the sides under the mattress, leaving two or three feet untucked at the top.

  4. Duvet. Place your duvet on top of the bed, with the buttons, ties or zipper closure at the foot. Line it up with the flat sheet at the head, and make sure the sides and corners hang evenly over the mattress. You can leave your duvet as is or fold it down a foot or two with the top sheet so the wide hem of the top sheet is visible.

  5. Pillows. Put your pillowcases on the bed pillows you sleep with and the shams on your fluffier pillows you may not actually sleep with. Place the bed pillows at the head of your bed, then place the sham-covered pillows on top.

  6. Pillow trimmings. If you have decorative pillows, such as Euro pillows or a lumbar pillow, place them in front of your bed pillows. Use the "karate chop" method (chopping your hand down onto the upper middle) to give your throw pillows a fuller, fluffier look.

  7. Final touch. Fold your throw blanket or quilt width-wise so it's the same (or similar) width as your bed and a foot or two long. Place it at the foot of your bed or drape it over one corner and scrunch it up slightly for a more casual appearance.

Beyond how to properly make a bed, you should know How to Put a Duvet Cover On Easy and Fast. Read our blog for step-by-step instructions.

Essential Bed Layers

Now that you know how to make a bed, let's go over the individual pieces you need to layer a bed like a 5-star hotel.

Mattress Pad or Protector

A mattress pad adds a breathable, insulating layer of comfort to your mattress while protecting it from stains and dust. A mattress protector is less about comfort and more about shielding the mattress from moisture damage, stains, dust or even bed bugs.

Both are shaped like a fitted sheet, with structured corners and elastic hems that secure around the mattress. While you could use both, people typically use one or the other. A mattress pad or protector can be washed about half as often as your sheets.

Fitted Sheet

A fitted sheet goes directly over the mattress pad or protector. It has structured corners and elastic edges, making it easier to get a taut, secure fit. Ideally, your fitted sheet will have top/bottom or head/foot tags indicating which sides go where.

Top Sheet

A top sheet (or flat sheet) goes over the fitted sheet and provides a clean layer between your body and the duvet. That said, only some people use one. It’s ultimately a matter of personal preference.

What Is a Top Sheet? Do You Actually Need One? Read our article for answers.

Duvet With Duvet Cover

Sometimes called a comforter, a duvet insert is a box-quilted bed cover filled with either natural down (from the undercoats of geese or ducks) or vegan down-alternative fibers. It provides insulation, warmth and a fluffy feel.

The insert is typically plain white and not decorative. It's supposed to go inside a removable, washable duvet cover, usually made of linen, percale or sateen.

Pillows With Pillowcases and Shams

Depending on the size of your bed, you'll likely have two pillows you — and potentially your partner — sleep with and two additional pillows you don't sleep with. (Twin beds call for one pillow across the width; anything larger will have two.)

The first set will go into pillowcases that match your sheets. The pillows you don't sleep with will go inside a pair of decorative shams that match your duvet cover.

Decorative/Euro Pillows

To add more dimension and plushness to your made bed, consider using additional decorative pillows, such as a lumbar pillow or Euro pillows. Short for European pillows, Euro pillows are large, square-shaped cushions that go inside washable covers. They add a stylish touch while offering extra support when you want to read or watch TV in bed.

Odd numbers are often more appealing to the eye for decorative pillows. For instance, if you have a queen or full-size bed, you might place just one Euro pillow in the middle of your bed. For a king bed, you might place three across.

For more tips on pillow layering, see our blog, How to Style Throw Pillows Like a Designer.

Throw Blanket or Quilt

The final piece for making a bed is a throw blanket or quilt. The idea is to add decorative appeal, textural interest and an extra layer of warmth for when you need it.

High-Quality Bedding and Free Design Consultations From Parachute

Now that you know how to make a bed, you can start choosing individual pieces to make yours as comfy as possible while adhering to your unique decor preferences. You’ll find all the essential layers at Parachute, including mattress pads, sheets, duvet inserts, duvet covers, bed pillows, pillowcases, shams, Euro pillows, throw blankets and quilts.

Explore the bedding collection today!

If you need more help styling your bedroom, an experienced designer from Parachute is here to assist. Schedule your free one-on-one virtual consultation to get started.

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