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What (and Who) Is The Parachute Design Services Team?

Design Services Team
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We began taking styling consultations a couple years back to fulfill a very necessary need – to answer our community’s most frequently asked questions. Questions like, “How do I layer my bed?”, “Does this color go with that color?”, “How do I get that ‘hotel bed’ look?” Fast forward to today, we’ve grown this program into Parachute Design Services offering both styling and in-depth design consultations with our team of in-house experts ready to help bring your vision to life. We’ve also built the Parachute Design Studio in the heart of Los Angeles which functions as both a retail store and an interior design workspace with a dedicated area for design appointments and a work table where interior designers can bring clients to select and create design schemes with Parachute products! So whether you’re fully reimagining your space or looking for a little refresh or simply need to ask a question – there’s someone here to help. We got together with the team to talk about how they work, their most frequently asked questions and where they get their inspiration from…

Tell us about Parachute’s Design Services

We believe that the objects we surround ourselves with play a key role in our lives. These core principles carry through to our Design Services, where our mission is to help you feel at home with products you can trust. We listen, share our suggestions, then help you come up with a room plan and a mood board that includes Parachute products, all at no cost to you. Sounds good, right? – Design Services Manager, Darcy Iseman

What’s the difference between a styling consultation and a design consultation?

Great question! A styling consultation is a short and sweet session where we go over the preliminary ideas you may already have and begin to finalize the design. A design consultation is a more detailed, in-depth meeting where we create a mood board and a plan for multiple rooms when applicable. – Virtual Design Services, Briah Gillespie

How will a design consultation help me?

Our Design team offers a thoughtful approach and is well versed in creating a beautiful space with comfort in mind. We share tips and education on Parachute products, making it a great option when you’re looking for quick, friendly design advice. You’ll also receive a curated lookbook, room plan, and swatches to help you piece it all together!  – Design Services Manager, Darcy Iseman

What are the most common questions Design Services Specialists receive?

  • How to utilize color – whether it’s layering neutrals, playing with pops of color, or creating color combinations. – In-Store Design Services, Edina, Marie Sheehy

  • I get these all the time: How to layer the bed? Is it okay to mix textures? What’s a euro? – Virtual Design Services, Raja Ali

What is the turnaround time for design advice?

A quick styling consultation for a few pieces can be finished the same day. For multiple rooms or a large-scale project, it can take more time. We recommend 48-72 hours so that we can create a curated room plan and mood board that will help you visualize the finished look. That said, please let us know if you need it faster and we will do our best to accommodate. – Design Services Manager, Darcy Iseman

Which room of the home is your favorite to design?

  • I’ve always loved building beautiful beds, but lately, I’ve been loving the living room! Our new living room furniture collection brings that Parachute cozy feeling to gathering spaces and I am all for it. – In-Store Design Services, Edina, Marie Sheehy

  • The bedroom! How our sleeping area looks and feels is essential to our mental and physical health so it’s super important that it inspires joy and rest. – Virtual Design Services, Briah Gillespie

Do you have a dream design project?

  • No restraints? A vacation home in Italy with my mom and my sisters. – In-Store Design Services, Edina, Marie Sheehy

  • To design an entire home with a colorful, modern, eclectic style (one of my fav styles!) – Virtual Design Services, Briah Gillespie

  • Darcy Iseman
  • Briah Gillespie
  • Raja Ali
  • Marie Sheehy

Where do you look for inspiration?

  • Everywhere! The places I go, the people I meet and the world around me broadens my design perspective. I also use Pinterest religiously. – In-Store Design Services, Edina, Marie Sheehy

  • I’ve narrowed it down to three designers: Jenni Kayne, Amber Interiors, and Serena & Lily. – Virtual Design Services, Raja Ali

What Parachute product can you not live without?

What’s new at Parachute?

We‘ve always been a bath and bedding-focused brand, and then last fall we launched a selection of upholstered bed frames, inspired by the natural landscape around us. Along with this, we have a beautiful collection of Fair Trade Certified™ rugs, but the most recent and exciting news would have to be our living room furniture and lighting – we’ve expanded beyond the bedroom and we hope you’ll consider us for all your home essentials from here on out! – Design Services Manager, Darcy Iseman